Genre Bender Challenge - The Disabled Veteran

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  1. The point of the genre bender is to take the given trope, something that is a staple of a given genre (whether it be fantasy, modern, futuristic, etc.) and think of a way to make them work in a completely different genre that you would not immediately think of when confronted with this trope.

    (e.g.: Like Diana says, "Take Snow White and make it sci-fi!")

    In honor of Remembrance Day, here is a veteran-themed challenge!

    To help understand the challenge, I've included a video. Pay attention to the veteran and use the following questions to help create your new scene.
    (Note: This clip is from the 1946 movie "The Best Years of Our Lives".)


    • How would a disabled veteran become disabled?
    • What would they use as a prosthesis/assistive device?
    • What kind of stories would they tell?
    • What kind of drawbacks would they face with their disability?

    Good luck! And Happy Remembrance Day!
  2. “Why does it always have to rain on Tuesdays Bruno? Huh, why? It seems like every time we get the flowers just right they get rained on. It’s just not fair.” Morris looked up at his best friend and longtime companion and tried to smile even as huge drops of rain plopped down on top of his head. They were both soaked though. Their dark green tights and once crisp clean tan tunics with pale green belts were now tear stained from the heavens.

    “Oh don’t worry love the flowers will grow just the same. Your hard to work will pay off as it always has. You have always done your best. Now that your home it proves to me that you just don’t stop.” Looking at where Morris legs should have been but they were gone. A sharp pain grabbed Bruno but he corked his sting and forced a smile. “You’re strong, you’re an ox. A bull even. An unstoppable force of our fairy community.” He called over from his saddle.”

    “I am not. I’m a fairy and you know it. I could fly forever and if I didn’t have to land proper I would have stayed over there and kept booming them with the cherry booms and you know it. But no, I’m here.” Morris’s words dragged out as he poked a mum and felts it soft petals press into his palm.

    “I’m home and back to being a farmer.” Morris felt bad for snapping at Bruno and sighed. The rapid hush of rain filled the silence of a moment as the two paused. They rocked back and forth in their respective seats as it were. Soggy and tired with pockets full of seeds. Tiny brown sacs with glitter dust and moon shine. All things that only fairy’s carried. With his arms crossed Morris stared at the top of Bell’s shell. So green and smooth. Bruno shifted and then reaching around from his saddle just enough to reach Morris’s side were he started to tickle.

    “Hey! Stop it.” Morris was trying to sound mad as he wiggled around in his custom made saddle. It was padded just right for him to hold him in place and had a chest piece that held him in so he if he slipped out he would swing about and not fall.

    He laughed. “Stop it…” He was turning pink as retired June bug Bell carried them. Bruno had made a belly loop that would hold Morris’s saddle in any number of ways. It could be a saddle, a sling or holster that he could use to hang on from in any fashion he wanted. It was very useful and since Bell didn’t mind the company the three had become fast friends with the new arrangement.

    It was great to hear Morris laugh even if it was a bit forced and Bruno had to laugh too. Bell joined in and the three had a good laugh as Morris turned 2 or 3 shades of pink and red from the tickling. Bruno let up and then slipped a quick kiss on Morris cheek. It was hard to think that he might not have his best friend home at if it weren’t for that weeping willow tree. Its long vines made it hard for the Orges to see and helped Morris and the others fly around enough to escape.

    Even if some where hurt like Morris it kept many from being killed. Those savage Ogres came and went for no reason. They never said what they wanted. They were just massive and destructive that was the bottom-line. Anyone smaller suffered.

    They just wanted to battle mash and gnaw. They attacked for no reason and destroyed everything in the valley. Morris still had nightmares. Bruno had to smile as his heart broke inside seeing his love fight every day to find reason and hope. It was there and just being alive was reason number one.

    “Your still my hero and did something that I could never do.” Bruno offered softly. His tender smile followed as Morris turned to face him. “You really think I’m that great? I came home with no legs.” Bruno shook his head yes.

    “But I was hurt. I flew right into a trap. I didn’t see them and they saw me and then it was just a mess. It was all vines and snapping and jaws and I… I…” Bruno reached out and took Morris’s hand.

    “I don’t care about that. You came home from the battle that was all that mattered to me. I couldn’t even fly there. I was born with no wings and you love me. So I couldn’t go. I did what I could from here. You went. You were brave and I’m so proud of you. Bell too and everyone in the village. Look the sun is coming out.”

    Pointing over Morris shoulder Bruno smiled at the warming sun. The little valley would soon be filled with blooms of every color and variety of flowers. Working long and hard Bruno and Morris planted flowers and were able to bring color to the world. So very tiny they were but what a huge difference they made in the world to make it more beautiful. Blushing from the compliment the two then turned to see the sun fill the valley with its graceful rays of warmth.
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