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  1. The year is 2130. The Global War has been over for 6 years now, but the world is still recovering from its effects. Countries have been splintered, some completely destroyed. Some cities lie in ruin with nothing but buzzards as citizens. Anarchy is in power.

    The United States has been broken into six different regions, the government is in ruins and the country left in a state of chaos. Might equals right in the country now. Its each man for himself living is a constant battle of survival. Money is scarce and demand for it is high. Most people have adopted bartering systems to get every day necessitates; other’s find uncanny ways to make money. The rich sometimes host tournaments or games with a cash prizes for their own amusement. Others of the wealthy use that wealth for twisted plots and ploys. The world is dark.

    Before the war, the world flourished in its new technology. There were environmentally safe and green solutions abound. Hover cars roamed the roads. Holographs where the new form of snail mail. Technology was abundant; there were robotic servants for every household.
    But since the end of the war, most of this new technology has crashed, and what hasn’t is hard to obtain and maintain. So most of the world’s survivors have reverted back to using older technologies. Some people have even managed to start up old electric plants. Batteries still function, but are, again, hard to come by.

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  2. An oath slipped out of Alexia’s mouth as the truck veered sharply to the right and she moved just enough to make her shot miss its target.

    “Keep it steady, please?” She tossed over at her sister as she relined up the sniper rifle for another shot at the oncoming vehicle. She was hung over and so NOT in the mood for people shooting at her this early in the freaking morning. She squeezed the trigger and connected to one of the on coming vehicles tires. It swerved tot eh right and off of the road. A somewhat sadistic smirk lit her face. “Serves you right.” She grumbled quietly. She re-aimed the rifle over at the second of the three vehicles.
    Eyes widening, she swore and reached over to grab the wheel and twist hard to the right, making the car change course and the bullet that would’ve hit them miss. It also made them drive off of the road and into the corn field. She let go of the wheel and grabbed the gun back up.

    “Are you okay back there?” She called out at the man in the backseat. She repositioned so that she was facing the road again now sitting sideways. “Heey, Nyla, roll your window down please and lean forward a bit…”
  3. "I'm alright!" John called back, aiming his own gun at the cars. "By the way, I might have something to do with this. Do you remember that really hot young thing at the settlement bar? That might have been the head-honcho's daughter."

    Gunfire interrupted his apology and he swore along with Alexia. He'd been shot. Just a glancing blow in the arm, and thankfully the blood matched his red shirt. In about five seconds the wound was healed and he checked his wristband, which kept an accurate count of how many nano meds he had left. 350 PPM. He still had plenty to do at least four stupid things before it killed him. He did not, however, plan on any of those stupid things to be done today.

    He remembered when he'd run into Alexia and Nyla. After all that time, he still had only picked up less than half of Alexia's shooting skills. The cars, though with all their metal plates fastened to the doors they seemed more like tanks, came through the corn field after them. All John managed to shoot was corn.

    "Are you getting anything? All I've shot is enemy corn," he called to her. "Hey, we got any explosives? If we had something to go boom that would really come in handy!"
  4. Nyla grumbled at her sister "It isnt me its the damn road" she wasn't irritated with her sister or nothing it was the road and being shot at she was irritated with. She rolled down her window as was asked and moved out of her sisters range, still keeping the truck as steady as was possibly on the shitty terrain she ran over one of the enemies with the truck. Grinning wickedly she took great pleasure with killing the dumb ass who got in the way served em right for thinking she wouldn't speed up and run them over.
  5. Alexia paused as Johns words finally sank into her brain.

    “Wait, you did what, exactly?” She put the gun down and swung to face the man in the back of the truck, lavender eyes narrowed lightly as her head pounded and her eyes adjusted to the focusing on something so much closer than they had been. What did you do with that hot young thing’ that would have armored trucks chasing us?” She growled at him. The sound of a bullet hitting one of the side view mirrors had her eyes shooting back to the trucks still tailing them. She pulled her rifle back up and used the back of her sisters seat to brace the gun against, making sure to put enough pressure against it so the gun wouldn’t bounce and hit Nyla in the back of the head.

