Getting In Character Challenge #1

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    It's your fellow friend, Dr. Crow also known as Marceline. Either name will do.

    Now that brief introduction is over, Dr. Crow has come to inform you about one of the more important things of roleplaying and that is GETTING IN CHARACTER. I feel that an important part of roleplaying involves 3-D characters, meaning that your character is easy to relate to and that they could be real people themselves. Getting in character is makes roleplaying really fun and makes posts even more fun to read, even if they're one liners.

    I'm going to give you a situation and then using one of your characters, either a new one, one you're using, or maybe a character that you just want to test out. Some things to consider:

    What is your character doing?
    How are they feeling?
    What are they going to do now that this happened?
    Is there someone they are going to talk to about this?

    Situation One
    The sky was the darkest shade of night and everything was quiet. The streets were empty and littered in snow. Snow that had been stained a crimson red. Halos and feathers of black littered the ground as well as several corpses. At the end of the street to figures stood hand in hand before turning to face your character. One was dressed entirely in white and the other was cloaked in black. Both sides offered their hands for your character to take.

    "If you take the other side, it will lead you to your unruly death..." They said simultaneously and looked at your character, waiting for its decision.

  2. "Then perhaps that is for the best," the armoured titan replied, his tone wistful, "For I have lived long. Far, far too long."
    Beaten, bloody and bruised, the enchanted steel-plated shell only served to cover up the physical wounds. However, the emotional scars, gashes and lacerations left by all the years he had lived were there, bleeding, for all to see and gawk at. His helmet, scorched and cracked, fell in two to reveal his sullen face, his battle-weary eyes directed towards the floor - for sheer lack of other places to go. No tears fell - he was not sad. No hysterical laughs sounded - he was not breaking down. Nothing sounded - he was numb, now, and accepting. Of his fate, no less. Everything he had ever done, all the people he had killed and spared, all the terrible, terrible atrocities that he was responsible for. Thousands of years, and his only retribution was to be able to look back on all he had done, and suffer by himself. But, there they were, two entities that could end his miserable existence.

    "I've seen things," he told solemnly, to nobody in particular, "Things that no man should ever have to see. I've done things, that no man should ever have to do. I've committed treason, regicide, homicide, genocide, even attempted suicide. I've destroyed villages, towns, anywhere people may gather. I'm nothing more than a tool of destruction. But, all tools, they either break, become invalid, or both. People aren't meant to live forever. I'm living proof."
    And, with this, he held out both of his hands, in the hope that he himself would be wrenched from the mortal plane. He'd had enough of life. He'd seen many deaths, but the one he truly wanted to see the end of, was his own.
  3. Kiera knew that this was the end. No more reincarnation, no more lives to live. This was were she would meet her maker. These two characters that stood before her, they were the ones that decided where she would go, what she would do after she finally, really "died". A sweet, yet cold tear rolled down her porcelain face. It could not be, yet it happened. She thought she would live forever, until the surroundings around her changed like they always did for the millennium that she had lived, but alas, the world had wanted her to go. Kiera slowly made her bloody and broken body inch it's way to the two figures. She still had a few moments to decide what to choose. Although her body was broken, her spirit was not. She was ready for whatever came next.

    Recalling all the past lives that she had lived, Kiera remembered the ones that gave her soul a feeling of freedom and love, and she remembered the ones were she had to go through a terrible hardship. It was a difficult decision she had to make now, even more difficult then when she had to sacrifice her own child, or when she had to watch the love of all her lives die, over and over. Kiera looked at the two figures with her crystalline blue gaze and reaching out her soft tapered fingers she grasped the hand of the cloaked one, and fell into it's arms, whispering.
    "Bring me relief..."
  4. A bloodied sword dripped into the snow, it's wielder lost in thought, He came here searching for the woman he loved. Though all he found was madness and destruction and not even a sign of her, his mind drifted again, to her beauty, her strength. For a single precious instant he was happy again, then the vision passed and he roared with the pain of a love lost. His heart tore itself in two once again, and he looked, tears in his crimson eyes, at the twin beings in front of him.

