Getting over a cold

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  1. There's about as many home remedies for colds as there are stars in the sky, and everyone has their own notion of what the best way to get over a cold is.

    When YOU get a cold, what do you do to get better?

    I personally drink lots of water and eat soup with lots of veggies in it, I take cold medicine and alternate drinking mint tea and ginger honey tea, and I sleep as long as I possibly can.

    How about you guys?
  2. I like to drink a lot of juice, preferably apple or cranberry. I'm a fan of cough drops, as well. If I really need it, I'll take some cold pills. When it's bedtime, I definitely get Tylenol PM or Nyquil in me. XP I can't stand it when a stuffy nose is keeping me up all night.

    Humidifier, too. I love humidifiers so much, I consider myself a nerd for them.
  3. I knock my ass out with cold medication and sleep through the entire thing. >>; Because I am a BIG BABY when I get sick and it's just better for everyone if I am sleeping through it. O__O

    I'll usually drink lots of juice, tea, and chicken soup. >>
  4. I take that cold and I TANK IT LIKE A BOSS.
    Mostly because I don't actually have a choice. There are only a few types of medicines that work on me, and even then, they don't work that well. Home remedies don't even dent it. I take hot baths with lots of steam.
    I mope and sulk because my nose is runny, my head aches, and I can't sleep.
  5. I drink quite a bit of tea called Gypsy Cold Care. Shit is nasty but amazing on colds.

    If that doesn't work, lay in bed wondering when I will die.
  6. I sleep. And that's pretty much what I do xD Sleep while cartoon network or disney channel is on. :3 Resting is the best medicine.

    My mom puts garlic in her nose.. ... Apparently that helps :blah:
  7. I do a lot of the stuff that's already been mentioned, but also:

    SPICY FUCKING FOOD. Curry especially, but also Mexican food, fiery mac'n'cheese, spaghetti sauce swimming with black pepper, soups with chili in the broth, hot mustard, horseradish... capsaicin is great for getting rid of congestion, it's one of the few things you can really taste when everything else tastes like dirt, it will warm you up, and it encourages you to drink more. What's not to love?
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