Getting Away? (Sayuri and Chirokochan

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  1. Delia stared at Jake, the offer that he gave wasn't so bad. But the way he said it gave Delia some bad thoughts, and it made her think that Jake wanted to do things that she would not consent to. "Hmmm.." was all she uttered.
  2. "mhmm well im going to take that as a yes" he chirped and grabbed her hand.
    he ran through couples dancing and pushed past people with his hand still latched on hers
  3. Delia gasped and ended up getting dragged by Jake. "H-Hold on a minute!! I didn't say 'Yes' !" she tried to get his attention, but Delia had to run so that she wouldn't trip.
  4. he laughed harshly "pardon?" he said politely slowing down just a bit so she could hear him.

    "what...JAMES EHAT ARE YOU DOING MY GOD" the woman in white from earlier shouted across the room

    "GO AWAY YOU OLD HAG IM GOING TO FRICKING WONDERLAND!!!" he screamed chaoticly and laughed just as he ran out the huge white doors
  5. "I was trying to say that I didn't say ye--"

    But no, Delia and Jake were off again. "JAKE!!!" she called as she ran with Jake.
  6. when they got outside he let go of Delia and ruffled Delias hair
    "Now wasn't that fun?" Jake laughed
    "okay so its just a short walk from here" he announced.
    he was starting to like Delia more and more, he shifted in the cold air and lifted Delia up so that she would be on his back
    "i love piggy backs, you lucky sod getting one from me. i expect one from you on the way back" he said happily walking sown the steps of the building
  7. Delia was panting hard once Jake had finally stopped running. Her ears twitched and she shook her head from Jake when her hair was ruffled. "Hey..!" she fixed her hair back into place, avoiding the question of how fun the run was.

    The mountain lion wasn't as phased when Jake changed into a wolf, but she yelped a bit when she was suddenly lifted onto his back. "Eh?! Why do I need to gi-- ..." Delia placed her palm on her face and sighed. She did not feel like arguing any further.
  8. "cause lifes not fair"he answered to her unfinished question and bolted off the stairs his huge paws pounding off the pavement and his ears constantly twitching and moving.

    jake like Delia even though they hadn't known each other he was sure they'd get along just fine.
    his dirty blonde fur shimmered in he moonlight every time he moved a muscle

    he slowed down ever so slightly and made a very sharp turn that made his back legs slip a bit and they almost fell but jake recovered and was now racing down the street and had almost forgotten someone was on his back.
  9. Delia rolled her eyes, but squeaked a bit when Jake began to run fast. Too fast for her. "H-Hey! Be carefu--AH!"

    The mountain lion immediately clung onto Jake when he made the risky turn. "H-Hey you gotta be more careful than this!!"
  10. "ha, alright alright" he laughed loudly so his words didnt get lost in the wind.
    the slowed down much more and they skipped along a small road, until he got to a black building with loud music banging from the ground.
    "hmmm..." jake thought.

    he pushed Delia off his back with a thud and began transforming back into a human his hair falling from his body and becoming dust.
    "mmhmmm, yeah, you should prolly change" he said eyeing her up and down like when they met at the ball
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.