Getting In Character Challenge #5

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  1. Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen!

    It's Bane here and good old Dr. Crow. You'll have to pardon my lateness as I am a little late with this challenge. For those of you who don't know. I believe that one of the more important things in roleplaying is getting in character. It does not only make posts more interesting and fun to read, it makes roleplaying for your partner and yourself more fun as a whole. You know? It will feel like less of a chore. We all hate the feeling of chores don't we?

    Along with getting character, it can also help make posts a little longer. Ask yourself (or your character I supppose) what their doing? How they're feeling? Etc, etc. Even if your post is a one liner, those can become more interesting when you're fully in character I assure you.

    Now because I am late on this particular Challenge I'm going have two situations instead of one! HOORAY! And then you will pick one (or both if you like both I suppose) and use a character you are using, planning out, or just thought of on the spot to react to it. Let's get started shall we?

    Situation 5:

    The wind blows drastically to the east. The smell of animals and burning wood races over the people rushing through the streets. Though some of the people aren't really people at all. Where their face would be is a shadow and does not have any visible facial features. Some feel sinister while others don't. The wind causes fruits and other goods fall out of crates. People rush to get them. A man visibly around his mid thirties picks up some of the food. He taps a native on the shoulder.

    "What's going on here?" He asks the native.

    "You mean you don't know? Every year they come, the Shadow People..." It is an old woman's voice, but she does not turn around to face the man. She keep her head forward.

    "Shadow people?"

    "Yes the shadow people," The old woman snaps back at him, "They are creatures that judge your character decide if you are worthy enough to stay in this world... sometimes they bless you take you away to fight for them. That is a great honor. You look like a sturdy man perhaps you will be chosen..." The old woman laughs and then fades away.

    A shadow person approaches your character and touches them on the shoulder. It does not say a single word.

    (What it's going to do after that is entirely up to you or perhaps your character already knows hm?)

    Situation 6:

    "Come one come all to Elrick's Circus! You'll see things you never thought possible. A man whose half-tiger. Don't get too close he bites. There is a girl who can talk to animals in their language. And even a man who can live without his head. But that's not even the most dangerous..." There is a tall man standing outside what appeared to be a large circus tent.

    His eyes are slightly sinister looking though it was just how he looked. He wore white gloves and a very nice and recently tailored business suit. Next to him was a girl who could not be older than ten who looked rather afraid to be alive and she clung to his side.

    "Won't you come in and have a look see?" The tall man asks your character his smile making him look even more sinister than before.
  2. Situation 5:
    The wind once again blows through my hair as I turn slowly towards the shadow person who taped my shoulder. First I turn my eyes until the periphery catches the sight of it. My mind reals in horror and fear, causing me to react with the fight or flight instinct. As a non-confrontational person I choose flight. I turn my body as fast as my synpases can fire and run as fast as my legs can carry me. But as I am not physically fit I run out of breath fairly quickly and have to stop, maybe walk it off a little. And then as I hadn't been prepared at all for the shock I begin to cry in a pittiful mess. "I dont want to live." I say weakly. But its not true at all. I very much want to live. I wonder then, as I fold my hands in my lap, how I can live with such shame on my head? So there I sit until either I come to a realization or until the shadow creatures comes back to.
  3. Situation 5:

    A shudder ran down his back caused by the being’s cold touch. Turning slowly, the blonde haired man was shocked to see a faceless creature looking back at him with what could have been eyes. They stood there for what seemed like an eternity, the aura of mystery oozing out of this creature, increasing his curiosity until finally he broke the silence. “W-who are you?” His voice came out in an unintended whisper, causing him to clear his throat and try again. “Do you have a name? …Can you speak?

    Time continued to pass by, the silence increasing between them until finally the shadowed figure lifted a pale hand and pointed past them. Looking over his shoulder, a gasp of excitement escaped his lips as he saw what looked like a group of more faceless people standing by a small path. All of them were waiting but for what? It was beginning to rain.

    “What are they waiting f-…” Gone. Where could it have gone off too so quickly? Was he meant to go there? Did it…”choose” him? It was decided then, he had to know more about them. The man griped his coat tighter around him as a gust of wind swept by and headed off into the direction of the faceless people looking determined.