PROMPT Genre Bender: The Car Chase

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  1. The point of a genre-bender is to take a well know, genre related trope or story starter and transplant it into another genre.

    The Car Chase

    Tires squealing. Drifting around the corners. Fishtailing, almost losing control. One pursuer goes off into the ditch. Almost lose them, but suddenly the chase is on again! Time for the big jump, the last resort! Will he make it? Will he make it?

    Will YOU make this into another genre? Ditch the cars, the cops in uniforms! Get on a horse, a dirigible, a pogo stick, ANYTHING! Make a chase scene just as good, but without the burnt rubber smell.

    There may or may not be reputation given for a pogo stick chase... either way, it'd be damn funny.
  2. So, in my insanity, I have decided to hold a car chase scene in the pre-historic times, with the expected results:

    The invention of the wheel had been a grand step forward in the progress of human society. It made moving things so much easier, thus eventually leading to the establishing of trade routes, then the invention of the horse carriage, then the invention of the car. However, not many know that the wheel, has been invented twice during the course of human history, and this revolutionary invention appeared in the Stone Age for the first time. It happened when some of the cleverest cavemen gathered, amongst whom was one idiot.

    “Let’s make a wheel!” cried out the stupid caveman, to which the others turned to him.
    “What is that?”
    “It is a circle, made out of stone. And you can move stuff with it,” said the stupid caveman. Surprisingly, the wise cavemen liked the idea, and have indeed, made a wheel out of stone. When they found out that the invention actually worked, they have made several devices, including a pre-historic bike and a pre-historic car. However, because they were wise men, they wanted to actually test how well these inventions work, and thus issued a challenge to all cave-kind. The challenge was that all tribes had to build their own version of the pre-historic car, and compete in a race.

    Naturally, by the time the news got to every tribe in the world and every tribe finally assembled at the starting line, several decades have already passed by. A new group of wise men were there to oversee the race, curious as to what their predecessors have invented, and why did they want to test it so badly. They walked amongst the pre-historic cars with a sense of pride, only pausing to look at the sometimes literal skeleton crews. When they finally finished the inspection, one of the wise men stood in front of the cars made out of stone, wood and other strange materials, and raised his hands. The pilots braced themselves immediately, for they have waited long enough for this moment, and when the hands of the wise man fell, they started pedalling or running immediately.

    And then, the pre-historic cars started inching their way towards the finish line, for the power of man could only do so much against the laws of physics, which dictated that the pre-historic equipment was, in scientific terms, “very heavy”. It took the racers several minutes to move only a few inches, and those who could still move quickly exhausted themselves, fainting on whatever construct they have created. Disappointed, the wise men of the era have cancelled the race after it had started, and had the wheel marked as a forbidden invention, all while cursing their own ancestors.