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  1. Hey Iwaku.

    I have this idea for a fantasy like Rp where our players would be apart of a bizarre band of bounty hunters who call themselves the "High society's bounty hunter club" (I'm horrible with names)

    This club came about with the rises of two things. First the increased activity of bandit and pirate gangs that have taken advantage of the recent war climate. Secondly the invention of the musket and flintlock pistol. The club sees theses weapons as the tools of "proper" and "modest" warriors, one that does not require brute strength and is less likely to get blood on your new suit or dress.

    Many would say this club is nothing but a band of psychopaths as they treat bounty hunting like a sport more than job. Treating any and all that are deemed criminal by their respected kingdoms as nothing more than "game" for them to track down and put a round though their hide. Some members have even been rumored to have the heads of bandit leaders stuffed and mounted over their fireplaces/ More rumors suggest that they sometimes capture criminals and release them into a dense forest for their members to track down simply for fun.

    Thats the gist of the idea, i can go more into detail if need be
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  2. I like this, and would probably join if it became a thread
  3. Yes.


    Make this pls.
  4. Interested!
  5. Glad to see some people are interested! I'm still working out some details for this. Setting, factions, lore and so on. hopefully i will have it up soon!
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  6. O.O
    Count me in!!! Please make this i'm so up for it

    @CassieGirl Look @ this sis
  7. This is cool! I'm in if it becomes a thread :)
  8. Interested :)

    Would it be like a competition kind of thing, or would they be working together?
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