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  1. .. Putting it blankly. How do I get a job?!

    Not really the best place for this, considering it's a roleplay forum and all, but ya'll are great people and I can't find help for this anywhere else lol.

    I've applied to like 5 places to far, about 9 days ago. No calls back. My friend got a call today, though. Sorta jealous about that :P

    My dad keeps telling me (quite angrily) to call each store and ask for the manager and then ask for an interview. I think that's kind of ridiculous, honestly. It doesn't sounds like I want the job, it sounds forceful. If anything, I'd ask something like, "Hi. I'm [name]. I applied about a week ago to work at [store], and was wondering if you had received my resume and application?"

    But I'm an anxious wreck. I can't call people on phones easily, even people I know. And then I can't skype at all, even my friends. I turn the mic off. I've only actually turned it on a few times. Even an actual job interview would be, in my mind, easier than calling them. But my dad insists it's like, the best way to go (even though he only started saying I should do it AFTER my friend mentioned that she heard from somebody that you should call jobs after you apply).

    So, is calling them worth it? Would they find it a turn-off to hiring me? And how often do I reapply?
  2. Well. I finally got a job after applying to about 20 different places. None of them called me offering the job or interview, so on my 21st Job, I called about a week later and said. "Hello, this is (My name) and I applied a week ago. I'm just checking to see if my application/resume was noticed yet" and two days after that I got a call and an interview. Now I have a job.

    That is also how my friend got his job. By calling and asking. So, I'm sure it would help as long as you sound polite ^^
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  3. You can show up physically and be all, "Hello, are you hiring?" or whatever fuckin' variation of that inquiry you want. Eventually tho, you'll have to call back like Urdie here did. To show up again at the store asking if your application been seen yet is kinda awkward.

    Just a quick phone call, it'll be over before your nerves kick in.

    *ring ring*


    "Hello, my name is [your name]. I'm calling to ask if my application has been reviewed/received yet?"

    "[Whatever shit company person says. Either they haven't gotten to it, or they have but are still reviewing other applicants or they have and are setting up interviews and decide to ask you when you're available since you're already on the line.]"

    "I'm available [time and day you're available if they ask you right then and there]."


    "[they haven't gotten to your shit yet] Alright, thank you for checking on my application. Have a nice day."

    Or whatever the shit else you wanna phrase it as, them's just the bones of it so add in your own flesh. Worked real well when I showed up in person to ask if they're hiring being all personable and pleasant-as-shit taking and then giving back applications, calling them a few days later and then casually strolling in to do "some shopping". Just make sure you don't guilt yourself into actually buying shit you don't need tho. In and out, make sure they attach your sunny-ass disposition to your face, to your name, to your application.

    If you get stuck doing that in-store follow up visit just pretend to get a phone call and step out to take it then casually wander away like you're trying to get better reception. Boom, easy, breezy, someone's gettin' job without a preceding rep for being a creeper.
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  4. Okay!

    Did you have to ask for the manager?
  5. Hi,

    So I happen to be an expert on landing jobs. There are many many many things to know about but I will give you some key points. If you would like more information or if you have any questions please message me. I love to help the younger generation learn the ways of the working world.

    So it all begins before you've even applied for the job. It begins when you step foot into the establishment and ask for an application.

    When You Apply:
    1. Come dressed as if you would come to work. Professional. The manager knows within the first 10 seconds if they will consider you at all or not. I've been a manager for 4 years now, and it's true. Do not wear offensive shirts, a nice button up or a solid shirt would be best. Pants should have no holes in them and should be clean. Hair groomed. First impressions are everything. It doesn't matter whether you're applying in an office, or a fast food restaurant. Be professional.

    2. You can ask anyone that works there for an application. When you ask you need to go alone. Do not go with friends or your parent. It shows that you are dependable when you do it by yourself. Now this is important. Do not fill your application there. Take it anywhere else to fill it out.

