Getting the Shit Scared out of You

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  1. What do you do when you get the shit scared out of you? Do you ever jump scare people? How do you handle your ten seconds of terror?

    Gawd knows I do. And I'm easily spooked, and squeal like a piglet when I get startled. It's the funniest shit because I see shit coming and I still get scared.

    Opening the front door and looking at what looks to be blood on the ground, I assume that Brian is going to have t be called when I sense something behind me and BAM! one of my neighbors came in right after me and i didn't hear them and they scared me so bad I screamed like school child.
    Busted up a gut after that.
  2. Oh yeah, there are definitely moments like that... Example; it was dark, practically midnight, and I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom... I happened to leave the door open by accident x.x and my mom walks by me in the dark. I only see her in my peripherals, so, my mind fills in the blanks of what I just saw. Unfortunately, my imagination brought up an image from an age old jumpscare in a game that once freaked me out as a kid, and, well... During those few seconds that it took for my brain to process what was happening, I reflexively jumped in the air and shouted a little >.< but, well, reality quickly hit afterwards... To be honest, I haven't been startled like that for years till that point xD
  3. A couple weeks back my mom won a green lamb plushie so we've been pranking each other by hiding it around the house in odd areas. Its face is very Disney-esque which is what makes this plushie slightly off-putting. It scared me once when she placed it just inside the bathroom door. I almost threw myself backwards. xD

    My typical reaction is flight, but I also have the possibility of freezing in place if I don't run initially.
  4. Last week I was playing Walking Dead.

    spoilers? (open)
    Episode 3 of Season 1, when there was a sudden scene and music of a zombie in a car near the train, it scared the shit outta me and screamed loudly, and my parents think i've gone crazy until I had to explain that it was a "scare" and they asked me why I was playing games like that.
  5. I either A) scream like a girl and freeze up or B) jump and say "Jesus fuck." Because apparently that's what I need to say when I'm scared.
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  6. I do not scare easily. If you manage to sneak up on me you may get a slight twitch, but never that fun shiver down the spine anymore. Martial arts and years of sparring have left me with no flinch, I either dodge things, watch them go by, or ignore them because I've already determined they won't bother me. Scary movies make me laugh. I do all I can to improve the mood for them, but I think my over eagerness to feel fear ruins it. I am calm in crisis and do not overreact to violence or troubling situations. Sudden noises do nothing.
  7. I don't scare easily, but I can be startled. I jump three feet in the air and shout loud enough to blow eardrums.
  8. I jump and squeak! I'm kinda high strung so I startle easily

    I like to startle people but I'm not very good at it.
  9. I jump and if it's bad enough I'll spasm instead. A lot of the time I'll swear, usually something along the lines of "motherfucking hell" in place of screaming.

    One time I was playing a video game and my brother - who'd forgotten about my rather adverse reactions to sudden loud noises - clapped his hands together and yelled boo. I spazzed so hard I almost kneed myself in the face and stopped breathing for a few seconds because my whole body tensed up, only to start coughing and crying a few seconds after that. He felt so bad. He'd totally forgotten that getting startled like that sets off some pretty bad reactions because of my CP

    And just last week, my roommate moved our hatstand/coatstand and I jumped out of my skin when I got home because it was dark and I thought it was a person.
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  11. I scream like a little girl or just squeak a little and raise my hands defensively. xD But I'm also pretty good at startling people, or so they say, when sometimes I don't even plan to.
  12. Well I scare easily XD From jump scares, loud noises, sudden noises, people shouting and fighting, heck even online fights ^_^' Nothing to be proud about of course.

    Moths scare the crap out of me the most. Just something about the wayward frantic way they fly. I will literally pull something over my head like a blanket, or even just put my arms over my head.

    If someone sneaks up on me, or even quietly enters the room and says something, I will jump and yell. Sudden noises on the television (for example someone suddenly slamming something) will have me jump in me seat.

    Funnily enough... I'm not scared of the dark. I'm proud of that XD
  13. Legitimately Scared? Circumstanial but I either freeze or scream.

    Gaming/Fun Scared? Get very cautious, and temporarily turn into a Lets Player.
  14. We're talking about the "hooga-booga just ooga'd at my wooga" scared, not the "I am about to be murdered by axe-master" kind of scared, right?

    When I get proper spooked, I usually let out the ferocious battlecry of "oh" and gently back away from the source of spookiness.

    On occasions where there's a palpable source of spookiness though, like if a ghost were to pop out of a trashcan, I have a history of rapid and unwarranted physical confrontation. I remember in Highschool when one of my friends snuck up behind me and did the "tazer" maneuver (where they jab their fingers into your guts) while I was drinking milk.
    It was...
    I elbowed him in the face and dunked the milk on him in one motion and got sent to the principle for it, it was a fun time.

    Definitely this for the vidja, though. As it turns out, "Soothing conversation" can be self-cast.
  15. I throw whatever is in my hands when I get scared. Which sometimes is bad, because I startle pretty easily...
  16. When the shit it scared out of me, that most of the time leads to an anxiety attack. It's unfortunate, as it deprives me of the fun that comes with surprise parties and friendly pranks. Lots of things do me a frighten.

    When it manages to not escalate to that point, I get extremely grouchy and suddenly have enough bravery to start throwing things at the cause of my startle. 'Cause no forgiveness for the person, spider, or inanimate object that decided to be a jerk. My husband is the most fearless, strongest person I know. He inspires me to want to respond to danger and annoyances as he would.
  17. Respond more violently than I probably should.

    Good thing I don't scare easily, but it wouldn't be the first time someone sneaking up to me from behind to have their face meet my elbow.

    The more atmospheric kind, I get cold and analytical and have my own survival absurdly dominant on my mental priority list. I don't like it very much but it's served me well.
  18. I punch things

    If I can't punch it, I kick it
  19. Oh, man. This reminds me of that one time when me and my girlfriend were walking home at night during Halloween. We saw a severed hand on the sidewalk and literally stopped in our tracks and just stared at it for about 5 seconds straight before reluctantly dismissing it as a prank. XD It looked so real though! But maybe that was just an effect of the lighting and spooky Halloween vibe. Anyway, when we started moving again, we heard a bunch of girls scream behind us & a couple of guys laughing. Then we started laughing too... mostly in relief. XD

    When I'm genuinely spooked I automatically go into fight or flight mode. It's either I 1) freeze up, 2) get the closest available weapon, or 3) fucking RUN. It's a case-by-case basis. In case of a zombie apocalypse, 1 is never an option. I tend to clam up entirely, too.

    Do I ever jump scare people? These days, no, not really. I don't prank people so that they don't get me back for it. It's not really my kind of humor. XD And they all know they won't get a funny reaction from me.
  20. Pretty much me, minus the screaming. Closest I come is a surprised yelp.

    It takes a lot to legitimately scare me. Unnerving, not so much.
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