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  1. Getting back on track,
    ~Destinations through the Multiverse~

    (First roleplay/thread on the site, I hope it's alright. :S)
    ~The Story~

    I know train rides aren't really in at the moment, but shut up. Maybe fictional characters don't have any other way of getting around, maybe they have to break a leg or two to get where they're going, stupid. On the matter, this is the story of a certain train with the title "Money-Maker", and it's adventure to bring a shit ton of anime/videogame characters to their destination, and the fucked up things that happen there.... mostly awkward shippings and weird ass plot turns.


    1. No Godmodding or Autohitting/dodging
    2. Please make posts at least a paragraph long, no one liners.
    3. Keep the romance at PG-13, take it to the PM's if needed.
    4. Please wait for three people to post before you post again.
    5. Character limit is set to three, but I may lower or raise it depending on how many people join.
    6. No arguing, with the GM or other people in the IC/OOC about jibber jabber. Either take it to the PM's or git outta here. >:I


    !!The Character Sheet!!

    From: (Series they come from)
    Destination: (Where they're heading)

    Accepted Characters;

    Stella / B★RS


    My Characters

    Name: The Conductor
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    From: Unknown

    The Conductor will never leave the control room, however he will speak with people who come up to the door. He's a particularly rash man who will blow lots of passengers off in order to get back to work. His anti-social shell can be broken very easily however if the person he's talking with shows genuine interest in whatever he working on, or what he likes.


    The Conductor is there only for the soul purpose of doing his job. He keeps himself locked up in the control room every day, never coming out for anything. All the windows, save for the front main window, had been blocked up to conceal the man's identity. No one knows exactly why the man chooses to do this, and it'll most likely be left a mystery.
    Destination: N/A
    Other: The Conductor's weakness are people from a certain series, and it tempts him strongly to open the control room doors...​


    "My greatest prank yet!"

    Name: Doopliss
    Gender: Male
    Age: Deceased
    From: Paper Mario TTYD

    The ghost of many names, appearances and terrifying yet unfunny pranks. Doopliss is best known as a child with an abusive gift, and with a child comes great irresponsibility. He depends severely on other people for attention and company, he'll deny this fact until it happens. In personality Doopliss believes that "humour" is the only to make friends. His jokes always center around either being or becoming someone, and in most cases this doesn't earn him a laugh. Doopliss is a very strange character to understand, and to find.


    Doopliss, famed stage actor of the Mushroom Kingdom, had finally met his match. He was fired due to his cocky attitude towards his directors and fellow actors, and the constant pranks he played on them. The ghost never thought that they would let him go considering his unique "skill set", but from what he had heard, they found someone who was exactly like him in every asset possible. This made his relationship to the theater rather bitter and he vowed never to act again.

    Audiences everywhere were marginally rustled.

    Unemployment had not been kind to the little ghost, and soon enough he found himself floating around the streets searching for requests of his "skill set". He never did well at the jobs that were given to him, as they always ended up with Doopliss getting bored and pulling off another one of his "pranks". He was terribly sad, he felt like he could die... again... luckily for him however, he came across the advertisement about a train traveling through the dimensions. He boards it feeling a sense of destiny, perhaps looking for a future to float into.

    Destination: He's on the train looking for "destiny", or rather, for someone/something...
    Other: N/A


    "Well, fuck."

    Name: Aya Brea (PE1)​

    Gender: Female​

    Age: 25​

    From: Parasite Eve​


    Aya Brea is best known as that one woman you want to stay clear of. She is practically in work mode 24/7, never letting her guard down in situations of possible threat. She will easily, and quickly, take most people down if they risk the lives of anyone around her. In casual situations she'll try to be polite and brief, but turns stern and direct when things come around to it. Aya is rarely seen to be relaxed or joyful, as work is constantly running through her mind.


    When Daniel had put her on paid vacation, she knew something was wrong. She knew that she had become increasingly... agitated of the late, but she never thought of it impacting the work place. I mean, so she pushed that one cop up against a locker? Big deal! Aya guessed that the chief became worried once she unintentionally broke her partner's arm. It wasn't her fault, the guy was just getting really... REALLY annoying with the tenth time he asked her out. Why would he send her off on a train though? Of all other places for a member of the NYPD to go, why some boring train ride? She'd make the best of it, hopefully get some alone time and finally relax.

    Destination: Somewhere with a beach.​

    Other: She despises her future self, and any talk of it will break her down into a furious rant.​
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  2. Appearance:[​IMG]
    Name: MZMA a.k.a Mazuma

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown

    From: Black Rock Shooter The Game​

    Personality: MZMA is notable for being particularly ambitious. He can be slightly reckless, however generally he is logical and is well aware of his limits. He enjoys looking for ways to have fun. He is extremely passionate about movies and is always looking for new ideas to create the "ultimate form of entertainment".

    Bio: The second of the seven apostles that invaded Earth. He is very fond of Westerns and likes to meet his favorite actors then neblade them. His favorite movie being "Big Snipe" he likes to take his combat style from sniping but also is fairly skilled in swordsmanship.

    Destination: He's in search of the legendary "Sniper Ghost Warrior"

    Other: He has a slightly menacing aura and people can sometimes sense a killing intent from him when he's serious. His sword can change shape and size at will and can also function as a beam cannon.
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  3. Accepted~
  4. [​IMG]
    "Hahah! Call me up and bring me downcause Kuando's comin' to town! Or am I...?"

