Getting Older by the Minute.

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  1. You've been out of high school for years now. You decided it was high time you get back together with old friends, crushes, and maybe run across old rivals and enemies. You never know what could happen.

    Please include a bit of background I.E. What you were like in school, where you thought you'd be by now, and where you are now.


    Back in high school, Elliot Blake thought he would have the world. He thought he'd make a name for himself and live to the fullest. No regrets. He took all necessary risks and had a blast doing that. He smoked and drank through school and still does. He now lives in a run down apartment and works a dead end job. More problems than that, but he doesn't make a fuss about it. He tries to keep making his life exciting.

    He now walks into the pub, hoping that his old friend wouldn't ditch him. They had been really close during school. They lived a few houses from each other and walked to school together every day. Even ditched together. After moving out, they tried to stay in touch, but eventually failed
  2. In high school, Clear Clover was the pure child in high school. she was the populer child the one who helps everyone. she never drinks and never smokes. she thought she was going to be a singer an opra singer. and she did. she did an amazing work on Les Misérables in the school play. she lived in an apartment in londen. she lives in an apartment so she dosee much momey.

    Claer was now meeting her family at pub in her home city. she missed them badly. she ran to the restarunt and meet them with a smile. "Father mother" she cried and hugged them. when she walked into the restarunt with them. she knew her father was still upset but she didnt care. vut shortly after the main meal and a bunch of talk her father bring up something he should never have. they yelled and Claer ran out she could not take it with that man. "must that baster bring that up" she said to herself. she passed a pub but then turned around and faced the pub. "shoot this" she said then walked into the Pub and stat near the bar next to Elliot but not knowing it.
  3. Elliot is drinking a beer and has a smoke hanging out of his mouth. He is wearing somewhat ratty clothes. It is fall, so he is wearing jeans, a tshirt and a long black coat with some chains hanging on it. He used those when he got into street fights (which was surprisingly often) He glanced over at her and looked at her for a moment. "Rough day?"
  4. Yes" she said with a frown then faced him. "and you?" she asked. she raised her hand for a wine. she dose not drink beer at all. she was waering a red coak that looks like something from fraince and black boots. she didnt normaly didnt like bad boys but he was cute for one.
  5. He just smiles a little and shakes his head. He reaches down to adjust his boots. Black combats. He raises his hand and calls for another pint. "Lay it on me."
  6. So why are you here to get lad?" she smirked not facing him. "and dont even think about asking"
  7. "Asking what, exactly?"
  8. She almost spiled her drink from laughing. "nothing never mind" she real have missed this place well her home town.
  9. Lilianne Kleisen was no longer the full bodied and bumbling weirdo. She was once called Lily, among other more detestable nicknames. Art was her world, from sculptures to junk to comics. After a traumatizing incident during prom, she dropped and moved out. Nothing was heard of her until today.

    She's back with a vengeance. She simply wants to visit her hometown as the woman she became. A designer, an entrepreneur.

    She walked into a pub, her black pumps pronouncing her already very obvious entrance. Her blond hair which never caught any attention despite it's nice hue when she was younger was now an artful mess of fly away locks that bounced with her steps along with something else she's got in front. She was still just a bit on the heavy side, but with a more defined shape, she's still working on losing the extra pounds; but it came with blessings that rendered the rest of her body graciously proportioned.

    To her surprise, she crumbled at the moment she walked in the pub.

    Isn't that Elliot Blake?! She knew him quite well back then. She liked him back then.

    He looked like he had some problems, but he's drinking with a pretty girl Lilianne had never seen, or so she thought. She realized she has seen that girl in the Les Misérables play she designed the set and costumes for. Clear...Clear...Clear Clover! When did those two even meet? It was so unlikely. But then, she had left too early.

    She stood there, blinking. Then she shrugged. Might as well...

    "Elliot? Clear?" she called, walking to them. "Oh my gosh guys! It's been forever!"
  10. Clear heard someone call out a name then her name and turned around to see it was... "Oh my god Miss Kleisen how have you been" she said with a smile but then it fell when she remember the name she called out "Elliot as in Elliot Blake" she turns to face him in shocked. this kid was all about the making a name for himself. "my god this whole time i was talking to Elliot Blake i gusse high school pass i would have love to forget."
  11. Lilianne walked over to them and almost choked out, "How could you not know?" She wouldn't mistake that face for any other man in the world. "Well, it has been years anyway, but hey!" Hey you aren't together after all, yey! "It's pretty awesome to find you both here! Whatchu guys been up to?" She asked for a rum and coke on the rocks before sitting beside Elliot.
  12. She laughed then said "That means you were in my high school too? thats so cool i wish we meet in high school but back then I was the Good girl in the school. meaning i stayed away from alot of people." she said with a smile. "So how has designing been Miss Kleisen?"
  13. "Um, you-oh, you know I'm a designer?" Liliane was pleased to hear that. She barely reintroduced but there it was, laid out like an ad. "It's been great. Have you forgotten, I did your costumes and parts of the set in Le-Miz?"
  14. Eli looked a bit confused. He couldn't remember this person who quite obviously knew him. Liliane. He felt bad for not remembering her, but he never could remember people who went to school with him. He just smiled and acted like he remembered as he sipped his drink and leaned back in his chair.
  15. "Elliot. Well, Elli." Lilianne called his attention when he seemed entirely out of it. "You really don't remember?"

    Maybe it's best if he didn't. She debated in her mind.
  16. He frowns. "I'm sorry. I don't really remember anyone from school. Only one person." he checks his watch and sighs "and she is late"
  17. Ack he's taken, I knew it!

    Why would you even hope Elliot Blake remember the likes of you?

    I don't know what I'm even here for!

    Do you even want him to remember?


    Lilianne was sort of losing on both sides of her internal battle as her drink came. She grabbed the bartender's wrist and said "Give me your best cocktail with triple sec in it." He nodded and got to work, she gulped down the rum and coke nervously.

    Maybe it's best that he doesn't remember.

    "I only stayed a few years, really. But everyone knew you." She reasoned. "We were in the same class."
  18. Although... You really do look familiar. I have a bad memory." He looks at his watch again and sighs. "Guess she doesnt want to see me again. I guess she is still holding a grudge."
  19. Who in the world would hold a grudge against Elliot?

    "Want a drink?" Wow, he'll never know who I am at this rate. Lilianne never drunk at all in high school. Not even a little.
  20. He smiles a bit. "Don't mind if I do" His phone rings. He looks at it. "I need to take this." He steps away and holds the phone to his ear. his sleeve falls down and it is shown that he has a hospital bracelet around his wrist. He looks downtrodden and puts away the phone, walking back.