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  1. Been lurking a thread on a not-to-be-named other RP site, and it's pretty funny.

    Apparently the best thing to do when you want to switch forum systems is to delete fucking everything and make everyone start from scratch from new accounts, with three days' warning.

    Then the best thing to do is to threaten to ban anyone who 'steals' someone else's username.

    THEN the best course of action to take is to threaten to ban anyone who points out that this actually isn't enforceable because you just deleted the database that tells you what usernames belong with which emails.

    I've been reading and munching for two days now. It's pretty great.
  2. That sounds incredibly foolish. Worse even than failing to make yearly server hosting payments and getting everything deleted that way, as happened with Roleplayer Guild. Whatever site this is talking about, whoever is running it is silly and is kind of asking for trolling to ensue. XD
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  3. That sounds like a sloppily put together forum. With sloppy admins and now a very angry user base.
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  4. It's rp-forums, lmao. Take a look at their homepage. This is the third or fourth time they've done this. Admin claims it's okay because they're "ranked #1 in google because of their mobile base" (apparently he doesn't know google results are based on your own browser history so your own site will ALWAYS be first).

    Alexa actually puts them toward the bottom of the list of the popular ones...Iwaku and RPG both have *vastly* higher rankings.

    Their admin has also publicly declared that they have 'never been hacked', which, seeing as how they are switching to phpBB, is just asking people to try (especially since this statement is probably false, as another poster pointed out).

    As for roleplayerguild, they were ALWAYS really sloppy. I was at one point a fairly infamous troll there and they had a really hard time getting rid of anyone who had any technical ability...I was also like sixteen so rest assured I am no longer a troll. I never did anything real bad but it's still not cool to troll people.
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  5. Haha I expect there is probably an eye on me now, which is fine. RPG was eight years ago. I'm here to enjoy RPs :)

    Now if only I hadn't lost any talent I once had for coming up with plot material...
  6. If I had been a member on that site, I would have said "FUCK YOU" and migrated to some other roleplay site. No way I would accept that they erase my and everybody else's accounts cause of a server change (or whatever that is o.o). I want a roleplay site where my work and information will stay for as long as I am active and for as long as that site is up and running. Starting over from scratch not once, not twice, but supposedly three times or more, doesn't give a secure environment for creating stories as they can be erased at any time. Sure, one can save them to their computers, but who thinks about saving the things they post after every post they make? Be gone from the site for a week on a vacation and BOOM, you come back and your account has been erased and everything is gone. YAAAAAAAAAY. I: At least give a two weeks notice..

    -Continues to read the 'going to wipe the forums' thread for entertainment.-
  7. Just remember not to name any names or links or be too mean as we rant and grumble about forum sites. O__O

    Depending on what forum system was used, I can understand a start from scratch. But only if you are moving from a freebie hosted forum like proboards, etc to your own hosted domain (or to a new hosted url too). Because you CAN'T transfer those databases, you have no choice. D: Pretty much every other personally hosted forum software has an import feature.

    Three days is not enough notice though. :( people are easily gone for a weekend and miss updates like that. That was a boner.

    I have both accidentally AND on purpose deleted databases before! 8D
  8., they have their own host, and they are using a homebrew based on MyBB (just basically some extra formatting).

    There's no reason they can't import.
  9. That's just asking for a total site shut down.
    It's one thing for a site wipe to be an accident, but on purpose?
    Good luck having anyone around to defend you.
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