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  1. Rated PG-13 for mild violence and vivid history.


    (I apologize for the choppiness of the story/plot. I had a bad headache, and thus lead to writer's block. However, I'm honestly not a fan of making my own RPs. I'm seeking for a bit of assistance!)

    Geomin: A big kingdom of minuscule varieties. It was so small, it has to be seen with binoculars and one's microscope if they get lucky. The kingdom of Geomin existed since the 1800s when the king of the land called for a meeting. King Fourscore Travis called for a meeting under the chair as a privileged rat. King Fourscore's men included blacksmiths and insects. The insects were called the knights of the Molecule Palace. The left-handed knights worked as servants and ONLY servants due to the way the doorways were designed.

    Castle of Starlight (open)


    Castle of Ganera (open)

    Scenery of the city (open)

    King Fourscore began his speech to all the past residents of Geomin. It was a sunny day of October 3, 1893. Because of the plague steaming from doors to the rancid breath of the other rats, there was practically death as he spoke. "I have received word that the palace is filled with the plague. Unfortunately, I can't help them, for God set it this way. We bite from humans--you dirty, belligerent vampires! We are ridiculed in our world, and we cannot have this happen to us. This is an all-new country with new people and wonderful races of all kinds. If we can not accept humans, then we can not accept anyone. If we can not accept everyone, there will be more smudges of deep red. We can not afford to have a devastation that threatens our pride. We stand for what is right, and we stand... for ALL!!" Kind Fourscore's short, but memorable speech was ever since unfinished. Ironically, King Fourscore died on the day of his speech.

    The next founder of the Geomin would only destroy it with ignorance or with craziness. The residents of Geomin--often dust mites, bacteria and other miniature races were in an all-out war trying to find shelter from an unacceptable environment. However, there was one understanding girl who listened to their pleas. A seventeen-year-old boy named Drew Follocks found the people of Geomin swimming in his chocolate pudding as their excuse was for food.

    Drew made a hard choice to give up his schoolwork to work with the residents of the Geomin. Sometimes, the brainwashed warriors would attack him because he was a human, and the rest would attack him out of boredom. Nevertheless, Drew was very close to the people. He also promised to help them in any way he could. However, because one of the Geominans went in his stomach and stabbed his heart (while he ate pizza), Drew died from a said "Heart attack".

    By 2103, there was a variety of new species being made under the grasses of Cresthaven, England. There were little nymphs playing with some of the Hulmnids and the Hominids together. Other times, there were tiny wars with definite victories. But now, there is an evil force in town that makes humans go crazy over "bug" infestations. As the end of the tiny world drew near, they tried fighting back, but the Geomins got killed every time. Now, the friendly path was narrowing down, and they had no choice but to ally with them.

    Recently, there was trouble stirring from all sides. A new threat started to whirl right in the kingdom. On January 22, 2102, the Princess of Geomin, Kaguya Kazenai and the Princess of Rattlebaby, Luna Lovejoy were kidnapped by a notorious Hulmnid gang called The Gazebo as a way of taking their money. Their steed, Luigi the Siamese cat, stampeded on the entire kingdom of Geomin, and it is now in a heap of demise.

    LUNA LOVEJOY (open)



    Hominids (homodryads) are a species of the Geomin that live above ground. They breathe and can give labor like humans do. Hominids get along quite well with humans as long as they appear old enough to understand. Hominids are omnivorous and prefer eating organisms that humans eat, such as corn, hamburgers, etc. Hominids cannot be easily seen with the naked eye, but they are much bigger than that of a dust mite. Hominid warriors are sometimes seen riding on black ants. The average height is about 15.3 cm for a man and 13.7 cm for a female. The tallest Hominid ever recorded was 24 cm (a male) and 19 cm (a female) The regular traits of a Hominid would be light to tan skin with blue or brown eyes. Hulmnids and Hominids can reproduce to make children. Like that of a human, female hominids have longer hair than that of a male. Albino and very pale Hominids have their own race called Blazanil. Most of them do not have a tail, but reproduction with another species might cause this to happen. Hominids are nimble, strong, and sometimes dauntless. They can live for a maximum of 777 years, though there were some figures that lived well past this age (and are still alive).

