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Which best describes your getting dressed in an average day?

  1. I throw on whatever I grab first; if it's clean it's fair game.

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  2. I try not to choose things that make my eyes bleed

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  3. I choose clothes that are easy to match up with different outfits

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  4. I have specific outfits that I love to coordinate

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  5. Every day is a full on fashion show

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  1. on an average day, how much effort / time do you spend on getting dressed and why?

    Clothes specifically; makeup is for a different discussion.
  2. I really don't have the freedom to wear what I like, so I typically go for second place type stuff. I generally like high contrast clothing which is comfortable. Since basically all my shorts go with my shirts, getting ready in the morning is pretty easy.
  3. T-shirt and jeans.
    If it's cold out, I wear a hoodie.
    I'm a simple man with simple tastes.
  4. I chose the throw on whatever option, but the one about choosing clothes that work with everything also sort of applies. I only wear plain pants/shorts and plain colored t-shirts, usually in non-garish colors, so I can mix and match anything and it works.
  5. I throw on clean clothes for a day in college but when needed, I have my favourite outfits to look snazzy
  6. Because I only buy clothes that are awesome and pretty and EASY, all my shit matches and it takes me two minutes to throw on my clothes and go. 8D It's pretty much just jeans + blouse. And depending on whether or not it's summer or winter, it'd either wear sandals/ballet flats or boots. o__o
  7. Typically plain clothes with in drab colors. Though I have a number of brighter colored shirts (red) in memory of a friend. I aim for comfort, ease of movement, and carry space (khakis). If I'm ever seen in anything else, it's likely someone else bought it for me. Since I'm a sucker for free t-shirts I tend to accept whatever. It's the only reason I have shirts with over used jokes on them.
  8. Depends on my mood. You can usually find me wearing jeans and a button up of some sort over a plain colored T-shirt. Other times, you can find me wearing a graphic tee and jeans, or you can find me wearing a suit on special occasions. But like the option I chose says, if it doesn't make my eyes bleed, I pick it.
  9. I tend to stick to clothes that are easy to combine. 90% of my wardrobe can be combined any which way because I can't be bothered putting together outfits.

    Skinny jeans in dark colours, various t-shirts in black or otherwise muted colours, dark grey or black hoodies, that kind of stuff. The only items that sick out is a couple of checked shirts, but they're all various shades of red, so they fit with everything else.
  10. I just pull out a T-shirt I feel like wearing for the day, and then find a pair of shorts that compliment it colour wise.

    As for what clothes I buy?
    All T-Shirts, those I wear often are Geek one's with logo's and such on it because I like expressing my inner Geek.
    Though I also possess blank ones for when I have to go one of those "Professional Setting" things, like placement.
  11. Step one: Pick out some easily accessible clothes from the drawer or closet, depending what I'm in the mood for.

    Step two: Toss it haphazardly on the nightstand/ floor.

    Step three: Go to bed.

    Step four: Throw it on in the morning.
  12. So what this thread is really for is to expose the withered fashion sense of a site of crusty RP nerds. Not that I can say anything, I literally just grab clothes off the floor and sniff them to see if I can wear it to school. On the weekends I actually give a shit about how I look, so I might do the sniff test only on my nicer items.
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  13. Every time I get dressed, it's both night and day, snow falls, sun shines, a eagle, lion or bear eats something, it rains, explosions happen, a building collapses, a person is saved, a person dies and a good sum of the world orgasms from pleasure. When I get dressed, I just feel that fucking magical and am ready to actually do shit cause I had my coffee.

    *Special snowflake Mode: Activated!*
  14. It really depends on if I have something to do that day, otherwise I don't get dressed o.o
  15. Jeans and a t-shirt
  16. Comfort is a priority for me with how many stress disorders I deal with and uncomfortable clothes can be a factor of that. So I wear a lot of athletic get up because it's cozy, mostly tank tops, yoga or sweat pants, and shorts. When I'm going out, it's just jeans and one of my dorky t-shirts, plus a sweatshirt if it's cold enough. Only time I'll wear something nicer is if I'm working a job that requires it, or going out to somewhere nice with my husband.
  17. Well, my job has a dress code of sorts which has to look fairly smart casual, or at least not blatantly casual, but the main thing is that there's a restricted colour range I'm allowed to wear. So, I have a bit more restrictions in what I can wear, but I go for cleanliness first, comfort second. And fortunately, it's impossible for me not to match, as the accepted colours are: black, white, grey, blue, green.

    On the weekend I have another uniform. It consists of a top (nice top if I'm feeling dressy, t-shirt if I'm not), jeans, and trainers. Boots in winter. And that's only if I'm actually leaving my flat. :D
  18. Almost all my clothes are dark, earthen tones and colors. It makes putting on a decent outfit for the day that much easier.
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