Getting In Character Challenge #7

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  1. Sorry that it's been a while my fellow challenge takers.

    It's your pal Bane and my alter ego Dr. Crow. For those of you that don't know, I am going to help you with one of the most crucial fundamentals of roleplaying. Getting in Character. You see getting in character makes roleplaying feel less like a chore and it makes posts more interesting to read. I like character development and 3-D characters! Even if your post is a one liner, your post will be considerably more interesting to read because your in character. Your partner(s) can tell that you are having fun and will have fun with you. Doesn't that sound grande? How am I going to help you, you ask? Well I'm going to give you a situation and you, using a character you've made, or one you're using, etc and you will respond to it.

    Situation 8:
    The lights from the amusement park light up the scene. Rides litter the amusement park grounds and of course there is the classic merry-go-around. People are seen everywhere laughing and talking, but something about the amusement park doesn't exactly seem quite right. A man who appears to look like the ring leader or the person in charge of the fine establishment is standing at the entrance waiting to greet your character. He wears a top hat and is approximately seven feet without the hat. He is dressed in a black suit and wears white gloves.

    "Good evening! Welcome to Willy's Mad Playland! I'm sure you'll have a blast! Be sure to check out our circus. I can guarantee you it is to die for. Please refrain from leaving the amusement park before closing hours." He smiles at your character and makes a friendly gesture towards his amusement park.

    Upon closer inspection, the people that were laughing and talking didn't have faces. There was nothing but a shadow where they should, but they could talk, but the question was, what are they saying and are they really laughing? There is of course only one way to find out.

    Things to consider:
    What is your character thinking?
    Are they going to visit the amusement park?
    What is your character feeling?
    How does your character react?
    What is the first thing they notice about the amusement park?
    Did your character go with anyone?
  2. Atlas smiled politely to the other man, and tilted his head slightly to the side. He was very tall, and Atlas wasn't fond of having to look up to anyone. Atlas slid his hand out of his pocket and placed it on his chin, tilting his head ever so slightly to the left. An amusement park to die for... Automatically, the phrase raises suspicion. He didn't let this affect his demeanor, though. His poker face was something he prided himself on perfecting.
    When the man waved his hand inside-a friendly enough gesture-Atlas let his eyes follow the motion, staring inside the amusement park. He didn't notice it immediately, but after scanning over the biggest, most flashy rides, he finally realized why everything seemed so odd. People talked and laughed, but there was nothing but a shadow where their faces were.
    Casually, Atlas pulled back his long black sleeve to glance at his watch. He pursed his lips, and took in a breath. "Oh, my, the time. It would appear that I'm late for a business meeting.. Maybe tomorrow?" Atlas said with a curt nod. He didn't actually have anywhere to go, but it didn't bother him to tell a little white lie to some man working in an amusement park. Without another word, Atlas took off down the sidewalk at a brisk pace, focusing on keeping his eyes straight ahead. The further away he got from that odd place, the easier he seemed to breathe.


    "Dude, look! Amusement park!" Stygian called, pointing to the entrance where the ringmaster stood. He jogged up, taking only one glance at the man's top hat before he decided that he wasn't really very interesting.
    "Good evening! Welcome to Willy's Mad Playland! I'm sure you'll have a blast! Be sure to check out our circus. I can guarantee you it is to die for. Please refrain from leaving the amusement park before closing hours." The man welcomed them.
    Forrest walked up behind Stygian, furrowing his brow at the name of the place. "Willy's Mad Playland? Doesn't sound very kid friendly." He said, hands in his pockets.
    "I think I see cotton candy! How much money do you have, Forrest?" Stygian asked, already looking for his wallet to pull out an entrance fee. He didn't pay any attention to the creepy feeling the place gave off, nor the people inside.
    "We don't have time to-" Forrest suddenly cut off, and his face drained of color, contrasting greatly against his ginger colored hair. As he looked into the amusement park, he noticed that the cotton candy vendor didn't have a face-none of the people inside did.
    "Stygian... They don't have faces."
    Stygian spun around, flattening his mouth into a long line and staring at Forrest with a very unimpressed yet slightly annoyed face. "Have you never seen Scooby Doo? It's one of those horror amusement parks, those are clearly actors. I bet we can get them to tell us how they manage to look faceless, yet talk and see!" He said, slapping down the entrance fee money.
    "No, I'm not going in. I don't do horror." Forrest said stubbornly, crossing his arms and stepping back a couple of paces. He gave Stygian a stubborn stare.
    "Forrest..." Stygian groaned. He loved everything horror and amusing.. Especially scary amusement parks.
    "We have to get home anyways, remember? Studying?" Forrest said, checking the clock on his phone. It was already the afternoon, and Sunday simply wasn't long enough to study and ride roller coasters.
    "I hate responsibility." Stygian muttered, withdrawing his money as he sulked away from the amusement park. Forrest triumphantly walked next to him, glad to have escaped what he thought of as a certain death trap.


