Getting In Character Challenge #2

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  1. Hello Again Everyone,

    It's Dr. Crow also known as Marceline. Either name will do.

    Now that the ever so brief introduction is over. We can get started with the fun part. Marceline is about to teach you some fundamentals of roleplaying. I believe that one of the most important things in roleplays is getting in character. And something even more important than that is creating a 3-D character. 3-D characters are characters that someone could easily relate to. They also make roleplaying that much more interesting and fun. It also makes posts more fun to read, even if they're one liners.

    I am specifically vague on the situations in case you would prefer a specific setting. Say you want modern or fantasy. Either would be possible because I do not specify weapons or names. Please do as you please when it comes to these specifics. I look forward to reading your replies!

    I'm going to give you a situation and then using one of your characters, either a new one, one you're using, or maybe a character that you just want to test out. Some things to consider:

    What is your character doing?
    How is your character feeling?
    What are they going to do now that this has happened?
    Is there someone they are going to talk to about this?
    Do they have someone to blame for the situation?
    Do they have thoughts or ideas about how the situation came to be?

    Situation Two:

    The villain stood there upon his throne. His goal had finally been completed. The world was at his finger tips and he was adored by most. His secrets had stayed secrets and now he assumed that there was no one left to stop him. He tormented the weak, starved the poor, and coveted the rich. He was living in luxury while most lived with the scraps he left behind. The city in which he resided was known as Gothelhelm. The very center of the city was not very well kept as most of the poor resided there. The outside however, was flourished by the rich. This was but for two reasons and that was to keep the poor in.

    The villain, or the new king rather, approaches your character. His eyes were sinister, black, and full of hate. They spoke of an arrogance and an evil so vile that it sent shivers through the weak's spines.
    "Your city has fallen and I have become your king. What will you do now? Will you serve me? Or die trying to stop me?"

    His guards stood by his side and some guards were atop buildings with weapons at the ready. They all stood by waiting. One wrong move and it was likely all hell would break loose.
  2. "I guess serve," she replied smoothly. Her stare was locked on his without a care in the world. Death meant little to her -- and neither did this city. "It's not my city either -- at least last I checked."

    Knowing full well of the guards around her, she went for her bag and mocked looking inside it. She scrounged around in it, moving stuff around, pulling things out every now and then. The entire time she mumbled to herself. When she seemed to be satisfied with her idle pursuit she returned her somewhat tired and bored gaze back to him:

    "Nope. No deed. No title. No nothing for the city of Gothelham," she smiled. "I do, however," she slowly extended her hand, "Have this for you."

    In her hand was a simple slip of paper. It was white with black writing on it. On the top was a stamped seal and the bottom of it was a wax seal with a piece of black and white striped ribbon hanging from it -- the combination of the writing style and the seals made it look entirely official and formal.

    "Though I doubt, due to your position, that you'd need my services, I'm giving you my curriculum vitae." She chuckled a little at realizing the situation then she cocked her head to the side. She nodded her head toward the paper:

    "You see, I'm a tax assessor and collector. With all those poor maggots in the center of the city, I figured they might respond better to me than rebel. After all, you do need all those blubbering fools in the Center to make the patricians wealthy and everything tick, no?"

    (-shrugs- My two cents. :smile:)
  3. The smile never truly left his face, or at least, so he would have everyone think. It was a trademark of his, that and the colorful clothing with which he adorned himself. He chuckled a moment as he listened to this man. This man who had created Chaos where Order once stood, and then replaced that Chaos with Order of his own making. It was the Cycle of Chaos. Each would replace the other in succession from forever past until forever future. There was little anyone could do to stop it, but much could be done to push it along faster.

    "My fine sir." the jester gave a quick bow. "I shall do neither." He caught a confused look from one of the guards behind the man and he laughed out loud. "I do not serve any but the force of Chaos, and seeing as how the chaos here has been all but wrapped up, there is little need of my services. I will not fight you either. You are a pawn in the face of the forces at work here."

    he patted himself down to make sure his small belongings were still with him, turned from the man, and began to walk away. Wait, perhaps I should warn him... The jester turned back for a moment and smirked. "Just know this fine gentleman. Where Order now stands, Chaos is sure to rise. Where Chaos rises the jester will find his place. You will see me again let us hope it is sooner rather then later. Order is such a boring part of the cycle."

    [Meh... it is what it is]
  4. "To serve, or to die. Hmmm whether tis nobl'r indeed William....Tell me Jester-King, do you think yourself safe now? Whether be those seeking your'would be a lone assassin, with pride as his only goal. But I digress Jester-King. you wish to know if I would serve you? if you think yourself so desperate that this shattered mind would be of use you're not long for the throne indeed." He laughed, shill.... and haunting. the fresher guards quaked slightly, while the rest gripped their weapons tightly. His tone changed, from bemused soliloquy to dire warning "If ye be thinkin ye don't need me, ye be doubly damned. Ye who thinks his looking glass clear, yet canno' see the simplest truth E'en when it's right before yer own eyes. So now King of Clowns I place you in my feet. where you must make a decision that damns you no matter the verdict, and I bid you good day."

    With that the madman vanished into nothing.