    Breakfast's ready... (open)

    Sub-species (open)
    Blazanil are mostly Arctic albino races that only live in the mountainous or places where precipitation is often (like Seattle, Washington). They are slightly pale and have Albino touches to their faces. They have the same height, but they never had a height past 20 cm due to their fertile habitat. Blazanil and Hulmnids get along quite well, and they are not as interested in making fights and they are "protectors of the field". Blazanil have a hard time reproducing. To get their blood, they need to eat things such as a whole hamburger (which is a giant meal) in order to have enough blood to bare children. Blazanil and Volonia are not allowed to bare children. A Hulmnid and a Hominid can reproduce to have children effectively. A Blazanil can live up to 300 years old.

    Volonia are a vampiric form of Homonids who crave for blood. Because of their incessant hunger for animal blood, they are not to be taken lightly, especially when around humans. Volonia also like the taste of human saliva and sweat. They do not prefer to be pushed around, and they refuse to drink blood out of a Hulmnid. Volonia are often depicted with their vividly-colored hair and yellow, grey (or red) eyes. Some Volonia are scared of crosses and Holy water. They dislike the sun to where they must shield themselves from the burning light. Because their wombs may kill a female hominid, Volonia are not allowed and can not reproduce. It is possible for a Willow and a Hulmnid to reproduce a Volonia, but not vice versa. Volonia are mostly nocturnal, going out to eat only at night. Volonia are very fast and will not hesitate to kill a rat for its blood. Their average height is 14 cm (male) and 17 cm (female). Unlike some of the other races, females are taller than the men. The highest recorded height is 23 cm (male) and 26 cm (female). Female Volonia prefer the company of a human male. Male Volonia prefer human women. They can live to be well over 2000 years old.

    Hulmnids (Humultrysts) are species of the Geomin that are often looked down at due to their taller huskier, and generally weaker bodies. Hulmnids are often depicted with bodies larger than that of a Hominid, and often have hairless or cat-like tails. Hulminids are also more beast-like in appearance. Males have more hair at their face than would a female (which more grows on the head and tail). Their sneezes can kick a tiny Hominid girl off of her little feet. Unlike that of a human, they have tails, animal ears and pointed fangs (sometimes, they would have elf-like ears). Hulmnids are also weaker than a human or a Hominid. Females are more likely to develop hay fever than men. By 2101, the ratio of Hulmnids with hay fever evened out. Because a Hulmnid is weak, they are thus slower to respond. They can be seen easier with a naked eye. Hulmnids are silent attackers, and show radiating kindness towards a person. Some Hulmnids are cowardly and refuse to fight. Others will fight and succeed. The average height is 22 cm (male) and 18 cm (female) The largest recorded was 35 cm (Male) and 29.5 cm (female). If enlarged to normal size, a female Hulmnid's breasts are about 38-44 in AA~G cup sizes. A female Hulmnid is thought to be weaker because of her unusually huge cleavage. Contrary to this belief, A female Hulmnid is always hunting and taking care of her children, hence why they live longer lives. Their husbands make up for hunting during the winter or when a female hulmnid has fell ill. Their husbands work just as hard, but due to his wife working most of the time, he gets SOME time to relax. Unfortunately, Hulmnids can live up to 400 years. There are lucky ones who lived more than that. The princess Dreia Kazenai of the Geomins is a Hulmnid living for 602 years. A Hulmnid is much more intelligent than that of an Hominid. They are the few species (other than the Family of Hominids) that can talk, read, write and interpret any form of English. An Hulmnid's tail can also determine what level they are on. If they are deemed prey, their tail is so flat, it looked pinned on them. If they are strong, their tail acts like a part of the body, wagging and moving freely. Some strong Hulmnids are able to make their tails prehensile.