    3. Filling out your resume: Fill out EVERY question. If one does not apply to you write "N/A." Read the questions carefully. The application is the first thing your potential boss is asking you to do. Make an impression. Write legibly. They can't call you back if they can't read your phone number.

    4. Attach your resume. If you do not have one, you need one. I'd be happy to help you with that if you need it.

    5. When you return to turn in your application you should still be dressed professional. Politely ask one of the employees if you can speak to the manager. When the manager arrives shake their hand, SMILE, and introduce yourself while looking them in the eye. Be confident. Make the conversation short and sweet. Tell them what you've applied for and you look forward to hearing from them soon. They will not interview you right there (usually) so don't get offended.

    The Waiting Game:
    1. Give the manager a week to call you. They are busy. if you do not hear from them you can call them a week later. Again, be professional. Say something like "Hello, my name is _____. I was inquiring about the _______ job I applied for last week. I wanted to inform you that I am still interested in the position if it is available."

    2. Don't get too down on yourself if you don't get a call back. Rejection is a part of life, so you better get used to it. By following these tips you will be guaranteed more success.

    The Interview:
    1. AGAIN. Dress what?..... Yes, Professional.

    2. Be 15 minutes early to the interview.

    3. Look them in the eye and smile... genuinely.

    4. Take a deep breath and relax. Answer their questions thoughtfully. Do not chatter. (I can give you a list of interview questions they are sure to ask you.)

    5. Shake their hand when it's over, thank them for their time, and you hope to hear from them soon.

    Get The Job?
    1. Stay Professional.

    2. Be punctual.

    3. Work hard.

    4. Stay away from work drama. It's hard because it is everywhere, but you have to do it if you want to succeed.

    5. Just keep your head down and do the job you were hired for.

    If you follow these tips you will be just fine. Message me if you or anyone for that matter has any questions. This is one of my passions. Good luck on the job hunt! You have to show them why you're better than the other applicants, and be able to back it up too!
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  6. Hey there. If you live in/close to Redmond (US), Montreal (Quebec, Canada), San Antonio (Texas, US), Fort Collins (Colorado, US), Las Cruces (New Mexico, US) or Slough (Berkshire, UK), lemme know, the company I work at is always hiring.
  7. Hello, I'm in a similar boat as OP.

    You said that if you don't have a resume, you need one. I'm confused. I thought you had to have prior work experience in order to have a resume, and that if you are applying for your first job, you couldn't really have a resume?

    So, what is a resume? How do you make one? Is it necessary or even possibly if you have no prior work experience?

  8. Actually, it is not true that you need to have work experience to have a resume, and here is why. Have you ever baby sat a sibling, or anyone's child? Whether it was paid or not? Or how about any volunteer work? Been involved in sports?

    It's all how you put a twist on things. If/when you babysat did you not gain any skills? Sure you did. You learned how to communicate with difficult 'people' (even if they're little people), you learned time management, and responsibility. The same goes for volunteer work (includes any religous activities that helped others, soup kitchen, volunteering at school, etc) even if you didn't get paid, you still earned skills. And that's what it's all about.

    This same concept goes with sports. When you're on a team you learn how to work well with others, importance of showing up on time, hard work, responsibility, etc..

    If you show up to a job interview with a resume, and you've never had a job before, you will stand out among a LOT of people who have had jobs. Simply because a lot of people are lazy and don't write resumes.

    So, you can look up templates online, or I can help you put one together. There is some key information that goes into a resume.

    • Your contact information
    • A summary of qualifications
    • Education
    • Work history (or volunteer work)
    • Key skills
    • Achievements
    • References
    If you PM me things that you think would qualify under each bullet point I will help teach you how to put it together. Now, I'm sure you're wondering "what is a summary of qualifications? " that is a brief statement of what you bring to the table. It is the first thing your potential employer reads so you want to capture them with it. It only needs to be a few sentences, and no longer than one paragraph.
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  9. Ooooh, that's very good to know!

    I'll message you if I have any questions when I write it :)

    Thank you for the help!
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