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  1. The original OOC

    This is for a small seperate adventure between two newer Characters that made way for a more or less unique start for it ^^

    Hazama "Poisen" Ishida
    A couple of NPCs to make it a little adventure.

    This post is the informational part.

    Edit: gonna work on the initial posts slowly over time
  2. It is the year 2130.
    War destroyed the world.
    Where there was laws and justice now only chaos reigns.

    People only look out for themselves.
    (Quoted)Money is scarce and demand for it is high. Most people have adopted bartering systems to get every day necessitates; other’s find uncanny ways to make money. The rich sometimes host tournaments or games with a cash prizes for their own amusement. Others of the wealthy use that wealth for twisted plots and ploys. The world is dark.
    Before the war, the world flourished in its new technology. There were environmentally safe and green solutions abound. Hover cars roamed the roads. Holographs where the new form of snail mail. Technology was abundant; there were robotic servants for every household.
    But since the end of the war, most of this new technology has crashed, and what hasn’t is hard to obtain and maintain. So most of the world’s survivors have reverted back to using older technologies. Some people have even managed to start up old electric plants. Batteries still function, but are, again, hard to come by.

    Recently found documents indicate of a secret research facility somewhere in the west coast of the US beeing hidden.
    The Research, Project "A.M.A." is rumored to be a way of creating humans. Not much of the documents are readable, most are burnt or covered in blood.
    They passed from person to person. Then they were forgotten.
    Until documents were found that hinted towards the research facilities location.
    The man who found then is a green haired man. His name not known well in the remnant states of the USA.

    He followed the documents and located the facility.


    The doors stand wide open. It looks as if this facility had not been visited or taken care of for at least 40 years. A bridge leads atop a river from one research building to another. A waterfall is seen and heard. A light is burning under one of the pipes, indicating that electricity is running in this place.
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  3. Hazama adjusted his neck tie, as he sat upon a rock looking at this folder he smirked " A.M.A....what a nice name....she could definitely help me on my search...instead of being cooped up in this shit hole " He twisted his neck to the side cracking it a bit before standing up and sliding the folder into his jacket. He began walking through the forest as a Boa constrictor landed on his shoulder from the tree, its was rather large actually and brought him to a knee before he stood back up grunting a bit " Heavy boy you are becoming my friend " the snake slithered about his neck and rested there as he walked towards what sounded like a water fall. He walked through the clearing and saw the definitely damaged area, he walked down and walked onto the metal looking about the destroyed area he walked under a pipe and saw a light burning and then a few voices coming through a door. He put his back on the wall and slid over opening one of his eyes and scanning the targets in the room, it was about four conversing about patrols. He closed his eye again and sent the snake onto the ground who slid into the room and caused the men to chuckle, one of them walked up to the snake pointing his gun at it before Hazama leapt into the room booting the mans face down allowing the snake to latch onto the mans face wrapping him up. Hazama opened his one left eye again and targeted the three and pinpointed his moves, He ducked down dodging a spray of bullet and sent a leg sweep into the random sprayer taking him off his feet. He grabbed onto the middle mans gun and directed to the one to his right who was taking aim and caused him to fire and set bullets into the man. Dropping him Hazama then snatched the gun and kicked the man away and leapt again through the air, stomping his foot into the mans neck and crushing the windpipe. He left the man scrambling to breathe until he died of multiple bone stabbing into his neck and not being able to breathe. Hazama adjusted his hat and spoke " There will be no need for patrols anymore " he said walking through the next door to a bridge, he rolled his shoulder feeling a bit pain in it. He walked across the bridge sighing as he noticed and elevator with what looks like a pad entry. " Ughh..." he turned around and started walking away before something gleamed in a small beam of light, he walked over to it and picked it up. " looks like a keycard " he walked over to the elevator and put it on there but nothing happened " Maybe i need to input numbers " he walked away again towards the other room thinking, He began wandering and searching about for a new way in. He walked by the light again and looked up to notice a hole in the pipes above it, He jumped up and put his hand in taking hold and pulling on it a bit when his hand touched something. He pulled it down and fell on the ground wit his feet again, it was a group of numbers he smirked and began walking back towards the elevator. When two people begun to open the door to the elevator, they were trying to find out what happened to the rest of the group, Leaping up and grabbing onto a pipe he held himself above them. He then sent his legs onto the pipes to hold himself as he sent his hands down to touch the heads of the two men walking out, they looked up and both of them caught a knee to the face. He rammed their heads into the ground and made them fall unconscious. He stood up and walked over to the keypad and inserted the numbers into it, and the elevator door opened " Jackpot " he said entering the elevator and leaning on the wall. As it begun to climb down, The trouble was only just starting.
  4. The elevator made its way slowly downwards. The elevator has no hatch to get out from in a case of emergency, it is a box with a door.