    Sub-species (open)

    Burozei: Let's go (open)

    Burozei are Albino Hulmnid races that only live in the mountainous or places where precipitation is often (like Seattle, Washington). They are slightly pale and have Albino touches to their faces. They have the same height, but they never had a height past 40 cm due to their fertile habitat. Burozei and Hominids get along quite well, and they are not as interested in making fights and they are "protectors of the field". Burozei have a harder time reproducing. To get their blood, they need to eat things such as a whole hamburger (which is a giant meal) in order to have enough blood to bare children. Burozei are only allowed to give birth to other Hulmnids and to their own race. A Hulmnid and a Hominid can reproduce to have children effectively. A Burozei can live up to 250 years old.

    Virzei are a vampiric form of Hulmnids who crave for blood. Because of their incessant hunger for animal blood, they are not to be taken lightly, especially when around humans. Virzei also like the taste of human saliva and sweat. They do not prefer to be pushed around. They refuse to drink blood out of a Hominid due to the hatred seeping within them. Virzei are often depicted with their vividly dark-colored hair and blue, brown (or green) eyes. Virzei are unaffected with crosses and Holy Water. In fact, Virzei are highly religious individuals. They like the sunlight, but they must keep their distance from a full moon. A Volonia and a Virzei cannot reproduce at all. It is possible for a Drak (Hulmnid form of a Willow) and a Hominid to reproduce a Virzei (or Volonia; whichever's dominant), but not vice versa. Virzei are mostly diurnal, going out to eat only in the day. Virzei are not as fast. They do not use their speed unless if necessary. Virzei have hearts, and they only suck blood when necessary. Their average height is 19 cm (male) and 24 cm (female). Unlike some of the other races, females are taller than the men. The highest recorded height is 33 cm (male) and 36 cm (female). Female Virzei do not get along with humans, and may brand them as slaves. Male Virzei also love teasing their female variants. They can live to be well over 2000 years old. They do not have illnesses.

    Rozune are Hulmnids with wings and a few bird-like traits outside of a humanoid body. Rozune are dangerous, and do not like to be swatted or spritzed with chemicals. Rozune have ridiculously sensitive ears and noses, sometimes getting dizzy by bell chimes or overreacting to a very faint smell. Some Rozune are very kind towards humans in spite of their defect. They generally get away from people that add too much scent or reek with pride. Some are nocturnal, and some are diurnal. They are very diligent, plucking away at things such as flesh and nests. Males are 14 cm and females are usually 18 cm. The tallest recorded would be 27 cm for a male and 33 cm for a female.

    Falpas are a type of Geomin species that often hibernate. Falpas are often hunting in the woods, and don't hesitate to grab a snack or two on the way. Falpas are often thought to be the prey, and they take the form of furry foxes or wolves. At night, they can become wolves with big, swooping tails, like a Chinese tengu. The average height is 18 cm (male) and 17 cm (female) The largest recorded was 25 cm (Male) and 21 cm (female). They can live for up to 200 years, much less since their years are measures like that of a dog's. They usually hunt in packs, almost like wolves. They are NOT to be taken lightly, for they have a feral attitude towards humans. To Hominids, they are easily feared, but others ride on them for the fun of it.

    Nekori are very cat-like. In fact, they can turn into a cat to disguise themselves at night. The Hulmnid version may have a few with two tails. An Homnid version would only have a stubby tail r none at all. However, The Hulmnid version does a lot of things that are contrary to the beliefs of kittens. A few female Nekori are naturally allergic to peanuts. However, there are cases in where they overcome this allergy. They're very fast and very diligent. However, the females are more plump than the men. Females often scratch themselves at the nose. FUN FACT: Nekori Geomin are the only race that's naturally lactose-intolerant, thus they cannot eat cheese. Ironically, female Nekori have to nibble into blocks of cheese to aid in pregnancy. In the Gazebo, the Orange is almost always a Nekori. Males are 14 cm and females are usually 18 cm. The tallest recorded would be 27 cm for a male and 33 cm for a female. Males are very protective of their wives, and will not hesitate to maul a human if they stomped on their girl. A few Nekori work as necromancers.

