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Hello fellow Iwakian!

Since you're on this site, you love to write. Some people prefer playing with language, some enjoy the mechanics of genre writing, and others, like myself, are most interested in characters. Even if you aren't of the "literary fiction" mindset that stories should be character-driven first and foremost, I think we can all agree that a good character can amplify a good story even if they aren't the focus of the narrative.

As such, I think most of us strive to create the best characters that we can. Character design can be complicated, though, can’t it? I mean, you have to come up with a whole new person! People are incredibly complex, and sometimes it's hard to replicate that same depth within a character. That's why I've created this packet.

It's not a guide to character design or anything like that, but I created a list of activities that will hopefully help flesh out your little human-shaped brain baby. You are welcome to use any of the packet's exercises as you wish; please don't feel pressured to do the entire thing if you decide to try it out! I know it's pretty long, and I intend to update it periodically as I come up with other helpful exercises of the same vein.

I'd love to hear any recommendations for additional exercises if you have any. Also, feel free to post your completed sheets down below so we can all admire your creativity!

The packet:



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Yet another wonderful and highly informative thread @Jenamos. I love this, and I'm sure a lot of people will find it helpful! I know I struggle sometimes coming up with characters.
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