    The elevator door opens and gives sight onto the surrounding area


    "Surrender and you may live. Fight and you will die"
    Said a voice coming from the other side of the narrow hallway. Looking there allows sight onto four, heavily armed soldier.
    They are about 30 metres away from the Elevator door.


    On close perception the soldier carry very think kevlar gear and Elite military grade Armor. Their weapons have a high fire rate and seem to be of the latest available, most expensive gear available on the market... before the war destroyed the world.
    Their helmet show signs for an enhanced targeting system, used for the militarys special forces during war time six years ago.

    One other human got into sight, he carried the exact gear as the other four. Except for his weapon. He carried a heavy machinegun which should be enough to kill anybody approaching on this distance.

    A sixth person appeared. Clearly somebody working in a bio lab.


    He takes his position beheind the soliders, then adjusts his posture and looks to your direction and asks:
    Why have you come here? I am most curious to see what you believe your purpose here is or why you have killed innocent men outside"

    Couldnt resist the researchers picture <3

    Its unlikely to survive a direct attack (actions require consequences. RPs tend to become really interesting then. I wont let you die this time though, just remember that your deeds will have consequences which will result in possibly getting shot and beeing heavily wounded :P)

    Their armor is too thick to penetrate with your weapon.

    They have sight onto the entire corridor.

    They pay very close attention to any movement. No matter how small. And their targetting system allows to see small movement very easily.

    At some point I will roll a dice here and there to determ a NPCs fate :P based on the decisions
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  5. A smile came across Hazama's face as he raised his hands to the air " Looks like ive been caught...o well " he shrugged his shoulders, then a very handsome black man came out from the behind the entourage of men " Why have i come here? that is a good question " he pondered it while humming " How about we talk about it over some tea " He said tilting his head, He slowly opened one eye and quickly shut it. His targeting system working quick enough to pick out how many people and their heavy weapons, He knew he was outmatch but had already begun to plan what he had to. " Unless you guys dont have tea down here, then maybe we can speak without me being held at gun point " he smirked A smile remained on his face no matter what the situation was.
  6. The Elevator closed. The noise of it going back up was to hear.

    The guy working in the white coat turned around, took a contact device out and spoke
    "What is going on, why did the elevator go up?"

    (goes roll a 1D10, = 1)
    ~The contact device is not loud enough to hear.

    The White coated guy turns back around to you and says with a concerned look on his face:
    "We are going to need your aid... as your payment you can choose to have whatever you have... It seems we are going to get visitors... a lot of visitors and they do not seem too friendly. Its unlikely that they are going to let you or anybody else here live. That means lots of children, women and men who never held a weapon will die. We do not have enough ammunition to handle this on our own and need somebody of your calibre"

    Inpatiently he signs his five trooper to fall backwards, through another door. He looks at you and says quickly before turning his back to you to follow his troops:
    Help us and live or die on your own and the death of several innocent will be on your soul"

    (goes roll another 1D10 = 6)

    ~The Labs intercom makes a screatchingm electronic sound as if a very far away section of the lab, long abandoned, regains its electricity. And with a sudden squeek the sound of the waterfall can be heard. The waterfall and people speaking, lots of them
    (Rolls a 1D10 = 3)
    ~but they are too quiet to be understood. Then somebody with an authorative voice can be heard, announcing to his followers in an asian language that vengeance will be theirs. And the sound of a lot of peoples warcry sounds up.

    Then the intercom dies.
    (1D10 = 6)
    You notice that on a nearbly wall a red dim light lights up, following your every movement.

