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  1. Okay, I sort of just came up with this idea today. It's sort of like the League of Extradorinary Gentlemen, except the characters aren't people from famous books. It takes place in roughly that time - late 1880s.

    The characters being played would be the most dangerous men (and women) in the world, with extraordinary talents, abilities, and technology that earn them their positions. They join up to battle a worldwide threat (still working on what that would be). While all the creatures are supernatural, there is a scientific explanation behind each of them, so it's like Fantasy/Scifi. Given the era, it also fits under steampunk, in case there's anyone who likes that.

    So...anyone interested?
  2. Love it! And I love steampunk so I'm totally in!
  3. Excellent. Would you like to be a gentleman, or one of the few ladies? There would be more, but keep in mind that this is the 1880s.
  4. I usually play female but if you really need males I can be a gent. :) I have a few ideas for either.
  5. Well it all depends on how many people get interested.

    I'm personally going with a werewolf with a steampunk chemical device on his arm that allows him to change at will and stay in control the entire time.
  6. That's amazing! If I did male I was thinking something along the lines of a scientist who, through an experiment gone wrong (Still thinking over what that could be), can use telekinesis but he had to wear specially made band around his head to balance out the energies within his mind. The details of it I'm still working on.

    If I do a female I was thinking either something along the line of controlling plants, also caused through an experiment, but she would have a device, almost like a necklace, that taps into the back of her neck because toxins are building up from somehow being fused with a plant that caused her ability.

    If those aren't good I could switch them around or work up some new ideas.
  7. I like the idea of the female controlling plants (partly because I have a superhero idea that could do the same thing), and the idea of her experiment building up toxins in her, but I think any technology that gets incorporated may not be small enough to fit inside a necklace. You can still have the necklace be a big part of it, but there should be more to the technology, like say there's a gem in the necklace that sucks up all the toxins, and she has to periodically empty it, or something.

    The male character is a good idea, too, but I'm less sure about him.
  8. Okay, well I was thinking the necklace would kind of branch out and stick into her skin, almost like the roots of a plant (no pun intended just the only simile I could think of) but the gems are a great idea. I was thinking the more she used her powers the more the toxins build up, so the more the necklace would work.

    But along with the necklace she would have to neck the back of it, where it attaches to the back of her neck, up to a machine to filter it would. I have a few other ideas to go along with it.
  9. I came up with another six characters for this over the weekend. If no one else expresses interest, I could share some with you and we could do a one on one, with both of us playing four characters. I've never done anything in the one on one roleplay section before. What do you think?
  10. I could give it a try, I've never done four at once so you'll have to bare with me on it.
  11. Have to go to class now, but will PM a few...not quite complete characters later.