RESOURCE Geography Questionnaire [Updating and Accepting Ideas!]

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  1. So I was asked to start compiling a questionnaire for you guys to fill out, one of them was a geography/terrain questionnaire and here is what I have so far. If you have more questions I can add to it, then please do!
    Geography Sheet

    Does your World have climate Change?:

    What climates reside over the regions in your world?:

    What type of gases make up your atmosphere?:

    What elements are most prevalent in your atmosphere?:

    Does your atmosphere have liquid?:

    If so, what kind?

    Is there precipitation and moisture?:

    What type of weather does your world have?:

    What is the air pressure like in your world?:

    Does your world generate clouds, and if so how is the cloud cover?:

    What is the hottest temperature in your world?

    The coldest Temperature?:

    If you were to chart/graph a 30 year time period of your world’s weather what would it look like?:

    Does your world have an ocean?:

    What type of Biomes does this world have?:

    What factors shape the unique features of each biome?:

    How do the Biome’s interact and blend with each other?:

    What flora is native to each Biome?:

    What fauna is native to each Biome?:

    How do the flora interact with their environment?:

    How do the Fauna interact with their environment?:

    What are the most developed life forms in Each Biome:

    What are the least developed life forms in each biome:

    What species have been eradicated due to extremes within the environment?:

    How long has this biome had to develop and has it changed over time?:
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