Gerard Way?:D Pleeeaseee!

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  1. 'Kay, so I'm really into MCR again and omg Gerard is just the cutest, so, I would really love it if someone could play him for me in a Celeb/Oc romance role play!

    I'm willing to play any other celeb, from the band or not, that I know of.
    I may not have their personality down though- because I don't stalk celebrities lol.

    If interested, please read my requirements first, then contact me!

    (1) Please use proper grammar and punctuation.

    (2) Be able to spell correctly- even if you have to use spell check.

    (3) Know the difference between "Your" & "You're", "There", "Their" & "They're", "Our" & "Are".

    (4) Please use third person only. If you switch from third to first or first to third, I will most likely quit the role play.

    (5) Be honest, and communicate with me. If you're going to be busy, or if you'd like to quit, maybe even if you'd like to take the role play in a different direction, please PM me! I don't enjoy being left behind without a word.

    (6) I'd appreciate someone who can reply at least once a day, or once every other day.

    Celebs/Bands I will not do:

    Jonas Brothers
    Justin Bieber
    One Direction
    The Royal Family

  2. *Clears throat*

    Gerard Way you say? Perhaps... Bert McCracken?

  3. Okay, let's try this! Please PM me~