Genre Bender Challenge - The Moon

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  1. The point of a genre-bender is to take a well known, genre related trope or story starter and transplant it into another genre.

    The Moon

    For years, mankind has loved and adored the moon, looked to it with a sense of awe and wonder that has infiltrated many a science fiction movie or pulp novel. There are stories of domed cities, strange creatures, tourist attractions, and fields of war on the Earth's Moon. Still, the Moon is a minor players in the mythologies of many cultures, real and created. Your job is to take the Moon and write about it in a non-science fiction story. It doesn't have to be Earth's moon, but must be satellite to a planet. Fantasy, Western, Gothic Romance, whatever! Find a new and fun way to write about the Moon!
  2. [Reminded me of the Artemis Fowl series =w =]

    The Earth's moon was one of the most sacred magical places for faeries, magicians, and sorceress alike. Every full moon Enaly, a fairy would travel there to restore her powers. This had to be done at least twice a year. Today, was her last time she could restore her powers. The moon was weakening somehow and if it were to finally loose its magic, the Earth would be destroyed. Enaly flew to the moon slowly, taking around her surroundings in case any human were to approach. It would take her only a few minutes if she flew at her maximum speed but she did not want to, it would require more energy. Energy she needed badly to make the trip. "Should have come before" she mumbled angrily to herself. Thirty minutes later she reached her destination, the far north of the moon where the magic was as its strongest. Kneeling down she rested her head against the cold surface and began to chant in the fairy native language. Soon enough as she finished, she could feel the energy flowing through her entire body. The feeling was pure and exquisite each time she did the ritual. "Done, now to go home" she said to herself while getting up.
  3. Here goes nothing :)

    The moon shone bright with blue light. It was the lunar water that ran beneath the surface that made it glow as such. Somewhere in the ancient history of the Kingdom someone or something had traveled to the moon and returned with four vials of that magical water. They were in war with evil in all its forms and when these vials appeared the king was desperate, he sent his best riders out holding this lunar water and they traveled to the four corners of the kingdom, beating back the enemy until they reached the borders. There they rest, the vials remain on guard against unspeakable evil. Ever shining.

    Years later one of these sacred vials is stolen and the new king must send his most trusted warriors to the moon, it is a desperate mission as the evil pours into the kingdom, hungry after years of exile. Killing without thought. Not only must these soldier collect lunar water, they must also seek a way to the moon. A way forgotten in the past.
  4. Basch is a celestial body 3 times the size of Jupiter which boasts 26 moons of varying sizes, but all are equally important in the eyes of the Sigursians: a humanoid race who vastly resemble the classic portrayal of Earth's Norse Vikings, at least in appearance. They worship their moons as deities, each governing a different aspect of Sigursian life, from Love to Farming, to Fertility.

    Though a Sigursian could stand at a height of 30 feet and be considered small, they are far from the largest creatures on Basch. Their intelligence, however, gives them the edge they need to survive. Building settlements which are incorporated into the land around them they achieve a peace with their planet which Humans never could. They don't manipulate nature to fit their whim, nor do they fight amongst themselves over things as petty as land or differed beliefs.

    Once every 60 Basch years, all 26 moons become aligned and the Sigursians gather in their clans to celebrate the blissfulness of their existence, symbolised in the unity of their deities: an entire race united in appreciation for the life they share.
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