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    Location: Train Station
    Time: 5:34 AM​

    She sifted nervously in seat, something she thought she would never do. Aya began to frown down on herself for doing this, she was came from the NYPD there was no reason for her to be anxious about the train ride. This was nothing for her, or it shouldn't have been. The police officer took a deep breath, hoping to all hell that she didn't get seated next to some weirdo. Her head rested against the window as she looked out at the cold station next to them. Aya closes her eyes in concentration.
  2. Mazuma take a seat in the back of the train and begins to relax, "So this is what a train is like, its kinda nice. Though, i cant shake this odd feeling." Mazuma then looks out the window and begins thinking to himself, "I wonder what he's like?"

    Taiga plops down on a seat exhausted from the Carnival, "Ah, its nice to finally relax for a bit, still a pity that it was so short though." After relaxing for a bit she decides to find someone to talk to.
  3. "Nana..." Stella stared out of the window of the train from her seat around the middle of the car. She could have ridden her Black Trike to go searching for her companion, but the prospect of riding a train was tempting enough for her to leave the thing behind. It was a tad difficult for her to imagine there being so many... people in any place, especially after dealing with a world where everyone was dead. No matter, of course. All that mattered was that she was on the train, and ready to ride.
  4. The dust travels along the side of the road that our silver haired friend walks up the hill towards the station. His boots kick up the gravel as he approaches his destination, he has a sort of party to get to. The type is not anyone's to care much less to know about, not that Kuando cared anyway. He was the man with the sort of plan with the puns and all sorts of non-sequitur type rants that sometimes came out of his mouth. His jacket whistles in the wind as a sort of smug expression fits his ever-smiling face, he sees the train station. A rather nice on considering the neighborhood he grew up in had one train and that train was an ugly iron horse, however it had the strength of millions of puny steam engines. He walks up to the station plat form, he spits out some gum he was chewing earlier into a wastebasket and quietly sits down on a bench. "What a boring day......" He mutters to himself as he puts his hat over his face.
  5. "Yeah, that Nana can sure be a bitch right?-Can I sit here? Thanks~"

    A woman abruptly drops onto the seat next to Stella, quickly making herself at home. "Wooooooo! It sure is dark around here ain't it? It's SoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO dark, that I think I'm getting SoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO sleepy!" She laughs, throwing her legs on the chair in front of her, and her arms behind her head. " Aya Brea, just a few seats behind them, had already had enough of the woman's voice. "Can you PLEASE, shut the hell up?" The officer screams out at her, to which the newcomer proceeds to speak in a rowdy fashion. She turns over to her seating buddy and grins. "Are YOU tired at all? Cause I'll tell ya, I'm SoOoOoOo-"

    "Hey! Ever wanted to be thrown off a train in front of a bunch of people in an embarrassing fashion? Then shut up!"

    "-OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo TIRED!" She laughs annoyingly again, slapping her knee as if what she said was somehow hysterical.


    The intercom, during all of this, began to speak. The Conductor spoke with some tired, groggy and cold voice a very small message;

    "Good morning everyone. We'll be departing in five minutes, so get ready or get out."

    What a fun Conductor you guys have~
  6. The intercom catches Mazuma's attention "So were going to be leaving in 5 minutes eh?" Mazuma takes a look around the train car he's in, "Looks like i'm still the only one in this car, I guess i'll take a look around in a bit." (Just a note Mazuma is in the very last train car)

    Seeing no one of interest in her car Taiga gets up and begins moving to the middle of the train, "Lets see if i can find someone to talk to."
  7. Stella didn't respond. It was beyond her abilities to handle such a raucous personality, even more so with their opening comment about Nana. She wasn't entirely sure what a 'bitch' was, but she didn't exactly like the way the word sounded. She filed it away in her head to ask Nana about at a later date.
  8. Kuando hears a bit of noise coming from the Train, he assumes that everyone wants to board now and not later. Chuckling to himself he gets up off his bench and heads into the nearest car, he can still hear talking but it appears that it's to the right of him. His hand cramps up a little, looking at it Kuando hits it against the train. It fixes the cramp and Kuando smiles as he open the door in front of him, he notices 2 girls and.... an avatar? Whatever he didn't have time to question this type of crap, Giano gave him enough headaches already.

    He laughs a little bit, "Two of you and two of me but which one is more to see?" Kuando chuckled, "Not even five minutes into this train and already I can tell this is gonna be a Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice trip~."

    He takes a seat near the women, nonchalantly sticking his feet up and letting them rest on the seat in front of him.
  9. "Excuse me, miss! Is it alright if I sit here?"

    Nobuharu was no stranger to trains, he had ridden quite a few for his job many times before, but never one that traveled across dimensions, so given that everyone looked so different, it made him kind of nervous, yet he also didn't want to sit alone, and given that the two girls ahead were being bugged already by some weird guy, that left the old man to try and ask Aya. Of course, it wasn't always easy to talk to a beautiful, and quite frankly, frightening, woman like that, especially at his age.

    Even though he wasn't exactly an old man, this was one of those times where he sure felt like it.
  10. Taiga reaches the door to the next train car and hears multiple people talking "Oh, sounds like theres some interesting people in this car." Taiga shoves the door open and makes her grand entrance "YOo Taiga Fujimura is here! What are you people up to?" She proclaims with her fist raised to the heavens.
  11. "Hey... hey wait a minute! That person looks just like me!"

