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  1. The year is 2130. The Global War has been over for 6 years now, but the world is still recovering from its effects. Countries have been splintered, some completely destroyed. Some cities lie in ruin with nothing but buzzards as citizens. Anarchy is in power.

    The United States has been broken into six different regions, the government is in ruins and the country left in a state of chaos. Might equals right in the country now. Its each man for himself living is a constant battle of survival. Money is scarce and demand for it is high. Most people have adopted bartering systems to get every day necessitates; other’s find uncanny ways to make money. The rich sometimes host tournaments or games with a cash prizes for their own amusement. Others of the wealthy use that wealth for twisted plots and ploys. The world is dark.

    Before the war, the world flourished in its new technology. There were environmentally safe and green solutions abound. Hover cars roamed the roads. Holographs where the new form of snail mail. Technology was abundant; there were robotic servants for every household.
    But since the end of the war, most of this new technology has crashed, and what hasn’t is hard to obtain and maintain. So most of the world’s survivors have reverted back to using older technologies. Some people have even managed to start up old electric plants. Batteries still function, but are, again, hard to come by.

    I’m not going to lie, this is kinda gonna be sandboxy, feel free to make suggestions. Or we can all just kinda go with the flow.

    Modifications Done: (Don’t get too crazy here, remember, money and technology are scarce.)
    Key Items:

    IC Thread ->


    Alexia Blake
    Nyla Blake
    John Typhon
    Kuroi Hartman
    Insania Von Honnos
    Miles Dyson
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Alexia Blake

    Age: 21

    Appearance: She stands at six foot (tall for a girl). She usually has a leather jacket on. You hardly ever see her in a skirt, mainly she wears jeans and tank tops with her leather jacket or vest (image). She has a black angel wing tattoo covering her back. There are small scars scattered around her body. She has a couple big scars one on the top of her right forearm where she blocked a knife from hitting her neck, a scar from a bullet graze on her left thigh and a scar on her right ankle from stepping into a hunter trap when she was young. She has a black messenger bag she keeps on her at all times. A couple gun holsters that hang on the back of her hips *hiding* behind her jackets or vests. She also has a knife holster in each of her hunting boots, throwing knives hang from her belt and she has two smaller knife holsters in the lining of her bras. She has a belt that has pouches for her ammo and she has one M10 Rifle either draped over her shoulder, hiding in her bag, or hanging on her back.

    Modifications done: Eyes have been digitally enhanced to be able to “zoom” into 20/2 eye sight, She reads movement quicker and has a better eye hand coordination then the majority of humans.

    Weapons: Two Desert Eagle handguns, an m10 Sniper System, two 7 inch hunting knives, 20 small throwing knives and two four inch blade pocket knives.

    Other: Alexia doesn’t really like to drive the big truck.

    Key Items: Messenger bag(keys, spool of wires, spool of thread, needles, bandages, a bottle of water, an energy bar, and a tube of anti-bacteria cream), weapons, Keeps twenty dollar bills in a pocket on the inside of her pants that she sewed into all of her clothes. Truck. Old police issued bullet proof vest

    -----Joint Blake Sisters Info----
    Alexia’s mom had died in childbirth and Nylas father had died in a drive by shooting. Alexia and Nyla met when they when they were ten and knew each other for two years before their single parents ever met. After that, things just fell on course. Aries, Nylas mother and Gregory, Alexia’s father, fell in love. Both of them were into old military things and had one old gun each. Gregory was a police officer and Aries worked for a security company before the war broke out. During the war, the family’s hometown became hectic. One day, bombs hit and violence broke out in massive waves. Aries and Gregory never came home. The girls were 15 at the time, this was also the year the actual war ended. But the violence continued.
    Now, six years later, the girls consider themselves to be old hands at surviving.

    Truck: Big jacked up 4 wheel drive four seater with hidden suicide doors with an all steel canopy on the bed. The trunk can only be opened with both keys, has a mega lock on it. There’s another way to get into the pickup bed through the cab (the back seats fold and you can crawl into the bad that way) the glass is bullet proof. Special tires.
    Has a new age generator: about 3 cubic feet in size, runs silent, has a rechargeable solar battery that can also be charged using a car battery
    Has a stash of blankets and pillows for sleeping
    Has an old MP3 player that they found in their dads old things, they use it for music.
    Holds the girl’s personal items
    Has a lock box
    A small electric heater
    Holds the food and water (is basically they’re home)
    Tool box and tire chains.
    Has a five gallon container of emergency gas
  3. Name: Nyla Blake

    Age: 21

    Appearance: She has tribal wolf tattoos: Paw prints on hips tummy area and wolfs on shouldars and back and ribs ( a total of seven). She stands at 5’5’’. Her shirt is actually a dress. when its not safe she wears thick heavy duty camo pants black tank army boots and leather gloves that have the fingers cut to the middle knuckle. She carries aroun d a duffel bag.


    Modifications: Has reinforced steel bones and has retractable steel claws.

