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  1. Geo Team- The geo team will be handling the physical world building, making maps, determining mineral composition, atmosphere, geology, geography, and climate. You don't have to be perfect, but research and basic knowledge is necessary for this group. A team leader is expected to have some interest in planets and why they do what they do.
    Geo team, Go! This is your discussion!

    Team Leader: Cammyjag


    Ozzie Chanter
  2. World Building Team Guidelines

    I've been asked to write down a few guidelines for the world building teams. These guidelines can be used if you wish, or you can come up with your own. These are not meant to be rules, but are meant to remind teams to use common sense and courtesy.

    1) Communicate well. If you want to be sure something is remembered, put it here in your team discussion! If you need to ask someone in another team something, send them a PM or an email.

    2) Be courteous. If you have an argument, present sources to back your side up. We have a few people with real backgrounds in their team's area, so they will appreciate good research and diligence.

    3) You don't have to adhere perfectly to scientific findings as we know them, but every good story has some basis in truth, so use that to your advantage.

    4) Teams may decide if they want to vote on decisions as democracies or leave the final decisions up to team leaders.

    5) Team leaders deserve your respect. They are volunteering to do a hard job. The same goes for the team researcher if someone takes that job. You don't have to do everything they suggest, but you should consider their findings.

    6) Team leaders, listen to your teammates' suggestions. They will often have very good ones.

    7) Team leaders, be prepared to poke your teammates if they are not on the ball. Don't pressure them too much, but there should be progress being made each week.

    8) Occasionally, the team leader or researcher should make a summary post in their discussion. Label it clearly and include everything you have decided upon for your part in the world creation. If you make a new one, don't forget to include what you summed up in the old ones if they are still applicable. This way, other teams can quickly see what you are up to.

    9) Major decisions should be made by all three teams in a set. Team leaders will bring their team's opinions to the other team leaders and a decision will be made.

    10) Recruit more people if you feel your team needs them. If there is someone who is not yet in Magrathea who would be a good helper, let them know about the group and the current project.

    11) Keep good notes. Team Leaders, keep a backup of current notes on Google Docs or on a thumb drive.

    12) Team leaders should put up a post for their discussion including what they want to work on first, asking what members can contribute what, and discussing times for working intensely.

    So there you have it. A guideline for world building teams!
  3. *is lonely with nobody to talk to*

    Anyway, throwing down ideas for a world:

    -There should be several biomes to support different species.
    -The dominant species will have the most expansive biome; which kind of species will depend on the Bio team.
    -We should work out the logistics of the land/water layout. I'm thinking more land than ocean, but with plenty of fresh water resources such as freshwater lakes, rivers, ice caps, etc.
    -Should the source of the magic exist as a basic common element in the air/earth so that it permeates everything and can be distilled down, or more of a mineable/refinable ore?
    -Just for a change, one of the poles should be hot, dry, barren desert, and the other the icy pole. The rest of the biomes will go in order of heat.
  4. That last bit sounds like the world would have quite a tilt to its axis to make that possible. I'm curious if that is the idea.

    A lot of freshwater is definitely an interesting concept. Any thoughts on perhaps a landlocked freshwater sea?
  5. Yes, that was the idea, like Uranus that spins on its side, and the one pole would always be facing the sun.

    And possibly more than one sea.
  6. Hrm.... perhaps not a complete sideways tilt, but a somewhat extreme one? Otherwise, we'd have a world with a thin band of twilight and mostly night on one side and day on the other.
  7. Something the Bio team needs to know as soon as you all know. If humans landed here, would they survive?

    I'm not sure if this belongs strictly here, but I needed somewhere to start.
  8. Okay, here's what I'm thinking of and am failing to explain in relation to the planet's axis tilt:

    When the planet rotates on its axis, it'll have one pole with almost constant daylight and only a few hours of twilight/dusk and the other with only a few hours of daylight per day. The rest of the planet will have daylight in decreasing amounts the more south it goes. I think it has to do more with how the planet revolves around its sun? Maybe something that causes the axis to keep a certain pole more towards the sun than the other?

    Basically, seasons exist more based on your geographical location, and less on the point of the planet's revolution around the sun...
  9. Okay, so an extreme tilt would work, then. But not a complete one. Okies!
  10. This is the survey and focus goal list for the Geo team.

    1) Determine the angle the planet sits at on its axis.

    2) Determine climates for each climate zone.

    3) Determine percentage of free water, ice, and dry land.

    4) Determine crust, mantle, and core make up.

    5) Determine what “water” is made of. Is it our sort of water?

    6) Determine any ley lines/world webs.

    7) Determine any major geological features.

    8) Determine any geologic wonders.

    9) Determine heavy mineral/gem/oil/resource concentrations.

    10) Develop a rough map.
  11. not understanding #6...
  12. Ley lines or world webs are natural causes of magic. If you want to handle the way magic is built into the physical world differently, you can do that instead.
  13. I think we might have to Skype so you can break that down for me...
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