Getting In Character Challenge #3

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    It's Dr. Crow and currently known as Bane. But was formerly Marceline. Either name will do honestly.

    Now that the ever so brief introduction is over, we can get started on the more entertaining part of today's challenge. Bane will be teaching you some fundamentals of roleplaying. Or rather, will be teaching you one of the fundamentals of roleplaying. I believe that one of the most important things in roleplays is Getting in Character. And something even more important than that is creating a three dimensional character. Three dimensional characters are characters that someone could easily relate to. They also make roleplaying that much more interesting and fun in most cases. It also makes posts more fun to read, even if they're one liners.

    I am specifically vague on the situations in case you would prefer a specific setting. Say you want a Steampunk or Modern theme. Either is possible because I do not specify what weapons are available. You may do as you please with such details. I look forward to reading your replies.

    I'm going to give you a situation and then using one of your characters, either a new one, one you're using, or maybe a character that you just want to test out. Some things to consider:

    What is your character doing?
    What is your character feeling?
    What's it smell like to your character?
    Does this situation remind your character of anything?
    Do they have someone to blame for the situation?
    Are they blaming themselves for the situation?

    Situation Three:

    People everywhere were beginning to take sides. A person had twisted the thoughts of the public and liberated the poor from the rich. Now the poor was fighting the rich for superiority and the person behind it all was watching. He had lived in the city for years and watched as the poor scourged for survival. Now the rich was on the same playing field and everyone was equal. Only the truly clever ones would make it out of the city alive or they would watch as people killed each other trying to stay in the light. They were all poisoned with hope and under the impression that they might survive this latest event.

    The man turned his head to face your character. The man had a scar going from the left side of his face to the right.
    "And now those that once held all the power are fighting to stay alive. There is no hope for the world. It is better off if someone just watched the world burn..." The man pulled out a detonator, "And what will you do? Will you watch or are you foolish and still hope for the world?"
  2. Narrow eyes of smouldering embers watched the chaos that ensured beneath them, the smile splayed across pale lips twisted in cruel enjoyment as the men and women of the former upper class torn down to rags in a world they knew nothing about, lacking the posh and comfort of the high life. The blond brought his hands up to his face, feeling a shiver run through his core. "This is... so great~" A small murmur, the voice jittery and filled with a breaking hold on euphoria. "Oh I can feel it. I can FEEL it!" His arms spread, face raised to the darkened sky. "The deep and cutting pain of despair and hate, the misguided efforts of such foolish self-centred survival!" His gaze lowered back to the scene below, leaning forward from his perch above the slaughter below. He wanted to be down there, basking in the chaos and hurt that abounded, drinking in despair as he watched these fools fall before him as he cut away their last remnants of hope. His fingers twitched, wanting to grab the handle of his favourite toys and rain bullets.

    The voice beside him broke his revere, turning to face the scarred man, head tilted in curiosity as he spoke of the world and its immediate end, a frown moving to replace the smile that had curved his lips before. "You would end it? Just like that?" The frown grew deeper, curling into a snarl, eyes blazing with a hard edge. "What gives you the right to end all my fun? To blast it all away before I have the chance to enjoy it!" The barrel of his pistol was placed just between the man's eyes, trigger pulled with the loud crack of thunder. The scarred man crumpled to the ground, eyes wide and staring forward with that hollow blankness that came with death. The blonde breathed heavy, his composure returning slowly as his rage quelled to deep rooted hate. "Who said you get to choose how they all die?" His grin returned, spreading wide into his cheeks. "That privilege lies solely with me."

    Laughter rose up inside his chest, making his way down into the throng of angry and desperate people, with thunder in his hands.
  3. "My curse haunts me again this day, yet now I should get a choice?" his voice, his presence, filled the room. yet this silver armored titan's voice was melancholy, having known all to well the cost of destroying a world. he reached to his belt and drew a small signet, marked only with the stylized I. "I should say," he can barely find the words, "my duty tells me to say, that with this I sentence this world to exterminatus, and consign a trillion souls to oblivion....." his voice trails off and he is still for a moment.

    then slowly, he closes his gauntleted fist around the ring, crushing it to a lump of ordinary metal.

    "My duty tells me to condemn these people," His voice fills with conviction, "and my Emperor tells me that I shall be his bulwark against the terror. I am Astartes, and my heart tells me that my duty is to defend humanity. You may call me a fool, but on such matters, it is the fool who is right."