Getting back into serious roleplaying! Plots inside, planning welcome


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Heyo! This is just gonna be a copy/paste of a mishmash of plots I've had on other sites, all collated into one place. If you're interested, please message, as I'm always down to discuss. I prefer to plan through Discord, where my username is Torterrable#7427.

Before we get to the plots, a little more about me:
I'm an experienced roleplayer with over ten years of creative writing under my belt. I am currently twenty two years old and just starting out medical school, so I may be busy in the near-future. I hope not, though! I'm a big sucker for romance and worldbuilding in my roleplays, and there is the possibility of NSFW content, though I'm not planning to focus on it, hence why I'm posting here. That's...about it, so let's get to the ideas.

Crash Landing [Sci-fi, world building!]
A cargo ship you were on for whatever reason has crash landed on an unknown planet. You wake up next to the fragments of the sleeping quarters with the only other survivor, an oddly cheeky stowaway. Immediately, the planet is hostile towards you, with the most advanced residents, a lizard-humanoid race known as the Lemurians, out for your lives. The ship was huge and carried a diverse payload; if you could find some of the reinforced crates, no doubt you could find a way off the planet, or at least a way to survive this place. Armed with your weapon, accompanied by the only friend you have in this god-forsaken place, you set off on an epic journey of survival, of conflict, and discovery.

The planet hides more than you realize. There is a sneaking suspicion that this crash may not have been as accidental as it seems. What's going on?

Summoners War [High Fantasy, can go humorous or very, very dark]
The day of your graduation from the guild has come. Once you pass this point, and summon the one familiar who will always be by your side, you are a full-on summoner, equipped to take on jobs from a plethora of sources and make your own name in the world. Who will you get? A grand phoenix? A sly shadow fox? A productive little bee, even?

No, what you summon, on this special day of all days, is a human. A human spirit, to be precise, but basically, a human. What use is this? People hire summoners to access their mystical monstrosities, not to have an extra pair of hands! Your familiar claims to be a human spirit imprisoned on a hellish plane of existence; with you, now, it can walk peacefully, happily once again among its peers.

Though it's just a human, the familiar does have a special quality. Should it die, you can simply resummon it and it will appear again, with full memory of what happened previously on this plane. Yes, you have a human, but you have a human who can eternally that open some doors. It also, however, begs quite a few questions. What was a human spirit doing in an ethereal plane in the first place? Who was this spirit before you summoned it?

Are you falling in love, lust, or something darker?

Kiss of Death [Medieval Supernatural, Dark]
History forgets. It forgets a little too much, and that's because of the Reapers. The stories of dark figures standing near ravaged battlefields describes the Reapers, a grey something between the white Angels and the black Demons. They come to the tragedies, to the horrors, to those places that time is meant to forget. They erase, turning stones into dust much faster than the passage of time, wiping memories, destroying keepsakes, and generally helping history forget. Some tragedies, some horrors, are not meant to be remembered. It would be too cruel.

They clean up the dead, let the wounded forget. It is through them that we can bear the weight of the past. They themselves are not remembered, for that is their purpose: to be forgotten. What happens, then, when one Reaper comes across someone that cannot be erased? What story, what promise lies there? Are Reapers human? Were they, once?

A World of Emotion [Apocalyptic, Dark]
There might have been a reason for negative emotions to suddenly start forming into dark, shadowy beings, but there was nobody left to research it. Ever since the Manifiestations started spawning out of hatred and jealousy and shame and more, the world quickly went to ruin. There was no rhyme or reason for their unpredictable nature and ugly devastation, and now everyday survival is a struggle.

Above and Below [Sci-fi, Grungy]
The world has stratified into those living on large, glorious floating coalitions known as "islands", and those relegated to the ruined, polluted remnants of Earth down below. Exchange between the two consists mostly of waste dropping down, though recently, there have been tensions. Zeke is a promising and able young man from Below, determined to reach the glorious spires he has seen in the sky. Much stands in his way...but perhaps someone from Above will lend a helping hand? Or will another from Below seek to ascend?