    You know you have about 15 minutes to make a decision before the evelator is back down.

    yes you can still kill whoever you want and believe what words you want, just beware the consequences. They are going to affect how things turn out ;p

    Yes I am taking a lot of joy in this. Might be less so for you :P

    Dice rules are 1 dice, 10 sites;
    1-5 = negative result
    6-10 = postive results
  7. He rubbed his, then the elevator went up, and something was apparently not right due to the lab coat man turning around and speaking into something or to someone. He stood there while they kept their guns trained, before the man begun to speak at Hazama. Hazama simply smiled at the request of his help and his caliber of skill, he nodded his head " Sure i'll help you " when the men left he just begun to hear a native tongue. He stopped smiling, and opened both of his eyes which he rarely does and sighed as his optics fixated as such. He looked at the elevator and tried to pick out heat signatures through his eyes, but the metal was over thick and he couldn't penetrate that much. He closed his eyes and began to walk were all the other men went, He followed them through and spoke " Where am i needed? " he said making a fist tighter in his hand. His face stern and no longer....very friendly.
  8. Upon entering the room the professor and his five troops come into sight.
    The five troops took position behind a sandback, the proffessor is standing infront of them, giving orders into his intercom.

    Then he sees you, turns around to face you and says:
    "I see you have come to a decision then? Good."

    He takes out a well taken care off pre-war devices used for holo mapping places, while actively giving battlefield feed to the leading superior of position, defense statuses during war time.

    He holds it out to you to give you sight of the floors layout and puts his hand into his lab coat to take out an intercom device and holds it out to you to take.

    He explains the current situation to you (Just noticed, the You are here is placed false, just think of it beeing infront of the proffessor next room, sorry had the wrong thought while setting it up x.x)

    There are three lines of defenses and there are to be expected an incoming force of more than 500 people. He goes on to explain that its only a guessed value and that the actually number might be much larger.
    "The enemy has two entry points... The main elevator that you came through and a breach in the old service elevator. I need you to take this Stick and stick it into the Turret centre to activate our turrets." He points at the objective.
    " We have set up multiple lines of defense, here, here and there"; he points at the Line of Defense locations. "The main elevator is going to have about 20 hostile targets inside every 15 minutes, we do not have a lot of ammunition and want to focus our effort entirely on the main elevator until you activated the turrets. Then we will have the time to seal the main elevator to the floor bellow us safely. We do no longer have a direct way to the Security Centre and need somebody skilled in melee combat to go through the air duct and after having seen the camera feed I do believe you will be quite suitable for this job.After this we should have the time to talk, about why you are here and what your reward shall be."

    The man in the lab coat then turns to the troops and speaks to them:"We are counting on you, you are all we have to defend us"

    -Every 5 rooms will equal 1 wave of enemies. The longer you need the more will come.
    -Each wave will have stronger hostile targets.
    -Troops dying will be permanently dead.

    -Troop Count:
    36 total
    3 medics
    9 Heavy trooper
    1 platoon leader
    2 for the machine gun.
    21 Trooper.
    Each has 3 Magazines which 30 rounds each.
    I will be rolling dices every wave for ammo count used and will update the layout with blood spots for dead troops and enemies :p

    Before entering the "Turret Centre" I would like to give a post to give you a general undertanding of how many are down there and what they are doing.

    You will get the chance to block off both elevators but I will not make it obvious.

    You can walk freely as you please before going to the air duct.
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  9. He takes the stick and twirls it in his hand then grabbing the communicator and putting it in place " Alright...shouldn't take long if i run " He rolled his shoulders and stretched himself out a bit his eyes finally opening, both to look at the man and everyone in the room, his eyes automatically picking up on weaponry and how many stood there. He then closed his eyes again and smirked " Good luck to you'll need it " he said turning around and sprinting into the first hallways. He turned the corners quickly and sharply, looking down at the map he saw the nearest vent and was heading straight for it. He leapt over some of the people standing in position guarding and made another turn down the long hallway and looked about it and looked down at the map trying to pinpoint the first airduct coming up. he spoke calmly into his communicator " Well it isn't taking long to get to this first vent...." he said walking a bit slower still trying to locate the vent.
  10. Meanwhile On the Battefeed, time passes quickly while you are searching for the vent entry.

    "Targets approaching, opening fire!"
    "They seem to have hacked the elevators security system, enemy are coming faster in than expected!"
    "Enemy located entry to the vent system, I repeat, Enemy located entry to the vent system!"
    "Man down, Man down, we are running low on Ammunition, falling back to next line of defense!"

