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  1. OMG Mini's back on the market?!

    Yes, rejoice.

    I'm looking for a partner. yeah, just one. I can only keep up with so much and school and a job and my work around here.

    So here's the skinny!

    Dear Partner: I need you to:
    • Be 18 or older
    • Be okay with slow responses. It might take me up to a few weeks to get back to you in the worst situations. On average, give me one or two weeks.
    • Not be afraid to poke/remind me if it's been a while or you're worried I've forgotten. I'm not infallible, I do forget! And I appreciate the reminder!
    • Be of a similar style to me; see my resume under "Random Notes" for details
    • Be flexible about plot and story direction; it's fun if it can change!
    For my part, I promise to:
    • Wait as long as you need to reply; I can even revive our thread if it gets graveyarded!
    • Take your plots, characters, and ideas into consideration, too; if you want to do something that isn't on this post or in my resume, suggest away! I'd love to hear it.
    • Do my best to keep the story moving and entertaining for you.
    The list of what I straight-up won't do is very short:
    • Canon characters in a fandom
    • All Smut, All the Time
    • Teenage/child characters
    • Animals/non-humanoid characters
    Here's some of the ideas I have; feel free to suggest yours if they're not here!

    These are pretty vague outlines; we'll need developed (non token/stereotype) characters for the roles, and then a plot to throw them into! These work best combined with one of the plots further down :)

    Vampire x Mortal
    Disabled Nobility x Personal Assistant
    Barista x Regular
    Rockstar x Anti-fan
    Champion x Rival/Runner-up

    Storylines that need characters! Very tweak-able, so if you'd like to change soemthing about them, feel free!

    Character A has a crush on character B. Character A is also a member of a fantasy race that exists in secret on Earth (almost) As We Know It. When Character B discovers their secret by mistake, their memory is wiped to protect the secret, but A stays close partly because they worry about the effects of a memory-wipe, partly because they can't bear to disappear from their life. But what happens when the memories start to return?

    Earth has a twin. A second dimension with magic and fantastical creatures; and that world is coming to its end via apocalypse. With the last of the world's ambient magic, the greatest mages opened a gate to Earth, and begged sanctuary. The UN agreed, and the refugees were sheltered in consenting nations around the globe, and programs were set up to acclimatize the immigrants. We play a refugee and a host.

    The use'
    if you're down for some cliches, it's been a while since I had a good old fashioned chosen-heroes-vs-evil-overlord RP. Dragons and castles and sorcerers and insane rogue Knights and all that jazz. I'm good at keeping this kind of thing going, so we'd have lots of plot and action.

    In a fantasy alternate reality, around the feudal/medieval ages, there exists a small village whose guardian spirit lives on top of a nearby mountain. This deity, who sees after the wellbeing of the village, has been behaving strangely negligent lately. Drought starves the crops, and acid rains kill what manages to sprout anyway. Dangerous demons run amok in the countryside, and people are going missing in the hills. Tired of waiting for seemingly futile sacrifices and prayers to incite a change, two villagers sneak onto Holy Ground to find answers themselves.

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  2. Hello! I wouldn't mind Rping with you. Let's see now... I fancy godslayers, refuge, recovery, champions x runner up or rival, rockstar x anitfan,
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  3. Hmm, unfortunately I don't think we're the best match :( good luck to you though!
  4. I like the idea of 'Recovery' there. I like to think that I fit your list of requirements, but don't be afraid to tell me otherwise!
  5. Hmm, I like what I see, but I have some questions; I'll message you!
  6. Can I request batista x regular
  7. Ah! Sorry, I forgot tags, I only play with 18+ members >.<

    *edits that in*
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