Getting Organized!

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  1. Someone on my facebook posted the link to FlyLady, which is a really neat site (though kinda aimed at moms. XD) for taking little steps to getting your home and life more organized. Since I grew up with a hoarder and spent forever buried in clutter, sometimes I get a little psycho about organizing things. >> (You can tell, yes? >:D)

    ...yet since I grew up without ANY training in forming good habits and keeping a schedule, I remain the poster diva for Controlled Chaos. XD I always end up cleaning stuff in a big whirlwind, yet failing to keep it on schedule so it dun feel overwhelming.

    Do YOU have any daily habits for staying organized?
  2. My Mom uses FlyLady! Or at least, she used to. I can remember her always saying like "FlyLady says to do this and this, so do it!" to me, when I had too much clutter or something. >>

    I have a planner to keep me organized. I write down my assignments in it, appointments and even birthdays. I also utilize my calendar... Very handy for helping me remember my weekly birth control. XP Something I simply cannot ever neglect. As for chores, I seriously will write a freaking list of what needs to be done, everyday. It will bother me all day long if I know something didn't get crossed off! According to one of my therapists, I have OCD, so... Things are usually tidy and organized in the first place.


    On topic response: I am a messy person but in that insanity I know where exactly everything is. It's strange really.