    You hear a metal plate falling onto the ground and see tattooed, nearly naked men jump out of the vent, they are asian and wear regular cheaply made Katanas.
    A shoot passes you, killing one of the Hostiles. You notice the two guards from earlier sprint towards you to get to the next line of defense.

    Suddenly your communicator gives of an electricity impulse and you feel the impule going up to your optic eye. Something hacked into your communicator just now.

    Forcing your eye open you see the camera feed of the Main elevator, dozen of asian people rushing in and in, each elevator bringing more and more into the facility. This moment may feel as if time passed slowly while it was but a few miliseconds of recording. Another camera feed comes in, showing the Enemies attempting to hack the Turret Controls to make use of them themself.
    Then the communicator gives you a tiny shock, suddenly you know the ammount of enemies within the vent and your optic eye shows a holo map of this floor briefly, showing you every location of every person on the floor.
    Then it returns to normal and you can hear into the battlefeed again.

    "Preparing for incoming enemies. This is it men! Hole the line. Dont let them get our recources! Defend to the last men!"

    (awareness 1D100req50 roll = 30)
    You do not notice the red light that has been following you all the time right now.

    You shouldnt be far away from the vent entrance and should be able to kill the enemy standing there

    No what happened with your communicator is not what a communicator was made to do and nobody else knows about troop count, hostilities in the facility or that the enemy is trying to hack the turret system

    Yes the yellowish voice is of somebody you dont know yet.

    Allied Force:
    35 total
    3 medics
    9 Heavy trooper
    1 platoon leader
    2 for the machine gun.
    20 Trooper.

    Additonal Allied Force notes:
    ----First frontline
    Heavy gunner has 120 Bullets left
    1 Trooper picked up the empty magazin of a fallen trooper putting him on 60 bullets
    2 Trooper are left on 1 magazin on 30 bullets.

    ~I am actually excited now about this xD Been so long since I have been about something o.o
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  11. His eye being forced open, he begun to see alot more than he wanted it even made him flinch and stumble a bit. He looked about frantically as information filled into him and he was now gaining the upper hand abit, he now thought he needed to use his real weapons which he didn't think he would have to use. He walked forward to the man who just came through the vent who looked at hazama in a bit of confusion hazama face would most likely be recognized by the man but before he could say anything he caught an elbow to the jawline and a stomp to the throat. Hazama heard the others in the vents and waited for the two to climb closer to the noises they just heard, He then took the katana from the now dead mans hand and stood up to the face of the new enemies in the vent. He shoved the katana through the first one and pulled him out of the vent allowing the dead body to hit the floor, the second man tried to lunge his katana at hazama but hazama dodge it with a subtle movement and then reached his hand out grabbing the mans face dragging him out of the vent and stepping on his chest, hazama starting to beat the mans face in with his bare hands his mind filling with flashbacks and different images of what they had done to people. He had bloodied his hands and the mans face, and now turned around. He climbed into the vent and began his movement down the vent quickly and aware of the incoming enemies, he slid forward to the one man who saw him originally who was just making it into the vents. Hazama rolled past the vent with the two men who were trying to sneak around and sent his blade out of the top of his wrist and it entered the mans neck silently, Hazama had easily avoided the three men inside of the vent. Hazama then spoke through the communicator to the man who gave it to him " They are trying to hack the turrets....and...we are heavily outnumbered..." Hazama spoke dreadfully to the man as he climbed through the vents and made it to his objective vent, looking at the six men inside. He leaned to the vent and said " Chotto bento o mite, watashi wa, karera ga modottekita to omoimasu " translation;Hey look at the vent, i think they came back, he made it as if he was one of them. the four men around the corner, walked slowly over to the vent inspecting it. Hazama closed his eyes, before he leapt out of the vent, breaking through it and ramming his shoulder into one of the four guards who now stumbled back, Stabbing the man multiple times in the chest hazama stood up and spin kicked an incoming enemy, sending him stumbling back. Hazama then spun around and ducked a katana from behind and stabbed the swinger in the stomach atleast 5 times before pulling back and slashing his one wrist blade across the last twos incoming katana's sending them to the side he spun the opposite way and sent his blade across each of their necks. The remaining two rushed over to see the carnage, hazama stood their. The to his right tried to rush him but a large boa constrictor fell from the pipes above and landing biting into the mans neck and beginning to constrict him, the snake came in through the elevator they had used to get into here. he loved his pet snake sometimes, Hazama then was stabbed in the shoulder which shocked him as the last enemy stood there looking like he won. Hazama grinned and shoved the blade deeper causing his blood to begin falling on the blade and rolling down it. Hazama then yanked the blade out and leapt onto the mans body his bloodied shoulder bleeding all over the man, the poison sinking into his pores and into his mouth in a large amount. Hazama then backed up and took his tie off wrapping it around the wound and grinning, the blade didn't hit anything vital it just cut deep enough through his clothing to bother hazama. Who now looked at the man on the floor jerking a bit before his body stopped moving, and becoming paralyzed but screaming, hazama walked past him and spun the baton out from his sleeve and walked over to the turret and put the baton in like the man said. Hearing the turret begin to fire up he smirked and said to himself and the communicator " Mission complete " he then heard the elevators starting to spin up again. His pet snake slithering over and climbing up onto hazama's shoulders were he rested again hazama then looked around for somewhere to hide or to be ready to hide to.

