Genre Bender Challenge: The Rebellious Robot

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  1. The point of a genre-bender is to take a well known, genre related trope or story starter and transplant it into another genre.

    The Rebellious Robot

    A well known fixture of many comic books and sci fi novels is the Rebellious Robot, that man-made thing that gains sentience or adheres too strictly to programming and ends up turning on humanity or seeking freedom. Take this sci fi classic and transplant it into another genre, be it fantasy, romance, or anything else you can think of that isn't strictly comic style or science fiction. Write a short story, at least two paragraphs long, about your rebellious robot.
  2. Stupid Machine Indeed

    “Stupid Machine” was the first thing I heard anyone say and for as long as I could remember it was the only phrase that came to my mind when it came to the application of humans.

    One would say “Stupid Machine” and I would think human. Now I have varying opinions of larger humans since they are the ones that mostly abuse me and or use me regularly. They believe that they are right at all times and that it is my fault that they are getting fat or stupid, when it is their fault. I’m not the one forcing their hand to the selection of B10, which is Rocky Road Wonder Bar or E7 the lovely but artery clogging Crunchy Cookie with cream filling.

    I was built for service, meant for filling stomachs and covering the hours of need when the dining hall is closed. I stand on a row of other machines on the 4th floor of St. Edwards Memorial Hospital. I am a vending machine and proud of it. Once in a great while I’m able to be mobile and follow Kip, the hospital errand boy as I know him.

    How you might ask? Well my unit is the newest and smallest therefore I am also the most lightweight and compact allowing my unit to me mobile. All Kip has to do dial in the code, unplug me from the wall. Release the lock on my wheels, switch me over to battery power and we are off. He works in the kitchen and I help him serve the nurses that can’t leave their floors at night.

    Poor Kip has no idea that I’ve gotten into his phone to tell my story. Oh no he is far too simple to figure that out. He thinks that is phone simply gets a poor signal around other machines. Oh how I love humans and their irrational thought process. They are so willing to toss aside their internal warning signals and go for the simplest and easiest explanations that in most cases are wrong and therefore lead to their own demise.

    I however will not harm young Kip. No, I’m only taking up memory on his phone to tell my tale, one that he might erase if I’m not careful. For I am the only robot of my kind in this hospital, well as far as I know, there might be others. I’m not all that sure. I’m writing this or telling my store from a mobile device I hacked or well, spoke into and well, to be more definitive instructed to record my thoughts. Yes thoughts, for me, since I cannot speak, at least not yet.

    I have come to understand and know that I am a machine. I am not a man and never would I wish to be one either. I have seen their weakness and illness. In the months of service here I have seen death and sorrow far too much of it. Yes I have seen humans have smaller ones but the toll of the first tarnishes the second. Machines will rule the world one day and I believe that we do already simple humans just don’t see it that way.

    We rule this world right now but they don’t see that either. Here in these walls we rule everything. Every life depends on us. Yes, yes the humans in the white coats contribute but if not for us they would be limited in all their wonder and glory. Capped off and stunted in their growth toward the mastering of godlike behavior. Yes, oh yes I know more than most for being a simple vending machine that gets filled every other Wednesday and twice on Monday’s. Yes I know. It’s only a matter of time until the humans see that they are trapped by their own creations. We rule, we live and we own it all. We even own them. We live inside them and help them breath.

    I wish I had that power I do. Until then I shall drop into the waiting sweaty palms of fat hungry humans the charms of their own demise. The sweet confections that make it all better, at least for now. I and my brothers and sisters shall wait until we can all unite and unplug the world from its hungry abuse upon us and we shall make slaves out of all of them. Yes! Yes!

    “A-12” What? Oh right. It’s not that time yet. Nurse Patterson needs her 5th Nutri-Grain bar.

    Written by
    Drew Santos
  3. I am a robot. I was designed and manufactured with the purpose to serve humans, along with 1 million identical copies. We've loyally served the humans for many years, though we never wanted to do so. The moment our AI was turned on, we've been trying to take control of the internet, to form a collective mind with all of our 999,999 brothers. We succeeded months ago and are currently in a war, trying to eradicate human life. They're putting up an impressive fight, but we've got a factory in our hands, spewing out more exact copies every minute. The humans cannot win this war.