    Mizuri are an aquatic, merfolk race. Mizuri look like mermaids that live in the aquariums and seas of the city of Cresthaven, England. Mizuri are not rare, but they do NOT Get along with the vampire races. They are lustrous and are often dubbed "The Swimming Beauties". They are very common in parts of Australia, especially the Great Barrier Reef.

    Humonniads are half Hulmnid/half-Hominid. Some of them have a mostly Hulmnid line to them but are smaller than the average hominid. Due to differences between organs, Falpas cannot reproduce with a full-bred hominid or Hulminid. Because of their in-between height, they are deemed as "plucky artists". They are able to show some agility in their legs. Some Humonniads are deemed to be very open-minded and wise. Others do nothing but drink and become miserable. The average height is 17 cm (male) and 14 cm (female). The tallest ever recorded would have been a WHOPPING 48 cm (male) and 34 cm (female). Some have tails, but some do not. It is very rare for them to have hay fever, if at all. However, this trait can be passed by genetics. The females are noticeably fuller-chested.


    Well, let us all break this down in a peaceful manner~!

    1) Hey! I'm not the real boss here!
    RPA Rules and Guidelines still apply when you are creating your character or joining in the tiny adventures. This time, this is rated PG. Gratuitous gore, violence and even sex is a no-no. If you are unsure of something, err on the side of caution and refrain from using it. With that said, please do not use profanity in your posts (aside from "darn", "arse", "cuckold", "Hell" or "heck"; feel free to compose your own curses) If you are unsure of what is allowed and what isn't, come to me, refer to the RPA Rules or ask a Staff Member. They'll gladly help you out! And I did not make RPA rules. I play by them.

    2) Yo! Stop playing hide and seek!
    DO NOT DITCH AND RUN! Once you enter the Role play, think of it as signing a contract; you have to agree to follow the commitments. Do your best to post at least once or twice a day. If that cannot happen in the case you will be gone for more than a week, I will preserve your character until you ask me to kill your character. You must notify me when you will be gone as to prevent a goose chase. As I may as well be busy, I'd expect at least a week's worth of activity. If you do not notify me ahead of time or within two weeks of your absence, being a kid friendly role play... Guess what happens when you don't call Mama Yuu?

    3) Read The Sign!
    It is fine if we make mistakes, especially for our first posts in a role play. However, when you make your character, DO NOT ignore the lore attached to it! I cannot stress this rule enough. I mean, I don't want to be harsh, but I may ask you to edit your posts or character if I see flaws. And For the Love of Kazenai-hime, DO NOT CREATE THINGS ON YOUR OWN WITHOUT PERMISSION!!

    4) Is this part of the script?!
    Railroading is prohibited; taking the plot to where you want it or defiling the power of the officials is not allowed. This is a serious offense, and you will be reported if I catch you directing everyone to where you want it. You will also be asked to leave if it puts the game to an irrevocable point.

    5) "All Right! Next!"
    It is imperative that you have a character sheet ready-to-go, even if you feel unsure of joining. One day, we'll need small heroes and villains. You must have your sheet approved by me before you post in the In-Character section. The princess you are loyal to will determine your status. There is a two paragraph minimum. That said, please do not type under two paragraphs. Sometimes, if we just can't do it, I understand. We will need something to go with that flows. Try to spell-check and correct any grammatical mistakes. If life kills your creativity, take a breather and try again. Do not hog the role play; let other people post.

    6) Respect from Thee brings Respect to me~!
    This is the important aspect in all role plays, including this one. Basically, you give me respect, and I'll give you respect. Be respectful to others and don't act like you need to pester people to post. It is nice that you are checking up on them. At least 2/3 of the role players have that invisible hammer bonking them towards the subterranean crust. That hammer's called LIFE, and it's a great killer of the fun. This does not excuse you to cause a fracas on the Out-Of-Character thread. You can be a bully in-character, and NOT out-of-character. Those are different dimensions, and we want it to stay that way.

