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  1. okay so I havent been here since...god i want to say december/january of 2012-13? so if anyone would mind helping me get back up to rp speed that'd be great lol

    the only things I'm not really okay with is MLP and incest at this point sooo yeah no me gusta

    I am also a guy and that is all i have ever rped so mxf or a mxf harem would be great :P looking forward to rping with you guys again just pm me or comment if you want to :D
  2. Welcome back to the world of the RP! Hope you don't mind me seeing if you'd be interested in a RP 83 I have some ideas if you are interested. I like a little more plot than smut in my RP as well so I hope that isn't a problem!
  3. lol well go ahead and pm me then!
  4. Welcome back! I'd love to roleplay?
  5. Do you have any ideas for what you want to do?
  6. I'm basically going off of what other people hve wanted to do so far until i can actually plot something out for myself again
  7. If you're interested maybe we could figure something out. Mind if I PM you?
  8. oh i would love that :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.