    Mardi trotted down the street, the sound of her heels clicking on the cement barely audible over the sound of her talking to her two friends. Today had been dedicated entirely to a shopping trip, and a much needed one. Mardi hadn't done any summer shopping yet, but with several pairs of shorts, flip flops, and other things, she felt much better prepared for any upcoming hot weather.
    "Oh, look. A carnival!" One girl said, pointing to the amusement park. They stopped briefly, listening to the small welcoming speech and peering at the rides. It looked a bit creepy, and Mardi didn't really like roller coasters and that kind of thing anyways.
    "If I wasn't broke, maybe." One of her friends said, glancing down at the three shopping bags on her arm. The group quietly agreed, and waved farewell before walking on. Today wasn't an amusement park kind of day, after all, but seeing it did spark a new conversation-When could they go back? Did it look like fun? What was it called again?
    Mardi barely paid attention to the place, but a group of people erupting in laughter inside had caught her attention right before the group of girls had walked past. When she looked closer, she was horrified to see that none of them had faces. She felt as if she was going pale, and quickly looked away before any of the girls noticed something was wrong. Worried that no one else had seen what she had, and afraid that they wouldn't believe her if she said anything, she pretended like nothing had happened and walked on.
    She didn't get a wink of sleep that night.
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  3. A tall man walked to the amusement park, a grin on his face. He wore a royal purple suit and a brightly colored orange dress shirt under his green vest which matched his green hair. The full moon seemed to make his chalk white face shine brightly. Looking around at all of the rides, and the people in his view, he laughed at his thought of them all dying with smiles on their weak and pathetic faces. He glanced over at his 'friend', the ring leader and laughed at his words. "Oh yes, it will be a blast!" He laughed loud, the laugh nearly resembling a hyannena's laugh and entered the park, glancing around at the people. Curious about why the humans didn't have a mouth for a few moments, though he shrugged it off and continued on his plan. He would have his fun tonight. The clown looked at the center of the park, a large, red and white striped tent sat. He made laughing sounds as he skipped into the location happily, fitting right in onstage as he killed the other clowns who were to preform. When it was their turn to go an preform on the circus' stage, making sure he was the main clown, he acted like the others.. but when the time was right he pulled out a little plastic like doll. Her eyes were red and her dress was torn and scars covered her pale body. He ripped off the dolls head with one hand, and threw it at the crowd, taking a bow as green gas started to flood the circus. He laughed smiling as he heard the laughter of the others from his deadly laughing gas, making the people litterly die with a smile. The shadows on the people's faces turning to smiles. He skipped out of the tent humming and then he grabbed in his coat, pulling out a button. He started to walk to the exit when the ring leader put a hand out "You can't leave yet! The show has just begun." the taller man insisted and Joker just nodded then grinned a wide toothy smile. "Indeed it has." he said and then pulled out a gun, and the man glared darkly at the clown. Joker laughed at the man's reaction and he shot the man right between the eyes, then watched him fall over, stepping on his back and once he was a safe distance away from the park, he pushed the big red button. Debris from roller coasters and bumper cars flew through the sky as a red-orange glow filled it. He laughed loudly, grinning at the destroyed park and when his laughter calmed down he grinned. "Yes, tonight was to die for!" He then skipped off to his car, being driven by one of his hench men and rode off to his hide out, a grin on his face and blood on his purple suit.
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