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  1. So, how do you guys get them for your one x one RPs? Do you send a PM to a person you'd like to roleplay with? Do you wait forever for someone to become interested in your roleplay and continuously bump? I've gotten no luck with some of my roleplays put out there because I think my outlook on some of the roleplays look to be too strict with others such as the adept writing style (when everyone else around me is doing intermediate, beginner, and elementary writing style) and the 18+ only content rating. So, I'm curious as to how you all get around to doing this, trying to get someone interested in doing that one roleplay you can't continue waiting for a partner to come along.
  2. I just keep reposting and bumping. O_O And i'll post up an add in the rotation if I haven't gotten a bite yet.

    You never know when it's just a slow week or something, or if people are just full up on roleplays. So you should always keep trying and keep posting! Eventually people come along. And if you're really impatient, going out to personally ask people if they wanna play is a good thing too.

    If you NEVER EVER get bites, you might wanna make sure your partner request post has enough information in it! I've noticed people are more likely to reply if you have a big list of plot ideas you want to play. (As long as the plot ideas look flexible so the partner can add their input too!)
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  3. That may be the "problem"... I don't have any plot ideas in my current ones. Just expectations and very little information such as the character roles, what decade it is, sub-genres, etc. It's hard for me to think about actual plot ideas if all I have are the little things; that's why I want to brainstorm with my partner because I don't have any particular plot ideas in mind- things like that come every once in a while for me. I can't think up a plot idea just like that.
  4. Eh, not eveyone likes clear plot ideas (lol me). If they're too detailed I get intimidated, and even if they're not... idk it feels tight. I like the "so what should we do" chat. Definitely include your preferred genres, though!

    I'd say one of the most important things is to have something for people to judge you by. I usually don't post my own ads and prefer answering them (mainly because I don't enjoy saying no to people), but an important part of that is stalking their previous rps to gauge whether their style matches with mine!

    If you put up an ad for 1 on 1s, it's good to have another rp already going, or, if you don't have that, write lots of things in the roleplay institute. Just make sure there's some way that people can see your writing samples. I haven't seen people do it, but you could always even link something. "This is how I write; do we match?" Also, I personally don't trust the sample on the roleplay resume because it's usually a standout (and not always in a good way imo...)

    Also, I personally find long lists of pet peeves terrifying (even though I totally understand the reasoning between wanting to make one), but I guess that's another thing you could test out.

    And if you are feeling riskier, stalk the Newcomers section! Most of them are not yet occupied with another rp, but it's harder to judge their skill level because they have very little content up.

    But my main advice is: if you're not getting any bites, try biting someone else. :D
  5. Maybe you'd be better off finding someone personally that you can gel with. Maybe someone that fits your writing style and your interests? I have a few people like that, and they're great for bouncing ideas off of. Or even join an interest group to find folks to bounce ideas off of. This might help you develop your plot a bit more before you even start the interest check!
  6. I scroll partner requests or get an invite. Then I watch it either inevitably die or find out yet again that I'm a really difficult as a partner and then go back to group RP's before trying my hand at 1x1 about a year later.
  7. Almost the same for me.
  8. Bump your thread every other day and twiddle your thumbs until you get something in your inbox. Works for me. Yeah you get excited when you get a message, but sad if you need to decline it for some reason. From my experience I've learned I'd rather be bummed out as I wait and wait and wait, than just take on something for the sake of it. That never ends well. Like most things, it can take time, so having some patience is key. Trust me, I know and I'm still impatient.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that finding a role play partner is somewhat like finding a lover. You can't expect to get along and connect with every single person you come across. That's just human nature. As I mentioned in another thread, I always follow my gut. That's probably the number one reason I decline a potential partner. It's never personal, but be prepared in case they do take it so. *insert horror story here*

    If you're really outgoing, message other people that you think may be a good match and see what happens. Anyway, I'll babbled on enough. Good luck!