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  1. Layla loved those moans that Yura were giving. In fact, if Yura just came. Then, Layla was looking forward to how far she could take this without revealing her feelings. "You had milk for over a hundred years? did you realize you had milk?" Several hours of milk! "Maybe you should...let me have some, and relieve your breasts of some of that milk..." with her wondering if all the other older dragons had milk. Once the lobster was done they started to enjoy the food. She noticed that Yura did not seem to care which part she ate from, and so Layla purposefully started to hand Yura some so that Yura was eating after her like a second hand kiss. Layla really liked the bit she got that had Yura's milk on it.

    As they went under water....well Layla was surprised, but loved how she was scoop up, and gave a kiss for 'air'. Well, Layla would treasure this memory especially since Yura allowed Layla to enjoy the view of the underwater area. Once they found a underwater cave they came up, and Layla had no trouble making some 'light' due to her lightning. Rather it was by a crystal storing some of the energy, or cause Layla caught something on fire. Still Layla hugged Yura and said "This can be one of our secret spots. We could get ______ to bring some stuff down here using earth. Since anything we take through water will get wet. But beyond earth dragons its unlikely other dragons would come here. Well, besides another water dragon, but this is basically your territory far as water goes..."

    Layla was really happy about this date. Even if her sister did not call it that, but ...maybe... "Since we are in a private spot. Would you be willing to help me practice kissing....its a lot more innocent than touching each others breasts, and we kissed ago so I could breath under water..." with her wondering how far she could stretch the 'practicing' bit with Yura.
  2. Awesome. Then we rp tomorrow. Unless something comes up like before, but hopefully not. And hopefully your weather does not hurt your internet.
  3. "What do you mean?" Lucius asked quietly, avoiding eye contact.

    Astorath pulled out the stuffed bear and placed it next to Melody.
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  4. "Mars, you delightfully adorable thing, is work all you can think of? I mean I heard rumblings that Diablo is free but I think we're all smart enough to see through his whispering little devils."

    Mars frown, "Anya and Aria are very sheltered. They won't be able to resist him."
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  6. Does this function?
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  7. is Artyom still with Mason
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