Getting Pet's to eat Medication

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  1. Basically our Dog has been needing to have some pills for a while now.
    And up to this point peanut butter and cheese would serve just fine, but now in the past few days he actively fights it.

    Backing away from it, constantly spitting it out, pulling his mouth back the second someone tries to open it etc.

    So essentially, do people here have any experience/ideas on what to do?
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  2. It's insane how good it works.
  3. I worked in boarding at a vet and went through this many times with all sorts of dogs. Sometimes you just have to hold to dog in place and shove the pill down it's throat. It is not fun, but can be the only way. Stick the pill as far into the dogs mouth as you can, and then hold the mouth closed and rub the throat. When doing this lightly blowing in the dogs nose helps. Then after the dog swallows it you can give a treat.
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  4. ...Biscuit is fucking weird, man. She was HAPPY to take her pills for her ear infection. Like seriously, she sees me with the bottle and runs in front of me begging for it.

    I just opened her mouth and shoved it in there. As far back as I could otherwise she'd spit it up and chew on it, lol.

    It may be a two man job cause it is better to place it in the back of their mouths and kind of shove it down rather then giving them food and hope they eat it <_<...

    But you can try meat. Meat is known to be a dog's favorite taste/food.

    Hope your pup feels better!
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  5. Eh... I'm reluctant to just shove it down his throat.
    Just cause that could terrify him since being a dog he'd lack understanding as to why.

    But, if nothing else works I might have to resort to that. :/
  6. Not sure what kind of food your dog gets, but if the dog gets hard food you could always try putting the pill in a bit of soft food. That sometimes works. Or depending what type of pill it is you could crush it and mix it with something.
  7. Sometimes, that's just how you have to do it. It's upsetting all around, I know, but they'll forgive and forget once you pin them down and give them belly rubs. :)
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  8. [​IMG]

    You try these? My grandma's dog was a pill fighter and this in the dry food or tossed out like a treat seemed to work.
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  9. Those are awesome! Until you get dogs that learn they can eat the pill pockets and spit out the pill. Smart bastards >.>
    I had one dog hold the pill in its mouth, I thought he swallowed it, but he spat it out when I walked away ten minutes later.
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  10. Mom just got home and suggested making a P&J sandwhich, squishing it till it's thin, cut it up in small pieces and hiding the pill in that.
    And made one for the dog on the spot to prove that he'd eat it.

    So I might try that tomorrow if pretending to eat it doesn't do anything (and he is blind, so even if I do stuff like tap the plate with a fork he might still not notice).
    I like the pill pockets too, though I'll need to ask my Sister about those because I think she tried those before too and that our dog Rocky also learned about spitting it out.
  11. Keep in mind that dogs have a keen sense of smell. He may be able to detect the pill o.o and we all gotta do things we dont like. I have to hold Bichon down to clean his ears, he's prone to infection. I feel bad but I know if I don't do it, it'll get bad and I want him to enjoy his life.

    He's actually gotten better with it and lays in front of me before running away after I put the solution in xD. Like he use to fight me pretty bad. Get stiff, scream, all of that but not he just lays there lol.
  12. He also has ear drops right now funny enough! XD

    Before hand the vet wanted us to take a cotton swab to it for his ear infection... He hated that.
    This is a dog who never shows aggression to anything (unless you're skunk in the backyard at 3 in the morning... God Dammit I was watching him for Coyotes, not for him to be stupid).
    But when we had to do that he started snapping at and trying to bite people to make us stop, actually got my sisters now ex boyfriend in the hand once during it.

    Though since we switched to ear drops he's mostly fine.
    He twitches once or twice because he wants to shake off the wet thing on his ear, but he's not hostile now.

    But yea, I get the logic of bad things for their well being.
    And I'd be more willing to do less than pleasent ways for medication for a human child, because with them you can sit them down and explain why _____ has to happen.
    So even if they don't like it they can comprehend the reason, dogs though don't get that stuff. All they see is "Human is being mean. Human stop. Human why?".
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  13. Lol xD I use baby wipes and just massage the stuff in his ear afterwards. He seems to love that I guess since it's cool? I can also take out the dirt and grime that way <_< hehehe..!

    But I understand your reasoning. 8'D
  14. I taught my dog to eat off a spoon. And I got him wet dog food and stick the pill in that and give him the bite. He was on pills for a while when he had cancer and never caught onto what I was doing.
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  15. Wet Dogfood sticks to pills like that?
    Our dog only ever eats dry (I don't know why, I'm not in charge of buying it), so I never would have guessed that. o.O
  16. Depends on the pill but sometimes you can mash it up and put it in food/water.
  17. We would put a big glop of peanut butter around the pills until the dogs caught on.

    Then we would do the same as an above poster and just open their mouths, stick it in the way back, and blow in their face. Then give a bunch of love and snuggles. They forgave quickly, and if it was my mom doing it they didn't fight. They stopped fighting me after the fourth or fifth time. We've also wrapped it in deli meat/cold cuts before. One time we also used sticky rice because they needed gut-glue.

    I have no guilt when it comes to pilling dogs.
  18. I am in camp "tilt head back, drop in medicinal depth charge, force to swallow". I give them treats after the fact to reinforce the idea they're being good when reenacting Dr. Mario.