    “Look in Nylas duffel bag, there might be a stick of dynamite in there.” She ordered the man in the backseat. She knew she was being overly bossy, but her head hurt and they were getting shot at over a girl She suppressed a growl. She turned back to the side, bracing one foot behind the drivers chair on the back floor boards and the other against the foot hold she’d made in the dash, effectively straddling the driver’s seat. She leaned back and braced herself against her door and lined up the gun to shoot at one of the trucks tires. She felt and saw as her eyes zoomed to close in on her target. The cornfield itself seemed to melt away as she inhaled then squeezed the trigger. The bullet connected with the back tire of the targeted truck, making it swerve crazily, just as the first truck she hit.

    However the difference between trucks became apparent, when the one with the shot out tire had a very big gun peek out its window and aim it back at their truck.

    “Uhm, Nyla…” Alexia gulped a bit and her head gave a rather vicious pound, “You might want to forget about when I said to keep her stead. In fact, you should totally do the opposite…like NOW”
  6. "Thanks," John said back and began to search frantically in the back. He soon found the dynamite, an old pioneer-type stick. Where the hell had they gotten that? "And as for the girl: I might have - probably, maybe not - but I might have...taken...her...virginity."

    The big gun fired. Fortunately, it only succeeded in tearing apart one of the tail lights. And not just the light, but a fair amount of the metal it was attached to. The truck was also only slower with the shot out tire, not immobile. John had given up shooting at them. Instead, he lobbed ears of corn in their direction, hoping to obstruct their view. If it worked at all, it only did so temporarily.

    "This seems like a bit of an over reaction, doesn't it?" he asked Alexia. But when he looked at her he could tell she wasn't happy being shot at for something so stupid. "Look, if you want you can shoot me later when we get out of this. Just not in the nads. That really hurts."

    He set the stick of dynamite alight. He had no way of throwing it at any of the trucks, not in the back of their own. Slowly, John got into a crouching position, then stood up in the bed of the truck. Gunfire was drawn to him, but they failed to hit. That was good, because he needed the nano meds for the stupid thing he was about to do. The swerving, however, didn't help him keep his stance.

    "No! No! Stay steady!" he yelled at Nyla. The conflicting instructions must be very annoying for her.

    John ran along the bed and leaped out of the truck, landing on the truck without the punctured tire. One of the men looking out of the open windows saw what was in his hand and started to shout. Too late, John threw it into the truck, then rolled out of the way. He got up, with a few scrapes but otherwise alright, just in time to see fire and smoke burst from the interior of the target vehicle. It lost control and tumbled end over end.

    Then John looked at the other truck, the one with the big gun pointing right at him. He looked at their truck, still driving the other way.

    "You guys are coming back!...Right?" he called to them.
  7. Nyla glared out the windshield she was going to run over the next person's foot who whined about her driving, they were in a corn field for crists. Fuming more and more as she thought to her self she quickly swerved to the left avoiding most of the shots being fired at them. "John keep your trap shut or ill shut it for you, its your fault I have to deal with this bull shit you ruined my good mood for the time being." she then gave a quiet laugh as she thought about her sister getting after him and how he was going to regret it big time. " I should get after him to nothing like two sisters getting ahold of ya." she smiled again as she spoke to her self. Turning sharply to the right and pressing harder on the gas petal she remembered she needed to find a bigger engine or some way to get boost once they got back to town and away from these losers that John manged to piss off.
  8. Alexia blinked then looked to where John had been then to the back of the truck. She stared at the canopy’d bed before she mentally applauded the man for jumping out from the bed, followed by landing on a car while chucking a stick of dynamite though the window, and then rolling off of said car all without getting himself killed. A whistle escaped her lips as she watched him shrink a bit as the truck drove on. She looked over at her sister.

    “You do know we have to go back and pick him up, right?” She questioned. She looked back at John to see the big gun now aiming at him. She frowned; she couldn’t get a shot at the scene through the truck canopy, not without shooting the truck anyways. She grumbled. “Stop the truck.” She then unlocked and swung her door open without waiting for her sister to actually stop.
  9. To John's surprise, the truck stopped. Out of one of the passenger seats hoped a man in a worn-down leather jacket, with a receding hairline, weathered face and slightly uneven jaw. He was holding a 44. magnum in his hand, and it looked like he was ready to use it.

    John shot his head back at Alexia, who he could see running toward them. He couldn't remember if she had seen what was going to happen before. He remembered back when he was with the other nano med patients that they used to play a lot of dangerous games with what they thought was science-induced immortality. One of those games was Russian Roulette. He remembered it usually took about three minutes for the brain to completely heal and push out the bullet.