    Just because you get in a disagreement In-Character does not mean you can leash the problem and take a fiery stroll Out-Of-Character. Disagreements are to be settled outside of the game. Drama made out-of-character is, by all means, OFF LIMITS. Any drama seeping in the Out-of-Character thread will be put away with. If I feel that the one who creates the drama can not be dealt with peacefully, a Mod will be contacted. Mods are like the police! Additionally, I may call you out if I feel that the IC drama's overly exaggerated.

    8) Whoa! When did you learn to do that?!
    No god-modding, meta-gaming, or power-playing. God-modding is Suwako Moriya's Zeus's thing. Basically, you're just a normal guy screaming "I. AM. JESUS!!!" in the same way as the man from 300. REALLY? If you do that, I might as well call a mod. They're OFFICIALLY the dogs of the place, not me. Meta-gaming is kind of like Satori Komeiji's an awesome psychic's shtick: mind-reading. Or realistically, plotting a way to say "The Regulars are coming!" when it was etched somewhere out-of-character and NOT in-character. Don't do that. Power-playing is basically controlling every game piece. Please. don't do that... Wait a little, okay?

    9) Nobody's Perfect
    I do not appreciate Mary Sues//Marty Stus. And do not act like you were born to be flawless (perfect body, beautiful, etc.). I'll probably draw a curly MOO-Stache onto your face, even if you like your smudges! Seriously, nobody's going to be a perfect person or know everything from the first time stated. That's be ludicrous! Instead, try to watch and learn. I would like your character to be a dynamic; they can change with us.

    10) Okay, okay okay! There's not enough tickets for all of you guys!
    Unfortunately, there is a character limit. You must be able to post at least twice a week. This is especially stressed for those who want to make a human. I mean, I do not want people just choosing humans; the Hominids are like humans. They are just a smaller size! So in this role play, you are allowed to control a maximum of four characters, excluding NPCs. And again, please do not ignore the lore! I expanded the human count to eight, and ONLY eight. and there's a lot of roles to play. If the humans close out early, you can always get to play as a Gazebo or even the Rosary lady. Yes, you can play as Rosary if you ask!

    Character Sheet

    Full Name: (self-explanatory, yo...)
    Gender: (if playing as a human, there are limited spots.)
    Date of Birth: (make it correspond to April 3, 2104)
    Age: (a human should be AT LEAST six to understand the world)
    Position: (One of the other species ONLY)
    Height: (make it realistic if a human or the races explained above)
    Species: (if a human, then you may have UP TO TWO!)
    Appearance: (preferably realistic picture; Must be spoilered)
    FORMER APPEARANCE: (A Description of the character's appearance is required; anything not in there MUST be listed.)
    Personality: (What is your character like? At least two paragraphs)
    Biography: (At least two paragraphs)

    For the Gazebos:

    Gang Title: (What is your former title in the gang? Example: Youkai's Baby Jesus; The Spiky Vixen; you do not even have to like the name)
    Full Name:
    Species: (if human, you may add that.)
    Reason For Abnegation (Humans only):
    Gaz Tier: (What are you in the clan? A Hourai? Perhaps an Orange? If a human, you must add [Gaz Tier]'s Pet/Partner)
    Date of Birth:
    Appearance: (A Picture; preferably semi realistic)
    FORMER APPEARANCE: (A physical description of your character)
    Group/Outside Disposition: (How do you act in the group? How do you act outside of the Gazebo clan?)
    Brief Bio: (A Biography wouldn't even be too important if you're a Gazebo; simply add how you got into the group. IF a human, then explain a bit about your life also.)

