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  1. Hello! Please call me Alex. It's been quite a while since I've roleplayed, so I could use some low-key roleplays to get be back into things.

    Harry Potter: I have experience playing Ginny, George, Draco, and Hermione. I'm willing to take a crack at playing Harry. I also have created a few OCs who are Hogwarts students and one Ministry worker. I most enjoy playing against Severus, Lucius, Ron, Luna, Bellatrix, and Tonks. I'm fine doing something with all OCs. I mostly stick to the Golden Trio era, but I'm willing to try out Marauders.

    Boarding School: This can either be a school for the supernaturally gifted or one for those gifted in performing arts. Either way, I'd like to have us each play multiple characters. I'm thinking we could each play three characters and have one of each pairing type.

    Family: There are so many options for this one. My favorites are step-siblings, adoption, starting a family, foster-family, and struggling single parent.

    Orphan Black: I haven't gotten the chance to play in this universe yet. I'd like to try playing Felix or Cosima. I also have a couple OC clones in mind. I'd like to play opposite Colin, Tony, Delphine, or anyone really.

    Best Friends: We'd start with them in high school. I'd like them to be both females. My idea is that we'd each play each other's various love interests from start until break up and each of them are always there for the other and comforts her during a break up. We'd go through several relationships each before the two would end up getting together, but we'd throw in lots of drama and twists before we get to that point.

    Femslash: I can never get enough of FxF. Feel free to come to me with any ideas you have that involve this.

    Male Slash: I mostly want to do something that involves a gay couple taking in a couple of foster-kids. We'd focus on both the relationship between the two men and the kids adjusting to their new foster-home after being to a lot of bad ones.
  2. I'm interested in your family one, specifically, the step-siblings one. I can see an older step-sibling being a large influence on the younger step-sibling, whereas they're like, a musician or play a sport, that kind of thing. The younger would get jealous of this, trying to outdo the older. I'm not sure if that's in your interests, but anyways.
    I'm also very interested in Femslash, just don't know what exactly yet. I suppose the Best Friends plot would work here, if nothing else is worked out.
  3. Hello I like your ideas, the ones I really like the boarding school and family-adoption.
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