    "Can we stop the shooting please?" John said to the angry man with the gun. "This seems like a bit of an over reaction."

    "Over reaction?" the man shouted. "You defiled my daughter! Took her innocence away! This is exactly what you get."

    The magnum was now pointing dead between his eyes. John made like he was scared. He knew that if the mayor of the settlement thought he was dead, they'd just turn around and leave.

    "Look, I'm sorry," he said. "Really really sorry. But you know, I'm not totally convinced she was a virg - "

    Then everything went black.

    The mayor grimaced at John's body and put his gun back in his belt loop. "We're done here," he said to his men.

    As they got ready to turn around, John's nano meds were already hard at work, the number on his nano med bracelet slowly counting down.

    ((Hope this isn't going too far))
  10. "Aww i just wanted him to run a bit, i didn't think the idiot would still be on top of there truck while it slowed down" Annoyed she turned sharply leaving the truck to right it self from two wheels as she sowed down enough for her sister to jump out, she then sped back to John and the enemies now stationary vehicle. Watching as she got closer and the almost bald man that had a gun to Johns head shot him she became even more pissed and worried but more pissed than anything. "im going to kill that man, i dont give a damn for his reasoning hes dead" she threatening said to her self as she kept her eyes on the man as he turned to walk away. She stopped the truck now that she was close enough to throw a stick of dynamite at the man as he was safely out of range of John she wouldnt have to worry about blowing his ass up either. " Die you whores bastard!" she yelled with rage as she lit the stick of dynamite and threw it towards the man. "I dont want the idiot to die, Im not even sure if he had enough of them damn nano things." said thinking aloud and not talking to anyone in particular. "Sis? Think he had enough of them things to make it?"
  11. Alexia actually stopped and stared as John’s body hit the ground. She grimaced at the sight of his head. She snapped back to when she heard the dynamite go off and the vehicle with the man, she assumed the mayor, blew up. She snorted before she walked the rest of the way to John. Glancing over at Nyla before her eyes found the man on the ground again.

    “He better, no one told him he could go and die for real.” She knelt down and pushed him around so that he was laying on her back. She gagged some. She didn’t have this kind of reaction ‘less someone she cared for got shot. She could fire at point blank range and not have a reaction when brain goo spattered all over her. She pokes Johns cheek some. He really looked dead. Worry started to eat at her gut almost immediately. “Hey, you aren’t actually dead, are you?” She growled at him under her voice, just barely audible. She was afraid to even try and move him from the ground so she went ahead and sat her but down onto the ground in the middle of a corn field.

    “Hey, how long do you think it’ll take him to snap to this time? I put tonight’s first shift and make a bet of five minutes.” She looked over at her sister, eyebrow raised in challenge.
  12. After three minutes of being "dead" the bullet finally pushed itself out of John's brain and rolled onto the ground. As his skull, and then later his skin, sealed up, a reddish grease-like liquid oozed out of the wound. It was a by-product of the nano med healing process, and it was a clear sign that he had recovered. John opened his eyes, his brain reset to the last thing he remembered, which was being shot point-blank in the head.

    He sat up and wiped the liquid off his brow. Autonomously, he checked his nano med count on his bracelet. He was at 327 PPM. No, 328. 327. It kept blinking back and forth between the two. John was then aware of angry violet eyes glaring at him. He looked to see Alexia and Nyla staring at him.

    "Which do you want me to apologize for first?" he asked. "Getting us shot at or the whole scaring you thing?"

    He stood up and surveyed the tire tracks. At least it had worked. Their pursuers were long gone.

    He turned back to the girls. "Sorry, but hey, at least we're in the clear now! No need to be mad...right?"
  13. Glaring menacingly Nyla swung out her arm and hit John upside the head " You stupid idiot! If i wasn't worried about you running out of those things id kill you slowly my self!" she began pacing back and forth in front of him and her sister. " You didn't have to kill yourself I could of killed the bastards with out you dying, oh wait i already killed them pissed off they hurt you but of course that doesn't mean anything now does it..." grumbling some under he breath she got back in the truck and hit the steering wheel annoyed at John for being so stupid. She was relieved he was still alive but she was pissed off that he was lower in his med things and for scaring her and her sister.
  14. Alexia crossed her arms and just stared at him, not letting any emotion show as her sister blew up on him. After Nyla stomped her back into car. She swore she could almost feel the abuse the steering wheel was getting. Her eyes stayed focused on John. A breeze blew through as it hit about noon. The heat was beating down at them.