    Stella exclaims, pointing at the duplicate that sat next to her. "....what are you?!" She shouts in a small, worried voice. "Dammit! Why can't I go out in public without something bad happening! First was that Nana whore stealing my man, and now THIS?! Why must my life be so haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!!!" Stella begins to sob, placing her hands over her eyes scooting away from the other Stella.

    Aya stands up in anger, turning to exit the seat, realizing that trying to drone out the noise in the car just wasn't working out for her. She didn't even notice Nobuharu until she bumped into him. "What? You wanted to sit here? Take it! I'm moving to the other car." She grumbled, brushing past him as she walks towards the next car. "Move." Aya growled as she moved past Taiga and to the previous car.


    A train whistle could be heard, as the train slowly started to move.
  12. Taiga moves aside and says to herself "Well isnt she rude, but what i cant believe is how everyone ignored m-" At that moment Taiga noticed the two identical girls with drasticly different personalities and walks closer to them and decides to watch since it seems like things are about to get interesting.

    Mazuma gets up out of his seat and decides to walk around a bit "I guess i'll see who else is on this train, and who knows maybe i'll find someone worth neblading." He starts making his way to the other end of the train.
  13. Stella continued to... well, not react. For a while, in fact, she seemed content just staring out of the window as the landscape outside began to slowly scroll past. After a while, however, she finally turned her head to study the doppelganger carefully, eventually offering a hand in greeting and ignoring her hysterical nonsense.
  14. ... well that could have gone better. Nobuharu watching Aya as she angrily walked away, "... uh..." the old man decided not to follow after her, considering he wanted to keep his genitals and just sat where Aya was sitting as the train started to move.
  15. Kuando gets a sharp pain his right ear as he hears everyone else talking. He puts his hat on the right side of the seat and stands up, looking at everyone he see the cute blonde chicks leave to another car, Kuando eyes the two women with the black hair.

    He gazes into the one on the right's blue eyes but all he sees is the empty gaze of someone who obviously has too much time on their hands and not enough time for ol' Kuando.

    He scoffs as he heads toward the other woman, the one with the short brown hair. Kuando stands near the woman with the striped shirt, sensing a fighting spirit he asks: "Everyone else is having their own little interesting time on this car but I gotta ask you somethin' little lady. I know a fighter when I see one and you are just the textbook definition of it. So tell me, what is a A-Class Dreadnaught like yerself doin' on a train at this time of year eh?" Kuando smiles revealing a row of sharp teeth. He can certainly hope he made the best impression.
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  16. Taiga notices Kuando and replies while being a bit over dramatic "Just heading home after a wild Carnival, one that had caused many tragic deaths, failed plans and dead Lancers." She then turns towards him becoming much more serious "Though you seem pretty strong, I'd like to have a fight with you" Taiga's previous seriousness start disappearing "Buuut, trains arent the best battlefields."

    Mazuma reaches the train car right behind the one with everyone else "Hmm, seems like theirs quite the commotion going on in there. Maybe i'll wait to go in there." He then takes a seat next to the door to the train car that has the others in it.

  17. (Even if you weren't thinking of doing it, please no un-needed fight scenes in the RP. I can talk to you about this more if ya need. :S)

    "Come on." Aya groaned, having come back into the cabin. Her hand suddenly grasped the man's shoulder, tugging him out of the seat and motioning him to follow her back.

    Stella continued to cry loudly. Something was off though, her target... wasn't even bothered by this?! Maybe she needed to try a bit harder. "Um... *ahem*... y-yeah! That Nana person sure is a jerk! Evil, evil jerk who stole mah man! And... and...." Stella stops and looks around

    Nothing, no attention.

    Not even anything from her main target. She looked around cautiously before leaning over to Stella. And in a small, quiet yet different voice she spoke. "Uh, hello, lady?... I'm you!..."
  18. "Yes, you are." Stella nodded. She didn't particularly see a problem with there being another her around, though it was somewhat mind-boggling. She could see herself befriending... herself if things went well, however. Maybe she could have something interesting to show Nana when she met up with her again.

  19. "Hahah." Kuando sneered, "So true, Yeah trains aren't the most likely place for a fight. Unless it's on top of it while it's moving... But still you're right. So you tell me that you came from a Carnival?" Kuando chuckled, "What kinda hopped up stuff did you experience other then the "Dead Lancers?" Somethin' like a giant Feris Wheel come of it hinges and crushed everyone? Did a giant demon burst through a restaurant? Was there any races? Y'know the ones with horses? Ah I'm askin to much... But! The way I see it is that I feel you and me are gonna like each other that much I can tell! Heeeheeeheeheehee!" Kuando laughed again.
  20. Taiga throws her arm around Kuando's shoulder "I think you're right!" Taiga makes a sudden realization "Oh yeah, we never introduced ourselves." Taiga pulls her arm back and points her thumb to herself "My name is 'The Tiger of Fuyuki' Taiga Fujimura!"

    Mazuma gets out of his seat "Seems like its calmed down a bit." Mazuma opens the train door and walks in. He immediately notices a familiar sight "Wow, what are the odds, I guess I should go say hi." Mazuma walks to the seat behind the two Stellas and leans between them "Yo gray, its been a while, and I see you've learned your own duplication trick."
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