Ghost Adventures vs Sonic the Hedgehog

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  1. It was a lovely summer day, Amy and her friends were shopping in Station Square.
    "That Cash-In Culture had awesome deals." Said Sliver.
    "At least I got the new Call of Duty." Shadow replied. Across from them, were none other than the Ghost Adventures crew.
    "It's those guys from TV!" Exclaimed Amy, having another one of her romantic fantasies. "
    "I'll handle this." Replied Knuckles, knowing Amy was probably going to mess it up.
    They chatted almost all day about their life and their adventures. "I think we can totally beat you guys in a showdown to see who's the better ghost hunter." Said Knuckles. "You think?" Laughed Nick. "Uh, Yeah." Replied Sonic. Zak said that if they can survive one lockdown, they can be in the next episode. "Alright, Deal." Said Knuckles. And they went back home to plan how to tackle this predicament.