George Lucas set to retire.

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  1. Give him a goddamn colouring book and for god's sake someone take the Star Wars IP off him before he fucks it up even further.
  2. He'll never
  3. Please let star wars go public domain, at least then we can have a review board on what does and doesn't count.
  4. WAIT.
    first three star wars movies.
    Does that mean the one I saw? When he's a little kid?
    Cuz that was the one that I thought was the first, and watched it, and people yelled at me that I watched it wrong. >___>

    He's a big money guy now. :D
    I don't blame him.
    I wonder what he'll do now as he retires.. o wo
  5. Pfft. Retire? From what? He doesn't DO anything, unless being a rich guy who makes bad decisions is truly hard work. Really, he's just leaving the bigger business to start new business in his garage. And I doubt it will stop there because he'll miss his constant flow of big money. Also, he's done this before! He's announced his retirement and then changed his mind more than once. -___-

    Good for him anyway, I guess.

    ...all bitterness aside, he's still one of the top 5 people I want to shake hands with.
  6. I do not really know how to feel about this. On the one hand, he is a very famous person who was responsible for the original Star Wars trilogy. On the other hand, he is responsible for the new trilogy, about which I have some mixed feelings. I just hope that whoever does the live-action series announced in the article will keep the feeling and the atmosphere of the franchise.
  7. The prequel trilogy are kind of demonstrations that Lucas shouldn't be allowed full creative control over things, else you want it to go horribly wrong. With the originals he wasn't the one calling all the shots; there were others who produced and directed those films, ensuring that the good bits stayed and the crazy bits got cut. The minute he got to make a Star Wars film that was completely under his control, however, we got 'The Phantom Menace'.