Getting to Know You 2.0

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This is a game that me and my aquintances play to get to know each other, and sometimes I'll play it with friends I've known for a while. It's very entertaining. But how the game works is the first person will ask a question regarding someone else, and anyone at random can answer the question, and they will also ask another question for someone else to answer. If this sounds confusing here's a little demonstration.

Person #1:
What's your favorite animal?

Person #2:
A big fluffy white unicorn.

What's your favorite food?

And then person #3 answers and gives out another question.

It's a simple concept but one that I've found entertaining with the masses. However because of the fact that unless you're in a small group or with people you know, the questions can get very personal and intrusive. So just to be on the safe side and make sure we don't offend anyone, keep the questions on the polite and fun side.

So here's the first question. Don't forget to answer and post a question of your own.

What would you eat as your last meal before you died?
The last meal I would like to eat before I died would have to be a bacon wrap in bacon with bacon lube poured on top :D

If you had one wish what would it be?
To restore the world how it should be?
What was the hardest choice and thing you have ever done?
To either deep fry my bacon or toast it.

What's the most sexiest part of your life? ;D
Hmmmmmm that's a easy one. I would say my modeling I do for my friends. People say I'm really good at it ect but I don't think so but it is the sexiest part of my life. I know it's lame. >_>
Would you rather be poisoned or drowned?
Can I be drowned in poison? :'D

Which do you prefer Anime or Manga.
Manga! C: I do live anime though. . . . >_>
Roses or lilies and why?
I'd have to say Lilies because I hate them torns on Roses, plus Roses are to main stream.

Favourite music artist~
Bjork, but my preferred artist is in a band called Black stone cherry.

What is your ultimate goal and what are you doing to make it happen?
Being happy is my ultimate goal. I'm just trying to make a living with my boyfriend and perhaps start a family in the near future.

Would you want wings, claws, or gills? You'd still keep your human body.
I'd want wings because I love flying!

Where do you think that the cat in Zen's siggy is falling?
Into a bale of hay. Obviously, that's Ezio in cat form.
It happens.

Have you had your ~first kiss~? If so, tell the story! If not, don't worry, I haven't either. :D
Here goes.
Fall Out Boy concert, before the show, near the tee shirt booth thing, merch booth. I was a freshman in high school, age 14.
I am with older friends, they are juniors. There is a young man with eyeliner, emo black hair, tight black pants, and some piercings standing with a girl, who is giggling frantically, and a sign. This sign read: $1 Kiss, FREE Hugs
I am the shy, naive little girl I always have been. My friends look at the sign, look at me. I blush. They dare me to go get a hug. I look around, think about it, think about the boy back home that I "am in love with", first love thing, ya know. He'd be awful mad at me. But.. twas a dare, and I hadn't had my first kiss yet either. So a hug would be fine. I agree, go over, say to the young man, who probably was between the ages of 18 - 21, arms wide open, "May I have a hug?" He smiles, is very tall, I find out, wrap his arms around me and big bear hug, even though he's a skinny thing. Blushblush, I walk away back to my friends and say nothing. They hand me a dollar, and grin in my face. I blink and say I SHALL BE SPONTANEOUS TONIGHT, because I never was, ever. I march upto him, hand out the dollar, and say, "I.. I have a dollar." He says, smiling, "How would you like it?" Little Staci is all O___O;;; "Uh..Uhm.. Ho..However you like..?" My face is taken between two manly hands, pull closer, and suddenly lips were on mine. It happened quite fast, but a tongue did sneak down there, and THAT part surprised the HECK out of me. When it was done, he was all laughing as I just looked at him, completely red, and said "Th..Thank you.." and walked back to my friends who were howling and ruffling my hair.
There, first kiss.
One I shall tell my grandkids one day. And they will be like MAMA MAMA GRAMMA KISSED A STRANGA 8D and then I'll throw a cane at them.<3


Favorite aroma to discover and enjoy from another person? Ex: Perfume, natural scent, shampoo smells when you get close to their hair, the smell of mint gum on their breath, etc.
The dominant smell of the person, whichever it is. Some mix between cologne, hair product, and natural scent.

If you could ensure that people remembered one thing about you, what would it be?
And don't just say personality - give something specific!
I'd like them to remember my passion for things and my patience.

What's a controversial thought that you have? (lets not turn this into a debate btw)
That's a hard one.... Um... I'd have to say the most controversial thing I think about is canablism, like how does human taste and things like.

What is your favourite object in the room you are currently in?
My bowl of soup. Because Staci is a hungry Staci, and Hungry Staci likes veggie soup.

​Did you have a favorite doll growing up? And or action figure? And or stuffed animal?
Yes, a doll named skrållan

have you had an imaginary friend ?
Used to but now I just daydream

What is your favourite subject/ or genre?
History/Fantasy, though I would hope it would have words that I can understand. Sometimes, historical words can screw you up.

What was your worst nightmare about?
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