    (long post is long)
  12. While you made your way through the vent, fighting off the poorly trained member of the yakuza you can hear the heat of battle.

    "Incoming at the storage entrance, hold the position men!"
    "Men down men down!"
    "They are coming through the hallway! Check your vent tunnel Gamma!"
    "We Lost a man!"
    "I am out of ammo...!"
    "We will win this men, just hold on a while longer until the turrets are back up!"

    "Mission complete"

    "The Turrets are decimating them!"

    "I have managed to seal the doors, quickly move the supplies to the elevator to the floor bellow us. The doors and the Turrets will give us enough time to set up a proper defense on the next floor and the time we need to get our supplies downwards. We will also have time to consider our options."

    The Service Elevator opens, two men come rushing out.
    A picture is shown into your optic eye again. Giving you the picture of the current situation


    Prepared of the incoming enemy you quickly depose of the two. Looking into the evelator revealse a charge set up to explode.
    (Dice roll, 1D100req60 = 80)
    You manage to get away from the elevator quickly, taking no harm from the explosion.

    A private communication channel opens, it is the voice of the man in a white lab coat
    "Meet me at the Elevator to the second floor. We owe you our thanks. We will proceed downwards and will then dicuss your presence... and your reward."

    On the battlefeed you hear heavy objects beeing moved. Then the Battlefeed channel is switched offline

    When you get to the Elevator downwards you see the soldiers leaning on the wall, reliefed.
    (Rolling 1D100req40=92)
    One of the soldiers stops you and says with an admiring voice: "Thank you for saving my family"
    You hear the relief and joy out of his voice.

    The Way downwards remains uneventful. Nobody spoke. Beside you and the Man in the lab coat whoms name you have not gotten to know yet, a person in red armor is beside you two in the evelator. He gives out a presence of authority.

    The Elevator comes to a still end. The Doors open.


    "This is our food processing area, we are growing them artificially seperately."
    He leads you through the area to an empty but comfortable office. He offers you to sit down and takes his seat behind the desk.

    He then looks you up and then calmly speaks.
    My name is Jones Davis. I was the lead researcher here before the war destroyed the world and have been trying to keep our location a secret and the people that were with us alive. Thank you for fending off the Japanese Mafia. We assume they were trying to get the technology we have here and they must not get them under any circumstances."

    He takes out a pair of reading glasses and puts them on. Then grabs a pencil and a piece of paper and asks with a warm smile "
    What made you come to this place? How did you find us?"

    He then turns off his communicator. Giving you his entire attention.


    Known Allied Force:
    24 total
    2 medics
    7 Heavy trooper
    1 platoon leader
    2 for the machine gun.
    12 Trooper.