    "I refuse." He raised his hand and spoke with growing determination, "I. Will. Find. Her." The two laughed as bloodied hand fired crimson energy and they disappeared into a whiff of smoke, disembodied laughter remaining. He was left alone with his anguish once again, but continued on, holding onto insane hope. I will find her

    I will find her

    He kept walking through the bloodslicked snow


    He kept walking, searching


    His thought is cut short by the sudden impact of the snow against his face. He lay there muttering

    I will find her

    and slowly drifted into unconsiousness.
  5. The beaten down 18 year old narrowed his eyes and looked from one of the figures to the other. He'd just watched his werewolf brothers killed by those black angels, so why in the world would he stand with one. He stood, pain surging through his every nerve, and met the black ones eyes. "Screw you," he flatly said, teeth clenched from the pain. Then he felt warm blood roll down the side of his forehead and down his cheek, ending at his chin and drilling off onto the snow covered grownd at his feet. His arm was across his stomach, holding his side from a bad wound that was still bleeding, but he didn't know where to go, but he couldn't stay here, he couldn't die here with them. "Where to?" He asked, distrust in his eyes as he looked at the white angel. She had just sat there and watched as the werewolves were slaughtered, but at least she didn't kill them herself like the black one had. She took his hand and didn't answer him at first. He didn't care, those angel things didn't seem to talk much anyways, what made Kensley freeze was that glee me of blood in the girl white angels eyes. It wasn't there for more that a second, but it made him believe that she had enjoyed the sight of so much death. Anger pulsed through Kensley, and every step he took forced pain to shoot all through him, grunts escapeing his lips and eyes closing tightly against the sudden bursts of pain. Finally the white angel stopped and turned to Kensley, his blue grey eyes reflecting confusion, and his blazing red hair turning crimson from blood.

    "Why are we stopping?" He asked, his head turning to one side a little as he tried looking around. Then he felt a rush of cold wind gust at him, and all of a sudden the white angel was close to him, almost as if she were hugging him, but this unspeakable pain thumped with every dieing heart beat. "What have you..." Kensley attempted to ask as he fell to his knees, the white angel taking a step away from him. Kensley looked up at her for another second before everynight started to turn white, the knife still deep in his chest as he fell forward, lifeless. The white angel smiled a bit, her feathers falling off slowly, one by one, until finally all that stood before the dead werewolf was a girl in all red. Her eyes blood red like her hair, she turned and a doorway opened into the ground,"See you later dog breath," she finally spoke, walking into the doorway and disapearing from the world.
  6. He looked at the two characters beckoning him to take their hand. He then looked back at his hands. His hands were stained and coated with crimson red blood. His vision blurred as the images in his head faded in and out of reality, the world he knew was practically falling apart. Soon he started to feel feint and was slipping out of consciousness. The cold reality he knew slowly fading...

    "No... Not this again..." He shut his eyes tightly to the point it started to cramp and hurt while he clenched his teeth. He felt unbearable pain as those black and white clad creatures called him.

    And as fast as the pain had come, it vanished. He literally snapped back to reality and his thoughts cleared up. He stared at the multiple corpses around him feeling a mixture of rage and sadness. He hated himself for killing those people. He tightly clenched the gun he had in his hand. His hands shook as he slowly lifted the gun to his head. His confidence wavered as his journey slowly came to a close. The barrel of the pistol lightly tapped his skull as he cocked it.

    He stared at the two at the end of the street, practically begging him to come closer.

    "I'm tired... I'm tired of fighting, tired of hating myself, and mostly I'm tired of killing. You make me jump through hoops every day of my life and you expect to reward me like this?" He gestured to the corpses with his free hand. Rage coursed throughout his veins in rage.

    He closed his eyes tightly as he put his hand on the trigger.

    "Well no more... It all ends here."

    He slowly counted to 3.





    The shock of the small explosion in the gun chamber sent a wave of pain down his arm as the bullet exited through the barrel. His fingers fell limp as the gun slowly fell and slipped in between in his fingers and onto the snow.

    "No... I have to keep fighting. If not for my sake, then for hers." He looked up to the two people at the end of the street.

    "I refuse. I'm going to live and there's nothing you can do to stop me."