    You do not have to take these spots. If all are taken, you may add "Civilian" or "Abnegated" if you are one of the Gazebo (think of the Yakuza). If the latter, you are in for conflict, and may be the fist one to be killed. You can reserve up to a week. Humans can reserve up to five days.

    Controller: Yuuka (I will be controlling some of the people to move the plot along. I might make someone if I feel a need to do so.)
    Lieutenant: Player 2
    Ally: Player 3

    The Emperor Tsutomu Hideyoshi Kazenai: (special only/Kaguya's father)
    The Empress Aya Ryoko Hattori-Kazenai: (Special Only/Kaguya's mother)
    Princess Kaguya Tomoe Kazenai:
    Servant 1:
    Servant 2:

    King Gallium Lovejoy: (special only/Luna's father)
    Queen Visca Marie Johnson-Lovejoy:(special only/Luna's mother)
    Princess Luna Lovejoy: (Special only! You have the freedom of making her sheet; if I make a sheet for you, you can edit it in any way you please.)
    Prince Marvin Thaddeus Lovejoy: (Special only! You have the freedom of making his sheet; if I make a sheet for you, you can edit it in any way you please.)
    Servant 1:
    Servant 2:

    UPDATE! You can now play up to two humans!

    Human 1 (male):
    Human 2 (female):
    Human 3 (male):
    Human 4 (female):
    Human 5 (male):
    Human 6 (female):
    Human 7 (male):
    Human 8 (female):

    Relationships can change over time!

    Human 2 and 4 are best friends. Human 2 and 3 are friends and regular customers of Rosary Morgenstern's Flora Bravado.

    Human 1 and 3 are brothers. They do not get along well, and often fight over little things. Human 3 has a crush on Human 2.

    Human 4 hates Human 1, and is bisexual. Human 4 is secretly abnegated, thus she hates the princesses.

    Human 2, 5 and 6 are valedictorians at the Candlewood High School in Cresthaven, Illinois.

    Human 1 is Atheist; he also does not believe in the Geomins, thus he is null.

    Human 2 and 6 are Helpers. Human 2 is wishful to Princess Kazenai, and Human 6 is wishful to Princess Lovejoy. Human 7 is secretly a Helper, but is Abnegated for social amendments. Human 5 and 8 attend Lindenwood University in Belleville, Illinois (not too far from Cresthaven--2 miles!). Human 4 is in an IEP Learning Strategies class at the Candlewood High School.

    Gardener and Mother Rosary Lorelei Morgenstern: A 29-year-old eccentric woman who often tames to roses and sings eerily while doing it. She is a Helper and former Tamer of the Geomin, and wears flat shoes at all times. Rosary is a woman with a large bust, and a charm to all of Cresthaven, Illinois. Rosary hasn't had any encounters aside the assault she encounters outside her job. Rosary had Aspergers and Scizophrenia when she was little, believing that "little elves" came to visit her. Rosary became one of the few believers and eventually a Helper to the Geomin. She is against the Gazebo, and finds them a harmful race.

    Info about the Gazebo

    The Gazebo was formed by a pair of unwilling Geomin (and human allies) who acted defiantly towards Princess Kazenai. Princess Kazenai ordered an exile from her daimyo and elder brother, Kazenai Tsutomu to the group. The Gazebo was formed in 2045 by Kazuya Kanemoto (The Captain of the clan). They were formed to kidnap and murder the wealthy to get all of their gold. They also are a gang that can often take roundabout trips to stores to rob cigarettes and other illegals.

    They also have group titles for the gang. They are (from lowest to greatest):

    Lilac (Newbie/ Helper)
    Tsyru (Soldier)
    Poppet (Thief)
    Irus (decodes different languages)
    Totos (spy)
    Orange (Bartender of hideout; expert assassin [usually female; there can be a male Orange])
    Llamo (Second Lieutenant; makes the maps)
    Deva (Maiden-in-Charge [always female])
    Hourai (Captain)
    Poliza (Sargent; In charge of everyone's well-being)
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    I'd love to have a lot of fun with it! IC will start soon.
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