EXERCISE Genre Bender: Rags to Royalty

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  1. The point of a genre-bender is to take a well known, genre related trope or story starter and transplant it into another genre.

    And, in honor of the Fantasy Festival this month, all Genre Bender Challenges this month will be based on Fairy Tale tropes!

    Rags to Royalty

    The common girl, or common-seeming girl, has a rough life, but all that changes when she marries the prince! Which path does she take? Cinderella style, where the girl is truly a commoner; Sleeping Beauty style, where the princess is fored into hiding; or Swann Princess, where the enemies triumph and strip her of her royalty until she's restored? No matter HOW she gets there, just be sure the 'there' is somewhere else! What genre will you choose for your royal destination?
  2. (Okay lets see if I can roll my sleeves up for this)

    The west has won and the desert of the 19th centery lived on. People of the small village of the common people, indian to white, live nestled but distant. Saloons and shops were in a short row, horses and their riders passed by. Gunslingers of High Hun' Buff hill have come to do deeds, that it being punishing the out laws, or helping the village of it's needs. If it isn't for the community it would be of the bustling news of a chief's daughter. Slingers' and cowboys alike have all heard of the red-skinned princess, Aponi. A daughter of Chief Cochise of the Apache clan. The word has been around that a gang of bandits had raid Cochise's people, kidnapping his daughter. Sheriff had gotten wind that they might have locked her away, in wait for the natives to come and get her... The chief, Cochise, has still been in search for his beautiful daughter. The chief have never asked for a white man's help until now, knowing they know more more about the bandits. Cochise is in hopes that somebody will find her and rescue her from her imprisonment.
  3. You know how in Mario, Bowser always kidnaps Princess Peach, so that she can rule an evil kingdom by his side? Like that only in this case, the princess is not locked up until she 'sees the light', she straight up doesn't get a choice. Turned into pretty much the plaything/rape-toy of an evil overlord, she will waste away as an ever-guarded prisoner in her own castle; assisting with an evil rule for lack of a better option (ie: order the slaughter of the rebel forces, or cut the throat of your most trusted servant), aided only by a few compassionate servants - ruled by fear out of helping her overtly - until someone comes to save her.

    Dark, but thats what I get for taking on a challenge two hours after I'm usually sleeping.