    Sorry that the battle ended so quick, but the turrets did have a wonderful place to be in to kill every hostile very quickly. But its not the last of them.
  13. Hazama sat there looking at the man inspecting him over and over again, using his senses instead of his eyes. Hazama had taken care of the bleeding on his arm and now was back on track to what he really wants, He smirks and leans forward " What made me come here? well...a little did i find you? well im very good at finding things....and reading them.." he said smiling. Hazama knew what he wanted but he was not going to blurt it out to the man at this very moment " i say by the luck that i was brought to this facility....without me...who knows what would of happened..." he looked about the room they were in but focused back on the supposed doc man. " Now my real question is....were is she..." he said opening both of his eyes, which soon rotated and adjusted to the scene. He now knew they owed him and if they did not supply he would have to be ninja about what he was going to do.
  14. "Who do you mean with she? Do you have family that was working with us on the project before the war destroyed the world?"
    I will show you around the facility. maybe you will find your aquintance on the way.

    He turned on his communicator and spoke into it "Commander, please do accompany us through the facility"

    He stood up, inviting you to follow him.
    He stepped out the door, turned right and back to the food processing area. The man in red armor was waiting there, his weapons holstered. They did not say a word but went through another door.


    "This is our water processing area. We are using a laser to draw water out of the earth. Then it is cleaned and processed into the waterstorage."
    The doctor lead you to another Area of the the floor.


    "This used to be our communication centre. When all communication died this place was pretty much abandoned."
    "We could use this place as a centre of command.", noted the commander.
    "It should be possible to set this up to communicate to our communicator. I will have a tech come down here for this."

    The Proffessor didnt heed to pay a lot of attention and just nodded. The commander turned around and spoke into his communicator
    "Go Ahead, I will get this place set up."

    The proffessor lead you through a door.
    "This used to be the research facility... when we lost communication the door shut down. We were unable to finish our project nor managed to open the door."
    He pointed to the right site. On the other side of a very open window this came into sight.


    "This was the first prototype for the head. The project was to created mechanized armored troops. Spezalised in any form of combat and any open field and secret operation assignment. The ultimate soldier."

    He hinted to follow him.

    He walked into a room. A dead mechanical upper body was lying there.

    "This was the first finished Prototype. She ended up running havok and we had to shut her down. We collected data and improved the program."

    Infront of a metal door he stopped and spoke: "Here it is, project A.M.A. The first working prototype. It is not quite finished, we never got the shipment to finish its skin. This prototype will be my gift for you... "

    He accessed the keypad and entered the password. The door opens.


    He walked up to the computer and started typing francticaly.

    "It has... I see.... How could that be.... Amazing! This will help the effort... Maybe.... Yes! There you go my baby."

    The water of the tank floods out at the bottom within the tank. The Metal prison opens. With a loud cling the Metal Prison fall to the ground. Giving sight to the machine inside.


    A hologram is displayed on a nearby computer and a voice is heard.

    Running Bios Check....... Successfull
    Running System Software AMA...... Successfull
    Booting Head...... Successfull
    Booting Body...... Successfull
    Running Checksum Test..... Successfull
    Booting Vision..... Successfull

    Booting Firmware 1.0..... Successfull

    Booting Enhancement.....
    Night Vision..... 100%
    Thermo Vision..... 100%
    Short ranged movement Radar...... ERROR
    Left Eye
    Targeting and threat analyzis system...... 100%
    Right Eye
    Eagle Zoom vision.... ERROR
    Quantum Processor.... 100%
    Data Storage..... 100%
    Wireless Global Internet connection...... Connection Lost.
    Primary AI Defense Unit...... ERROR
    Emotion Control..... 100%
    Movement Prediction Targetting System..... ERROR
    Secundary AI..... 100%
    Self Destruct System..... 100%
    Datacable access..... 100%
    Enhanced Movement Module..... ERROR
    Enhanced Flexibility Module..... 100%
    Enhanced Agility Module...... ERROR
    -Enhanced Speed Module..... ERROR
    -Enhanced Jump Module...... ERROR

    Testing Weapons....
    Extendable Blade..... 100%
    Marksman Rifle, 7.62x51mm..... 100%

    Calculating Ammo count......

    Initialization Finished....
    Close? Y/N?

    The Cables disconnect from the body. The Android stands up and looks into your face. Coldly. Emotionless.
    "What are your orders Master?"

    If you choose to look at her body you will see her beautifully shaped hips, her asmall bust and her Artificial Genitial which looks very pleasing to the eyes of simple men. Then a skin plate is moved into place, blocking view, as protocol dictates when the skin is not worn or damaged.

    (Perception Check, 1D100req50 = 55)
    You notice that the red light that was following you did disappear now.
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