Getting healthy step 1: EXERCISE!! (help?)

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  1. So I've began to notice lately that although I'm not by any means fat, I've got some pounds starting to pack on also I'm weak as hell. Although I'm still at my normal weight, the difference is what that weight is; over the past few years, I've gotten less physically active (from having to bike and walk everywhere in Satan's Asscrack, Texas with my friends to having no friends and staying at home and driving everywhere haha I'm so lonely) and so even though I'm the same weight, more of it is chub and less muscle. And so I have the beginnings of some chub going on. And I am not happy with this.

    Unfortunately, there is just so much information out there and I know less than nothing about exercise that I have no idea where to begin and I feel so overwhelmed! D: Thus, I am asking for help from YOU Iwaku!

    To give you an idea of things, I'm really looking for something light and suitable for a beginner to build strength overall, trim the chub-buds, and a bit of cardio for someone that is really out of shape (in the way that I can't run half a block without dying -- chest pain, the whole shebang). I don't need to lose weight -- I need to turn it into a bit of muscle. Something I can do at home (third floor apartment and downstairs neighbors that like to pound on the ceiling when I make too much noise >.> ) because I would die outside and I've got some anxiety issues and can't even walk into a gym.
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  2. Talk to your doctor or personal trainer, not the Internet.

    "Getting healthy" is different for everyone, and while people can make educated guesses or tell you what works for them, it's still better to consult a professional for advice.
  3. @Razilin

    There is SO MUCH information out there on this subject.
    But you can not turn fat into muscle. You're best off building muscle and then burn off what fat you have while trying to remain as much muscle as you possibly can in the process.
  4. As Minibit said, you might want to consult a doctor, but you could look into getting a set of small weights or kettle bells. You need a bit of open space, but if you're doing things right then you shouldn't need to stomp around or making much noise with it, and if you're short on time, you can look into intensive workouts that you can run through in fifteen minutes or less.

    You can find a few exercises here, but you can grab a DVD for the workout too, if you think that might help you.
  5. Well, the outside world is scary! I know! However, you should consider rollerblading or getting back on the bike. Those are great cardio workouts that shouldn't leave you breathless compared to running/walking.

    You can also try crunches, squats, lunges, sit ups and push ups. Flutter kicks, the plank, dead man lifts are all pretty standard excerises without needing tools (I do some of these myself). I suggest starting a baseline, 2 reps of 10-15 each for about 20 minutes a day. When you feel the burn, that means it's working and you should not stop! The real effect takes place during the burn and while it may hurt, you keep pushing! As you get more comfortable, raise the amount you do from 15 to 20 to 25 and so on. Also, make sure to take a day of rest. No excerise on thus day.

    And also consider what you're eating/drinking. Get into water. A lot of it. Fruits too when you're craving junk. And you should have one day where you eat whatever it is you want.

    Get on YouTube. Look up workouts for beginners and good luck. :)
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  6. I would suggest Yoga. I've been teaching yoga for 5 years and practicing for 7. It is AMAZING what it will do for you. Now here is what everyone says when I mention yoga. "But I'm not flexible enough for yoga." The thing is yoga is there to help you become flexible, toned, relaxed, and overall healthy. You'll notice by regularly practicing you will change your eating habits. You will want to eat healthier and eat less because your body will tell you how it's most comfortable. You will become in tune with your body. You will know what "good" really feels like.
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  7. Why is everyone saying doctor? Isn't that just what fitness videos say so they don't get their butts sued if someone falls down dead due to an unknown heart condition?

    What's your budget? Seeing as you can't get out the question becomes what can you bring in. Normally I wouldn't suggest stationary bikes and tredmills but since you want cardio and you're fearful of your neighbors (you shouldn't be afraid of being too noisy if it's the middle of the day) they can provide a way to move. Yoga & tai'chi are also great, but I t's easy for people to hurt themselves using fitness videos if they've never done that type of exsersise with an instructor before.

    Also are you competative or in need of fun with your fitness? Some people can do work outs solo without any problems, others need a lot of short term goals and other still need companionship. Figuring out HOW to work out often is more important then what type of work out you do.

    And that's my 2c
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  8. I also do not see how contacting a doctor is relevant in this case. Flufferbutt did not mention having any serious health condition that suggests he/she should go that route. Hiring a personal trainer seems like a big waste of money(in my opinion) unless you're aiming to partake in a competition.

    I seriously recommend that you sign up for a gym - working out at home is not nearly as effective. You'll have a greater variety of tools, you'll be in an environment created specifically for what you aim for, and it's easy to skip exercises("I'll do it tomorrow") when you're working out at home.
    Though you say you have anxiety issues. Most people have anxiety issues about going to the gym. I did too before I got hooked on it. If those issues are REALLY REALLY serious then it's just not an option, but if it's the regular "everybody is looking at me"-kind of issue that everyone has when they start out, I strongly advise you to step outside of your comfort-zone and try it. It became like a drug to me.

    Not trying to pressure you, only speaking from my personal experience here. I don't think yoga/kettle bells or small weights will give you the results you are looking for, weight lifting will.
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  9. Oh oh oh dancing also works. Like if you have an xbox or a PlayStation, get a kinect or whatever and ZUMBA! It's really fun and it will make you sweat. Dancing is an easy way to get toned without getting muscular.
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  10. Why you linking me, @Torsty ?

    My definition of exercise would not be useful to 70% of people because it involves Parkour and jumping/balancing/climbing things of questionable security and safety.
  11. Because, Batman!I thought you could help, working in medicine.
  12. How many times do I have to say it? Batman is a SCIENTIST, not a Doctor. Geeeeeeeez.
  13. I suggested consulting a professional because anything about your health should not be trusted to the Internet, and because especially when it comes to diet & exercise there's a lot of misinformation and variables out there; it's easier to assemble a plan that works for you if you work on it with a credible source of information who is familiar with your needs, available resources, and medical history. Also easier when you don't have fifty opinions flying at you at once. Fluffer asked for opinions on 'getting healthy', and that's my opinion.
  14. i couuuuld, but that would involve working

    and i want to be laaaazy

    so i recommend eating healthy and doing whatever is fun

    because if your exercise is not fun, you will fail

  15. Hehe, thanks for all the advice, guys. ^^

    So. Much. Information. @.@

    Boyfriend is wanting to do yoga, so we'll try that first... I think it's partly for the yoga pants, but joke's on him -- he sent me to buy them and I got the smallest pair that still fit him in women's sizing so I could get all dat crotch-bulge action. :P
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  16. This girl is fucking brilliant.

    I need to learn from you.
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  17. Seconded.
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