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  1. Yes, this is my request. Spooky, right?
    No, not at all, I need to stop with these jokes.

    Anyway!! Hiya. Nice to meet ya. Call me whatever you like. Litterally anything. Jaylee, ghost, boy, Ren, anything. Make something up if you want. I'm only 18 so if you're younger Senpai, if older, Kohai also works. Anyway, about me you can look at my profIle as well.

    About this ghost (open)
    I am a ghost... simple. My hours on range from a lot of things since I do work full time and a lot of the times I tend to fall asleep after work, sometimes my depression hits me like a freight train so I might also disappear for a bit but I will TRY to keep updated. I like more plot than anything though smut and sex is alright if you're over 18, if not I will ask for fade to black. I'm an odd ball of ectoplasm so I like a multitude of things, I absolutely HATE feet and toilet play, anyone who brings it here I will not befriend you nor rp with you, I'm sorry it's just... ehhh... one of those things. I ask for at least two paragraphs and for you to know proper grammer, everyone makes mistakes.

    PLEASE READ something everyone should know. (open)
    One thing everyone should known is that I mostly do male and male type stuff, I can't for the life of me make a good main woman character so I keep those as npcs or background characters most of the time so no female and female for this ghost. Also, when it comes to male and female rps... I mean... it's iffy, if you can convince me I'll give it a shot but other than that I'd like to say no.


    Dislikes: incase you didn't read the about me, feet and toilet play.

    * = more I like/want to do
    Bold = What I perfer to be
    Not bold = don't mind either role

    Anything -punk
    Satire (not Satyr)
    Fairytale (dark or not)
    Tell talk
    All of it.

    I like any but here are a few, well, I'll update later;

    Ghost X Human/anything***
    Human x anything not real **
    Paparazzi x Star
    Mafia x anything
    Prince x knight/king/prince/peasant/etc
    Dragonxany creature
    PiratexKidnapped/crew member/Pirate/etc


    Ghost x Human (open)
    (NOTE: WILL BE USING A PERSONIFICATION) A tough male in a private boarding school whom always found ways to get into fights wound up in a situation which lead to his death. Ren Allan was notorious for always finding ways out of being expelled or suspended despite all the trouble he got into. Because of his fighting he only had ever found one friend at the rich school of "pricks". Ren tried his best to keep his friend from getting into the danger he did despite knowing perfectly well that the male could fight just as good as he could.
    The fight that lead to his death was only meant to be a one on one fist fight, but the other party didn't care. When he met up with whom he was to fight he noticed something in his pocket, and just when it seemed Ren would win, a loud shot rang and blood stained the pavement. A bullet going right through his heart. Before the ambulance could even get to him his battle for life was over. Now Ren has a grudge that leaves his spirit unable to rest, so instead all he does is follow his old friend around the boarding school. He knew his friend would never be able to see him, but it was the hope that he'd be able to one day say good bye that kept him from getting his revenge and setting his spirit free. He was trapped between the boarding school and his grave just two miles away, so whenever his friend would leave for holidays it would be the biggest disappointment of his undead life.
    Will the friend ever be able to notice Ren's presence or will Ren just have to haunt the poor male for as long as he stays at that boarding school?
    sorry it's kinda bad, not really thinking we'll right now. Probably update it eventually.

    The Unlikable Club (open)
    (NOTE: MUST BE ABLE TO HAVE MULTIPLE CHARACTERS AND LIKE EITHER JAPANESE SETTING OR ANIME SETTING.) "Welcome to the Unlikable Club!!! This club is solely for unlikable people, whether it's your appearance, personality, or anything else. I am President Kagori Luciel, founder and caretaker of this club. Thus far we only have two members, myself, and Kaori Watari-Kun. We have strict rules for joining this club. 1. You must be unlikable by anyone. 2. If you have friends you are likable so you cannot join. 3. Joining does not mean you will have friends nor will be liked. 4. We take everything here as seriously as we can. 5. We have meetings that are a "must attend" every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays after school. 6. If you miss more than three meetings you will be kicked out of the club. As President of The Unlikable Club I will be the one to determine whether or not you are allowed to join. Watari-Kun is vice president so all requests to join go through him. Got it?" A young second year (college) student spoke loudly in the empty class room. The only other student in there spoke softly as he stared out the window, "Luciel-kun, we are the only two here... you don't need to say that every meeting you know..." A cloud of gloom passed over Kagori as Kaori spoke those words.
    Are you unlikable and ready to join the club?

    Psychopaths (open)
    Hitomi Fran was the only child of one of the three richest familys in Japan. He had beautiful blond hair and the most unusual lavender colored eyes. At a young age he was given anything he wanted from a nanny since his parents were far too busy and important to look after him themselves.

    By the time he was of seven years old tragedy hit his family. A jealous unknown man came into their mansion on Thanksgiving day, the only day Hitomi's parents spent with him for the year. He came in with a crazed look in his eyes, welding a butchers knife and a gun. HOh he got past the guards or the staff was a mystery, but he shot down Hitomi's father before stabbing his mother several times in the chest. Poor Hiromi was stunned, unable to move or look away from his place at the table as he just watched. As the man finished his task he turned to little Hitomi and spoke in the most demented way, 'little boys should never stunned eye evil.' And with that he stabbed out the young boys eyes, leaving him to die.

    Fortunately someone had called the cops, perhaps a maid, and they were able to save little Hitomi just in time. Of course it would leave the boy with many psychological issues knowing his parents were murdered in front of him. But it didn't stop him from taking their wealth. With this the young boy tried to go to therapy, tried to be in foster homes, but all anyone wanted was his money. So at the age of eighteen the blind young man fired everyone, closed off the gates to his mansion, and save all his remaining money for himself, not letting anyone in. Haha. Isn't it such a nice story?

    (You can either be anether psychopath or someone Hitomi finds. There is a secret he has though nobody seems to know about it. Perhaps your character is a detective investigating strange murders? Who knows.)

    Well, for now that's all I can come up with. So bye~.
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  2. Horror/psychological/tragedy!

    I am deeply interested in this. I have been looking to do a roleplay like this for a while. If you are interested just shoot me a pm. If you have any triggers or things you do not like mentioned or inside the roleplay please tell me. I have a very twisted mind set when it comes to roleplays in this genre.
  3. Do you mind helping me figure out how to pm? I'm still a bit new so I haven't figured everything out.
  4. Update with the 3rd plot I have in mind and I truly, truly wanna do it if anyone is interested!!!
  5. I'd love to do the third plot!
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