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  1. I recently started re-watching a series after a friend got into it, and I'm falling in love with it all over again, getting all these ideas for AMVs and fanfic just like I did when I first discovered the series as a teenager.

    Have you ever had a fandom that never ever seems to get old, no matter how long you spend "off" it?
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  2. Yes. A few actually.
  3. K.
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 and Duel Monsters.

    I have no idea why. It seems like insanity that I've gotten bored of my other childhood shows, like Pokemon and Digimon, but I remain so fond of these series. I think a large part of it though is because the main characters themselves hold so much on their own without the concept of a children's card game attached to it all. They aren't just flat tropes to be thrown about, though that doesn't exclude minor characters (I'm not a freaky fish guy), or the usual 4Kids butchery. The first villain of the series captures souls to resurrect his fiance, and taunts a boy to save his grandfather from oblivion on his personal secluded island, and the boy's only hope is in the soul of reincarnated Egyptian Pharaoh. Awesome. I always wanted to write an extended fanfic where Yugioh goes back to the Season 0 roots, though, and dabbles into slice of life elements. Nothing like Penalty Games to pump up the adrenaline. Other ideas I had was to write how a select Yugioh cast would behave in a tournament style Texas Hold-em match, and a crossover with Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.
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  5. Power Rangers.

    Though to clarify, some of the newer ones are pretty crap.
    I mean one series made their main character out to be some bad pass biker, but the very first thing he does is water some random flower in the desert...

    So when I say the show doesn't get old, I'm reffering to those that were around when I was a kid and shortly after.
    Not the stuff pumped out today (or at least, the stuff today that I've directly seen).
  6. Well if we're talking fandoms that we can always return to, I have absolutely no choice but to put Vocaloid as my number one~

    Oh, and Doctor Who, too. I'll never tire of that series. David Tennant was by far my favorite Doctor.
    Admittedly I'm only a fan of the rebooted series, I haven't even watched the classic episodes ...yet.
  7. I forgot to mention what shows. Most are anime.

    Dragon Ball
    Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night
    Code Geass
    Game of Thrones
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  8. For me it's yugioh too. And probably the first avatar series.
  9. I highly recommend it. So many good episodes... so many great Doctors... so many awesome companions... [​IMG]
  10. I don't normally do fandoms, mostly because the shows I like enough to want to do fandoms for aren't quite that popular. But, when I need motivation in general I always fall back on the same book; Wind Through the Keyhole. Of all the Stephen King books that I love, that one inspires me the most. Every time I read/listen to that book I get the urge to write. I just wish I was as talented as Mr. King. :(
  11. Rise of the guardians... ... I've never been this obsessed with a movie for this long o.O -Needs to play Jack over and over again-

    Also Natsume yuujinchou (Anime series). It gives me inspiration for AMVs all the damn time... but I don't have a good editing program (the one that worked perfectly on my other computer failed completely on this... I dun know why, it seemed like they suddenly got a bug in their program.), and I don't have any episodes on my computer sooo... Those are ideas that will never see the light of day o.O Oh well, I have them to enjoy in my head when I listen to the music :D

    Also, any Disney movie. I love Disney crossover music videos, and I've made quite a few myself :D -Most of them are gone, cause that youtube account was taken down... damn it. And now I can't make them cause no free movie making program works good on this computer (even though they worked decently on my old computer ): ... uh)
  12. I recently started listening to the Killers and the Editors again. They were my go to music through high school. All the breakups and drama that there was and never will be for me again.

    Song after song I'm thinking "I could make a character to fit that song."

    And that's how Windsong comes up with characters. Music.
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  13. ... Pokémon.

    Though I stay away from fandoms and AMV's in general.
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