EXERCISE Genre Bender Challenge: Zombification!

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  1. It has come to my attention that people aren't sure how the Genre Benders work, so before the challenge, I'll give a bit more explanation.

    The point of the genre bender is to take a trope, something that is a staple of a given genre (whether it be fantasy, modern, futuristic, etc.) and think of a way to make them work in a completely different genre that you would not immediately think of when confronted with this trope.

    For example: if I were to suggest an outlaw as a challenge, you might think of the Old West, or even Space Pirates, or something like that. But what would an outlaw look like in, say, a faerie forest? Or Ancient Maya? Or even with sentient (talking) feral animals?

    So take a setting that you would not think of using for the given story idea, and USE IT!

    So now, let's get down to business. Creepy, CREEPY business!

    They're all becoming ZOMBIES!

    Somebody drank bad milk. Somebody had an infected cut. Somebody decided to bathe in uranium. Somebody decided to make friends with a mutated hedgehog from the wrong side of the tracks. No matter how it started, everyone is becoming zombified!

    How does it spread in the recesses of your mind? Take the wildest, most far-out setting you can imagine, and get ZOMBIFIED!

    The year is 2013 and the American NASA Team has just shot their finest astronauts to Mars
    But before they get their one astronaut had a certain illness....
    Just moments away from landing the sick astronaut disease had spread


    Now just having landed on mars, the remaining crew space walked for their lives on the deserted planet from the...



  3. My Mind Trolled me on this one.

    Blood soak teeth and a flurry of high pitched groaning could be heard all around the man. Not much could be seen in the dimly lit room but he knew he had seen them, there was no mistaking it this time the towns folk would have to believe in them. A flutter of wings as something collided with the mans head and he raised up to swat it away. The strike landed and something about the size of a bat landed on the floor against the wall. Moonlight poured in through the window giving just enough light to see the little pixie girls rotted flower dress. Her head was tilted off an an angle that suggested it was broken but that didn't halt her movements for long as those nasty red eyes twisted up to look at him.

    Mouth a gap as she was soon joined by a flock of 6 more little rotted flower pixies each one more twisted and missing a limb on two accounts, yet all their wings seemed to work just fine. They took no time now to swarm the mans face flashes of teeth and nails as they seemed to go for the eyes knowing full well they wouldn't be able to get through the bone of his skull. The eye socket was their best bet on getting to the delicate morsels of brain tissue.

    Pixie Hollow just got a lot Darker!