    On the inside she was fuming, and worrying herself sick at the same time. “Don’t offer to let me shoot you again.” She warned. She might just be tempted to do it. Slowly she got to her feet, still not breaking her gaze. She held her hand out to help him to his feet to.
  15. John stared stunned as Nyla shouted at him. He was more scared then than he was when they were being pursued. Alexia, thank God, wasn't so furious as to take him up on his offer to shoot him, and she didn't shout at him, either. For some reason he always found that scarier than gunfire.

    He took Alexia's offered hand and got to his feet quick. "Look, I'm really, really sorry. Okay? I didn't want the last truck blown up. I figured if I 'died' they would leave, with some closure, and we'd be on our way once I healed up. Again, I'm sorry. I probably should've told you about the whole gunshot-to-the-head thing. Me and the other nano med patients used to do that all the time."

    As he started walking back to the truck, doing so hesitantly because of Nyla waiting for him there, he asked, "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you girls?"
  16. After beating the steering wheel to death Nyla calmed down a bit, she was still irritated at John but she calmed down enough not to beat the shit out of him. She looked through her side mirrors and watched as her sister walked along side John, she smirked glad to know her being pissed off and yelling at him scared him a bit. She was still super worried about him but it battled with her being pissed at him to, they'd have to find some more nano meds soon or keep John safe until they could. Which generally meant give him baby jobs and don't let him out of they're sites, or let him do anything dangerous or stupid. After her thoughts she looked back out the windshield and started the truck, waiting for the both of them to finish up and get in they're seats.
  17. Alexia glanced back over at John, then down to his wrist.

    “How much more of those bugs do ya have?” She asked him before she popped her door open and opened the back door for him to climb into the back seat. She looked at the ooze stuff on his forehead and her nose crinkled. Then she ran her eyes along the rest of him.

    “You need a bath.” She pointed out before she swung up into the passenger seat.

    “Hey, Nyla, is the map still in the glove box?” She asked even as she reached for it, intending to find a river and push John into it.
  18. John looked at his wrist counter again. It still blinked between 327 and 328. Different injuries took different numbers of nano meds to heal. Gun shot wounds weren't dependent on where they were placed; they usually cost him twenty or so nano meds. Falling off a dangerous height, however, could take as many as a hundred out of his system.

    "I still got 327 per million," he said to her. "For every million pieces of me, there's 327 nano meds. I'm not supposed to drop under 500, but what're you gonna do?"

    John chuckled at her mention of a bath. "Yeah, and you need a cup of black coffee, and Nyla...nevermind," he added quickly, not wanting to get on her bad side again.

    He sat at the back of the truck waiting for Nyla to get moving, frowning at the overturned and burned-up trucks that had been caused by his stupid choices. "I really am sorry."
  19. "yea it should still be there, while your at it lets try to find a hot spring." After looking in her rear view mirror and making sure John was in his seat she began to dig around under her seat and the center counsel waiting for her sister to decide which way they were going. "were are the damn things?" she muttered while she continued to dig around with one hand. She couldn't remember who had the damn things last and it was bothering her, there was no way she was going to ask John she didn't want to speak to him until she had a nice long bath in a hot spring then she would feel better with some food to."Hey Sis try to find a good hunting ground near a hot spring to, so we can have some good food with a amazing bath and a way to wash our clothes." Just the thought of having cleaner clothes, a full belly and a nice bath was already stating to make her feel better.
  20. Alexia crinkled her nose at Johns suggestion of coffee, noting, but not responding to his med count, worry ate at the back of her mind but she didn’t let it bother her yet.

    “That junk is disgusting.” She stuck her tongue out at him before turning and beginning to dig through the glove box, she threw one of the maps behind her chair in the approximate location oh Johns head.

    “Help me look.” She ordered as she straightened back up and flipped the map in her lap open to its full size. Last she had noticed they were somewhere near the north of Oregon. She found where she thought they were.

    “I’ll look for springs, there should be enough wild around that we can hunt without looking for an actual area. She smiled in amusement as her eyes traced the words on the map, reading even the tiniest of print with ease. She glanced up as Nyla’s shuffling got her attention, her eyebrow raised before she caught on to what the girl was looking for. She leaned back and reached behind the driver’s seat, pulling a small case out from under it then tossing it in her sisters lap with a smirk. Glancing down, she began to look for springs again.
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