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  1. Ive been on a hiatus for a while now, and Im hoping to get back into things. So, Im lookimg for 3-4 RPs to get the swing back. I currently have no real plots, but given dedicated thought, I can make one. Below will be some pairings I want, as well as other stuff to jog the imagination. I only do MxF plots.


    Mercenary/Pacifist (trapped together and forced to survive in a warzone?)
    Spy/Agent or Asset (agents give information to spies, assets are specilists called in)
    Zombie slayer/other slayer
    Vampire, witch, succubus, werewolf, or something along those lines/human
    Any of the above/any of the above


    I only do OCs, but canon characters can be interacted with.


    Anything in the Clancyverse
    Alice in Zombieland
    Anything in the Mack Bolan universe


    Borderlands 2
    Soul Caliber


    The Transporter
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  2. I would love to do Mercenary/Pacifist with you ^-^
  3. The Vampire, witch, succubus, werewolf, or something along those lines/human or the zombie slayer/other slayer roleplays sound like awesome pairings to try ^_^
  4. I would be up for something with Zombies if you are still looking. :)
  5. Great! Drop me a PM so we can work things out. Im starting to develop the plot now.

    Mind shooting me a PM to figure this stuff out?

    I am, something along the lines of not just surviving, but taking the war to the undead?
  6. I like that. I have been wanting to do something with zombies for some time now. I would love to give something a try.
  7. Want to figure this put via PM?
  8. I am interested in Pacafist/mercinary, angel/demon, creature/human roleplays, I am pretty flexible. wanna do some brainstorming with me? :D
  9. Mind dropping me a PM to do said brainstorming?
  10. Are you by chance still open?
  11. Mmkay, I just got a pretty good one.

    A coven of witches lives in a small town, just ordinary members of society. When a new face moves into town, he is warmly welcomed by the townspeople. Then there is a grisly murder in the town, any observer trained in magic would recognize the signs of a dark ritual that took place. A member of the coven starts to cast a spell over the town, to protect them, when the new face shows up. He is a Hunter, and they have to find this dark sect before things get out of hand...
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  12. Would love to do the angel/demon idea! :D
  13. Want to PM me to figure this out?
  14. Sounds interesting. =3
  15. Wanna PM me to figure this out?
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