    Name: Kuando
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    From: M.U.G.E.N
    Personality: Kuando's pretty bipolar but he loves to have fun more than anything, where it be pranking, sadistic fighting or just having a bloody good time: 'Ol Kuando has got the itchin' for the richin' (Whatever that means....)
    Bio: Hailing from the wonderful country of Austria and being half Japanese because of his mother, Kuando grew up on the streets of Hungary just fighting to stay alive. On those nights he'd get lucky and bring back a piece of meat his parents would praise and hail him as if it were his birthday! At the age of 16 Kuando began to commit petty theft but after one little indecent involving shaving cream and a box of matches, he decided to take up actual martial arts. At the age of 20 Kuando mastered his own hand-made fighting style of which he called "Pseudo-Tekken Style" he began to compete in street tournaments in order to provide for his family. After his mother died 2 years later and his dad left for another woman he decided, "You know what... If life's just gonna do this ta me I'm just gonna make the best of it and have a good time! Heheheeeeheeehee...!" With that in order Kuando began to compete in more and more tournaments that eventually the state of Hungary said: "Hey Kuando ya know what... Show everyone what Hungary can do! Go out into the world and-" "Call me back when I actually give a crap! I'm traveling the world!" Kuando set off into the world and eventually found a magical train somewhere outside of god knows where. He decided k cool wateve im just rollin wit it.
    Destination: He claims to be heading toward some kind of party. Though knowing Kuando it's probably just some sort of crazy-ass biker gang party or sumtin.
    Other: Kuando talks in what appears to be some type of English, his accent is Itallian even though he's from Hungary. He also speaks Hungarian.​
  5. Appearance:

    Stella / B★RS



    Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME

    Not extremely outgoing. Stella has her moments of standard, human emotion and can even be seen smiling from time to time, but she can seem a tad cold to those that don't know her a bit better. All in all, she is a pleasant girl to be around (so long as you aren't on her admittedly small shit list).

    September 22, 2035.
    Professor Gibson created Stella as part of a large cloning program, the goal being to create the perfect soldier. She was to be the last hope of mankind in a turbulent time, but circumstances led to her creator being lost... along with the rest of Earth's population. She was awoken from stasis by the last 12 men on Earth, and joined their fight back against the aliens ravaging the planet.

    The candy shop
    She's on the lookout for her fellow clone, Nana Grey.

    Her cannon is capable of taking a variety of forms, up to and including a giant axe.​
  6. Black Rock Shooter and Mazuma on a train together, this should be interesting.
  7. Mazuma's was my favorite boss fight apart from WRS'.
  8. Yeah im only on stage 5 so far but Mazuma is pretty cool.
  9. Both are accepted~
  10. With the abundance of serious characters and lack of funny ones

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Taiga Fujimura

    Gender: Female

    Age: Isn't stated but looks to be in her early to mid 20s

    From: Fate/Stay Night​

    Personality: Taiga is a cheerful woman who's always showing her bright, yet childish side. She is irresponsible, clumsy, and prone to sporadic bouts of extreme lethargy or zest. Although flawed, she is bright and cheerful who always bring laughs with others. Taiga is a very nice and protective person although she loses her cool pretty easily.

    Bio: Taiga is an English teacher at Homurahara Gakuen and the supervising teacher for the Archery Dojo. She is widely called "Tiger" a nickname she dislikes. Taiga was also idolized as the star of the kendo club, and was soon known as the "Tiger of Fuyuki" due to her prowess; if not for the tiger strap on her shinai, which was considered bad manners, resulting in her disqualification from official tournaments, it is thought that her name would have become famous across all Japan.

    Destination: Returning home after the carnival

    Other: She sometimes only acknowledge others through a kendo match.
  11. oh gosh, taiga
    You just make the best character choices.
  12. Never would I have expected you to play a character like this. o.o

    Accepted x4
  13. Well she does have
  14. Alright, I'll give it a few more hours. If no one else puts up a character, I'll put up an IC.
  15. The destined time approacheth.
  16. Appearance:[​IMG]

    "Now that's blue-ave!"

    Name: Nobuharu "Nossan" Udo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    From: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
    Personality: Nossan here likes to try and make people happy, despite being a little bit shy and clumsy. He also likes to try and act cool, but tends to ruin it with his antics, especially with his habit of making 'old man jokes', AKA puns.
    Bio: As the partner of Stegotchi, Nossan was chosen to become Kyoryu Blue, the Armored Brave of the Kyoryuger to help fight the Deboss Legion... at first anyway. During a battle near Christmas time, the poor guy had gotten flung across dimensions. With only his Gaburevolver and the clothes on his back, he set off to try and return to his own universe to help the rest of his team, eventually ending up on the train.
    Destination: Home.
    Other: Puns.
  17. Accepted~

    IC will be up soon

    I'm too tired right now to think of a first post, I'm very sorry guys, I will have something up tomorrow. :(
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  18. are you still open to new entry's ?
    Name: Ladd Russo

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    From: Baccano anime series and Light novels

    Personality: Ladd is a Psychotic/Sadistic character who loves nothing more than guns,Boxing and killing,

    Bio: Ladd is the nephew of the head of the Russo crime family, and acts as their main hit man. Ladd was said to have had his mental illness or trait was trigger when his previous girl friend was killed by the Gandor family.
    Destination: On The way to board the Flying Pussy Foot.

    Other: Has a Tommy gun
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  19. [​IMG]

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