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  1. There was no uprising. No rebellion. No civil rights marches. No protests. No war.
    All in all, very little blood has been spilled over the inexplicable phenomenon that is the super human population of the planet Earth.

    Scientists believe that they may have first started to appear in the 18th century. The original super humans were incredibly weak compared to today's standards, and few and far between. It would be easy for them to hide their abnormalities away. Their numbers slowly grew over the century, with powers growing stronger and harder to control and hide. The spread of new technologies caused a spike in the number of super humans during the 1800s, although research suggests that these were early technopaths and manipulators of electricity that simply had never been exposed to the things that would trigger their gift.

    By the 1900s, it wasn't unusual to hear reports of people doing strange or odd things. Communities accepted and protected their own, although when war arrived in 1914, they suddenly became harder to hide. Stories of soldiers with super strength, those immune to gas, impervious to bullets and even several rising from the dead became widespread. The aftermath of the war and the PTSD made life difficult for many a soldier, and harder still for a man who may have already been struggling to hide his abilities.

    By the time of the the second Great War, the super human phenomenon was all but accepted by the public at large, and those 'gifted' individuals who went to fight for their country were hailed as heroes. The first super heroes, one might say...

    Fast forward to the 2000's. The heroes of the 1940s have been immortalized. Super humans are part of every day life, although their numbers are in decline. There is no guarantee of two 'mutant' parents having a gifted child, and a 'normal' child born to super parents is quickly becoming a more frequent event. Of course, not all supers have good intentions and many use their abilities for their own benefits or for purely illegal activity. They frequently clash with law enforcement, both the regular police and usually a super human branch. These clashes fuel the imagination of the world, and it becomes a very profitable business for some...

    One of the world's most popular gifted branches is based on America's west coast, in a city named Orwall. Talented, gifted humans, saving their home, their country, and the world from danger on a day to day basis.

    Disaster struck and the team failed to save the day. 52 people died, and Orwall's sensational team fell out of favor with the public. No longer able to function as a team, they disbanded for good, and went their separate ways.

    Ten years on, almost to the day, a letter is sent to each of the team, informing them that there is a plot to reduce the city they once loved and protected to an irradiated crater. Failure to comply, or even to try will result in the slow and painful deaths of everyone and everything they love.

    A cafe in downdown Orwall. You are given two days from the arrival of the letter to get there, to meet the other five, or people will definitely start dying again.

    That day is now today, and it's all up to you.

    Here be Rules (open)

    Play nice, play fair. No godmodding, over-powering or mary-sueing.

    You may play up to two characters -- one of each gender, unless the gender balance becomes skewed.

    Once a power has been taken, it's taken. No duplicate powers, and no 'mind-control' or similar psychic powers either.

    This RP is rated at Adept, which means I expect everything that comes under that tab, especially in regard to spelling and grammar.

    Please plot with your characters. This was a team after all at one stage, even if they might have hated each others guts.

    I'm open to ideas for subplots or plot twists. Don't be afraid to let me know if you have some ideas!

    Please post regularly or at least let me know if you're going away for a few days. I'll afford the group the same courtesy.

    Skeletons in the Closet (open)

    Your character's name.

    Your secret identity, or did you have one?

    26+ please, following the logic of the setting...

    You may have up to three 'related' abilities, e.g. technopathy - cyberpathy - mild electrical manipulation.
    The fewer abilities you have, the stronger they can be. Please don't over power your characters!
    Please include the negatives as well as the positives, e.g. Electrical manipulator shocks people if they are touched.

    How you became a hero, and what happened after you weren't.
    [2-3 paragraphs please!]

    Your relationships to other people, including your old teammates.
    Feel free to add romantic attachments here.

    Physical Description:
    I want a written description; feel free to add pictures (realistic) if you want, but the written part is mandatory.
    Please don't use pictures of celebrities or well-known actors.

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