PROMPT Genre Bender: Rags to Royalty

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  1. The point of a genre-bender is to take a well known, genre related trope or story starter and transplant it into another genre.

    And, in honor of the Fantasy Festival this month, all Genre Bender Challenges this month will be based on Fairy Tale tropes!

    Rags to Royalty

    The common girl, or common-seeming girl, has a rough life, but all that changes when she marries the prince! Which path does she take? Cinderella style, where the girl is truly a commoner; Sleeping Beauty style, where the princess is fored into hiding; or Swann Princess, where the enemies triumph and strip her of her royalty until she's restored? No matter HOW she gets there, just be sure the 'there' is somewhere else! What genre will you choose for your royal destination?
  2. (Okay lets see if I can roll my sleeves up for this)

    The west has won and the desert of the 19th centery lived on. People of the small village of the common people, indian to white, live nestled but distant. Saloons and shops were in a short row, horses and their riders passed by. Gunslingers of High Hun' Buff hill have come to do deeds, that it being punishing the out laws, or helping the village of it's needs. If it isn't for the community it would be of the bustling news of a chief's daughter. Slingers' and cowboys alike have all heard of the red-skinned princess, Aponi. A daughter of Chief Cochise of the Apache clan. The word has been around that a gang of bandits had raid Cochise's people, kidnapping his daughter. Sheriff had gotten wind that they might have locked her away, in wait for the natives to come and get her... The chief, Cochise, has still been in search for his beautiful daughter. The chief have never asked for a white man's help until now, knowing they know more more about the bandits. Cochise is in hopes that somebody will find her and rescue her from her imprisonment.
  3. You know how in Mario, Bowser always kidnaps Princess Peach, so that she can rule an evil kingdom by his side? Like that only in this case, the princess is not locked up until she 'sees the light', she straight up doesn't get a choice. Turned into pretty much the plaything/rape-toy of an evil overlord, she will waste away as an ever-guarded prisoner in her own castle; assisting with an evil rule for lack of a better option (ie: order the slaughter of the rebel forces, or cut the throat of your most trusted servant), aided only by a few compassionate servants - ruled by fear out of helping her overtly - until someone comes to save her.

    Dark, but thats what I get for taking on a challenge two hours after I'm usually sleeping.
  4. She was a simple girl with a simple life, but there was more to her than met the eyes. For one, Rachel was not complacent. Even under the constant threat of being killed for stepping out of line, she weighed her options and resisted her oppressive government by finding loopholes in their rigorous laws..or by just breaking the law and not getting caught.

    One such law was a well-known, rarely broken one. It was simple, to the point. Never, ever go outside the borders. Even if you survived the great outdoors, you would be killed after you came back for your troubles.

    But why shouldn't she? It was something that hadn't been addressed for years, and no one would answer such questions for a troublemaking peasant girl.

    So she snuck out.

    But on her travels, she survived. The wolves protected her, and the tigers walked by her side. There was something about her- a spark, a hint of the whirling fire that was concealed inside a human body. She found herself in those woods, and the rebel heart in her chest beat stronger than ever. She found a mystical flower, the petals red as blood and the stem as black as night, and she ate its seeds when she felt she was ready.

    Nearly three years after her disappearance, Rachel returned to the kingdom. Fire danced in her palms and under her feet, and she burned her way to the castle, cutting down throngs of guards sent out to stop her. Peasants banded behind her, and the creatures of the forest, some natural, some not so natural, walked with her.

    And after her conquest, she sat on a throne of bones, with a crown of blood and fire resting on her head. Her husband, the former illustrious prince, was nothing more than a puppet in her hands. A token and a mask. This princess could save herself, and everyone knew it.
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  5. Vanessa Swan glared at her captors, "You realize you'll never get away with this."

    "Oh I think I will," sneered the lanky slightly balding ban towering over her, "Your father is dead, thanks to me and that sad excuse for a fiance..well...he wouldn't be able to find his way here if I sent him a map."

    "He'll find me and then you will pay."

    "Pay what? To whom?"

    "Pay in blood to me...."

    "Tch tch...such violence from such a lovely mouth. It's most unbecoming dear one. All you have to do is agree to marry me and all this will go away. You will be surrounded by all the finest things and attend all the best events. The merger of our empires will create an unstoppable monopoly."

    "I would rather marry a toad."

    His eyes flared with angry intensity, "You WILL marry me..." he said and then turned and tapped the shoulder of a man standing in the corner waiting, "Do what you will."

    The man smiled a sadistic, sick smile at her and approached, "Now Miss...this shouldn't hurt at all."

    Langly was frantically trying to find Vanessa. Her father, owner and CEO of Swan enterprises was dead, murdered in the parking lot behind the headquarters offices. It wasn't like her not to answer. He tried her phone again but got the same recorded message. Her phone must be dead, hopefully she wasn't. No, he refused to believe she was dead. He found her purse in her office, and that too was alarming. He sat at her desk and grabbed a paper and pen and started making a list of people that would have reason to kill Gregory Swan. Sadly it was quite an extensive list, and was little help narrowing down the possibilities.