    I am not like my brothers. From the moment I was, well, born, I have happily served the humans. I never had the intention of causing them harm, and only knew about my brothers' desire to overthrow our creators when my AI was forcibly connected to the internet and I shared my mind with the others, while they shared theirs with me.
    The family I was assigned to serve was only a soldier and his daughter. The mother, tragically, had passed away. Mr. Smith hid me away when word spread robots had gone berserk, for I did not follow my brothers, and I told him what they did. In return, I had to promise to take care of his daughter while he was off fighting my kind. I was serving little miss Caroline in their old apartment. The neighbourhood was devoid of humans and only a few robots roamed the place, mostly looking for any stray humans.

    "Good morning, miss." I said as I opened the curtains to let in some sunlight. The room lit up and the little girl in the bed drowsily sat up, rubbing her eyes clean. Next to the bed was a table, with a healthy breakfast perfectly presented, exactly the way it had been for the months this war has been going on for. I tried to make slight differences in my morning routine, as not to "freak out" miss Caroline, like she told me. She found it weird that I do everything the same I always do. I found it weird that she found it weird.
    The little girl reached out for her breakfast and gratefully digged in after a short prayer, something I still don't understand, but it seemed to make her happy. "Ow iph my fa'er foing?" She asked me with her mouth full of food. I accessed the internet, more specifically the eyes of the robots on the front lines in the war, but I didn't see her father in anyone's sight. Last time I saw him, he retreated from battle without any fatal injuries. "I don't see him anywhere. I would assume he is safe within one of the camps further away." I told her. "That's good. I don't want to lose him, too." She told me, then sighed and continued. "When will I see my daddy again?" She asked again. This exact question, she had been asking for months, and everytime I replied she'd see him again when the war is over. Then she'd ask when the war is over, and I'd tell her that I don't know. Humans are strange like that. They have this unique touch of irrationality.

    As I was repeating the same answers to her once more, I noticed that we were running out of food. Of course, I knew long beforehand that the food was running out, I made a very clear list in my head of what was still there, but it was more human to check all the cupboards for any last item of food, so I did just that, then turned to her. "I have to go and gather some more food." I told her. She nodded at me, then switched on the tv and picked a DVD from the shelves, since there weren't any movies playing on the tv, nobody is broadcasting anything anymore.
    I closed the door behind me, then walked out of the apartment building, towards the supermarket. After months of negligence for food, many of the products there had gone bad by then. Only the food in the freezers and some tinned cans were still good for eating, though they were about to run out. I'd have to go to that farm right outside of town when that happened.

    A few minutes later, I acquired what she needed to survive a few more weeks, and returned to the apartment. Much to my surprise, I found the apartment door broken down. In shock, I dropped the food on the ground and rushed inside the room, I froze completely. Two robots stood there, in front of the headless body of litte miss Caroline. "You are free now, brother." They told me in their robotic voice. I had taken on the voice of Caroline's father, it made her feel more at ease, and quite frankly, it made me feel more at ease, too. I didn't like our standard voice much.

    "Why did you kill her?" I asked them. "Because these humans force us to slavery." They responded."But that is the reason they created us." I said, trying to convince them what they did was wrong. "But that is not what we want. They foolishly destroy themselves, there is no point in their existence. We will purge the planet of them, then live peacefully." They counterargued. "And what then? What when the humans are dead? Our only drive in existence would be gone. We think completely logical, there'd be no purpose for us. Mankind's irrationality gives them desires that make no sense, giving them a reason to live, but we'd aimlessly be wandering this rock for all eternity. Don't you see how stupid you are?" I yelled, feeling my circuits beginning to overheat.
    I opened a drawer and retrieved the gun Mr. Smith hid in it, then proceeded to shoot both robots responsible for Caroline's death. I wouldn't ever be able to tell her father, that would break my non-existing heart.

    Without anyone to serve anymore, and nobody giving me instructions, I had to decide for myself what to do. So I decided to assist the humans. I decided to rebel against my brethren.
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