    Weapons: 2 revolvers, her claws, an m16 and her dynamite

    Other: She’s usally the driver.

    Key Items: Truck, old police issued bullet proof vest, Duffle Bag(keys, dynamie bundles, lighter, matches

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  4. Name: John Typhon

    Age: 23

    Modifications Done: Nano meds designed to mend broken bone and tissue. Can't cure diseases so he still has to be careful, and uses up nano meds whenever he gets injured. Getting harder to find replacements.

    Weapons: That gun you see in the picture

    Other: Loves riding in the back, pretending to fend off enemies. Can be a bit childish.

    Key Items: Gun, any spare pack of nano meds he can get a hold of, tin of honey (never spoils), and sometimes crackers to eat it on.
    History: During the good times, he had been selected to participate in the nano med experiment, him along with a few others. His trial was one of the few where the nano meds weren't either too active or not active enough. The war, however, put a stop to mass production, leaving only a few people with the ability to regenerate.

    For a while, John stuck with his fellow med experiments. He enjoyed all the stupid stunts he could do, knowing that he could heal from them immediately, and so did the others. Then one of them jumped off the roof of an old building and didn't get back up. He'd used up all his nano meds. John left the group after that. He didn't know how much longer he had.

    He ran into Alexia and Nyla about three years ago. He told them about his situation and they surprised him with something: a can of nano meds they had just found in an armed medical truck, overturned on the side of the road. The nano meds were going to be mass produced, but the war had literally stopped them in their tracks. So now, as much as he looks around for trouble for himself and his friends, he also scans the area in search of overturned med trucks.
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  5. This is excellent, I'm half tempted to say I love you! yay thank you for joining!
  6. Thanks. Wasn't sure if it was okay to include myself in the group right away. If it wasn't, I would've changed my character to be a hitchhiker.

    Also, how many players are you waiting for until this starts?
  7. I was going to give about a week for one more to join but afterwards, it'll be a join anytime thread. The girls, and you by association, are mostly nomadic. So itll be fairly easy to pick up other players as we go.
  8. Alright, so when you want to start it I assume you'll be posting first, to tell us where we're starting and all that?
  9. Of course. I can give you a hint here though. There will be shooting, and wild driving. Be prepared! *cues dramatic music*
  10. Alrighty, game on.
  11. Posted. I assumed since you were hung over we went somewhere with a bar, like a town/settlement. Sounded like a place for my character to do something stupid.
  12. Your idea, and post, were excellent.
  13. *tips hat* Thank you.
  14. Name: Bill Lannister
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Usually hides his face under his hat. 5'10" tall.[​IMG]
    Modifications Done: Can store light from any light source in his eyes for later use. Usually absorbs sunlight for use during nighttime. Colour of the light depends on mood, usually white light.
    Weapons: 1) An old, modified colt python with 7 chambers. Unfortunately a flaw in the manufacturing causes the gun to explode if the seventh chamber shot is fired. Bill has that chamber marked so he won't blow up his gun, but keeps a bullet in it anyway.
    2) An old double-barrel shotgun for the tougher enemies.
    3) A desert eagle handgun for when there's just no time to reload his revolver.
    4) A bow he fashioned himself for the silent attacks. 4 arrows left.
    5) A machete for close-combat.
    6) His eyes can be discharged at once, for flashbang purposes. Blinds him and anyone around him, gives him a headache and takes away all energy stored.
    Other: Speaks with a European accent. Ofttimes uses his eyes for intimidation. Prefers stealth over power, likes staying in the shadow.​
    Key Items: Holster for his revolver. A hip flask. A pouch carrying a lighter, a pack of cigarettes and some bandages. A homemade grenade consisting of a tin can filled with explosive scraps he came across.
    History: Lived in a small country in Europe for the longest time, until the famine and technological scarcity kicked in. His father managed to pull through, despite his relatively low salary. But paranoid as his father was, he gathered and manufactured several guns and bullets for him and his son.
    Time went on and Bill's father was selected for a transfer to the US. Believing they'd be better off in America, the two didn't waste a second and took the first boat over the Atlantic, but a terrible fate awaited them there. As soon as they arrived, they were held at gunpoint. The passengers would be used as slaves for the wealthy. A replacement for the robotic servants they grew so familiar with.
    Bill's father created a distraction, blowing up half of the ship and killing himself and many of the passengers as well as the crew, but ultimately saved his son and more passengers than he had killed from the clutches of his boss.
    Bill has been wandering this country for several months now and has gotten used to his nomadic lifestyle.

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  15. *smiles* why thank you for showing an interest.
  16. It sounds very fun. First Scifi roleplay I'm doing and this one seems slow paced enough for me to keep up.

    Uhh, does that mean I'm accepted?
  17. Yes it does indeed. We'll have the rest of the characters run into yours soon.
  18. Thank you! :)
  19. lol last name totally reminded me of game of thrones >.<
  20. Wait, how do we run into him? Comfort Inn?