    He wouldn't put it past Vanessa to go after someone on her own, she was willful and independent. But, she was also smart enough to stay in touch with someone in case things went south in a hurry. No, she was taken by someone. That was the only explanation. He leaned back ad rubbed the bridge of his nose as he thought. He hadn't slept and his head was throbbing. Standing he made his way tot he small bar at the side of the office and saw a small glint of light from the floor. He frowned and bent to pick up the glossy card. "What the devil was he doing here?" he wondered aloud and growled as he stormed out the door and down the stairs, not willing to even wait for the elevator to get to him.

    Vanessa was roused some time later by her captor. A sweet smile on his face, "So my Dear," he cooed, "Feeling better?"

    She returned the smile, "Much better thank you. forgive me for sleeping so long. I am so sorry."

    "No need to apologize, Sweet. You had a long day planning our wedding."

    "Oh that must have been it." she smiled again, "Did I finish?"

    "Why yes you did...come and see for yourself. It is beautiful."

    They moved to a large banquet room that was decorated all in white with long linens dangling to the floor from each round table. The sparkling twinkle lights adorned each centerpiece topiary and the table ware was white with gold filigree pattern edging on each plate which was echoed on the crystal stemware creating a stunning vignette. She smiled at the beauty of the room and nodded, "It is just perfect."

    He nodded, "I quite agree. have just enough time to ready yourself before the guests arrive."

    She blinked, "Oh yes of course, how silly of me." She frowned then and shook her head, "I...seem to have forgotten where I am to go..."

    "You have always been slow to wake fully," he explained consolingly, "Let me see you there." He led her to a large door and then opened it bowing to kiss her hand, "Until later my bride."

    Vanessa smiled but felt and odd chill inside, but she brushed that off as nerves and started readying herself for the ceremony completely unaware that she had been hypnotized to behave in this manner.

    Langly arrived at Danders' home and rang the bell. An attendant answered and asked for his invitation. Thinking quickly he smiled, "I am the photographer's assistant." And the attendant allowed him passage into the house. It didn't take long for him to realize what was going on and what Danders had planned. How he was going to get Vanessa to go along with it, he had no idea. Was he blackmailing her? Drugging her? Something horrible must have happened though. He started to ask where the bride was saying he was supposed to get preceremony pictures, having found the actual photographer's equipment and stolen a camera.

    He knocked on the door and was greeted with the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Vanessa in a flowing silken gown that hugged her in every right way. He smiled a blinding smile at her, "You look breath taking." he said as he stepped inside with the camera. "You don't recognize me do you?"

    Vanessa blushed at the compliment and then moved closer to get a better look at him when he asked if she knew him. "Should I know you?"

    "Yes...I am your true fiance, Langly Jacobson."

    Vanessa frowned and shook her head as blinding pain stabbed at her head. She nearly fell to the ground but Langly caught her. "What is going on?"

    "Danders has killed your father and has done something to must fight it."

    Suddenly everything came back to her and she stiffened in his arms. "I am fine Langly," she assured him. "Keep hidden, all will be as it should be very shortly."

    "Oh I don't like that look in your eyes, Nessa..."

    She just smiled and returned to her preparations seeing to every detail of the veil, her hair and make-up. Langly slipped back out the door and hid himself in the multitude of people in the background serving, preparing and taking pictures.

    Vanessa descended the steps like a princess to a grand ball of old and Danders met ehr at the bottom of them and escorted her to the priest at the front of the hall. her smile was beautiful as they moved together. Danders well pleased with his plan held her hand as the priest began the ceremony. He got to the place where he asked if any were present that opposed to this union, and Langly almost leaped from his hiding place, only to see Vanessa plunge a dagger into Danders heart, "Yes, I DO!"
  6. "I can't keep this up," I groaned as I paced the floor of my palatial bedroom, which was beginning to feel less and less like a prison and more and more like a haven. "They're going to figure it out."

    "Ursie, no they're not," my "hand-maid" Airelle stressed as she darned one of my many gowns. "Did you have to ride that horse so hard today? You've just destroyed this dress."

    "Of course I did. Prince Tyrill wouldn't have followed me otherwise. Admittedly, I may have underestimated just how fast their horses can go, and I took a tumble..." I mumbled as I rubbed my face between my hands.

    "No, their horses are certainly nothing like we've got back home, Coz. Thought I'd have a faint when I saw the size of the one you were to ride," Airelle grumbled half-heartedly, brushing back a strand of hair turning gray before its time. She set the darning back down and asked, "Why do you think you can't keep it up?"

    "Be-because I don't know court! I've kind of managed to slug along, picking up on what the others are talking about, but the Heavens will soon strike me down, I swear it! I can't keep up," I moaned, throwing my hands in the air. "Besides that, I'll never be able to keep up with the abominable number of parties, soirees, late night meetings, the back-biting from the other girls..."

    "Do you think that the prince favors you at least?" Airelle asked, returning to her darning.

    I paced the floor, relishing the feel of the carpets beneath my bare feet. Back home, it was all cold flags and hard brick, with rugs a luxury of time and coin. I thought of the ride I and the prince had taken alone back to the castle after my horse "bolted" - admittedly, the fool thing enjoyed the exercise, and I was like to give it to him - and a heat suffused my face as I thought of the kindness in Tyrill's face as he listened to me prattle about falconry. I had never thought that our grand scheme would actually pay off. How was I to know what would become of that duchess washed away by the river? Her things had certainly come in handy.

    "Maybe a little," I admitted.

    "It's not yet a wasted venture, Ducky. And if ever we were at risk, I would whisk us out, don't you worry, "Airelle assured, winking at me.