Genre Bender Challenge: The Captive Princess

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  1. The point of a genre-bender is to take a well known, genre related trope or story starter and transplant it into another genre.

    The Captive Princess

    Beautiful, sweet, and almost always locked in a tower or trapped behind walls of thorns. Sometimes there's even a dragon to hold her! She is the captive princess. Whether it was magic, politics, or just plain bad luck, she's gotten herself into quite the situation. Take this fairy tale and video game standard and transplant it into a new genre. Be creative. Write a scene, make a drawing, describe a plot, whatever you need to give this old standard some new life!
  2. At the top of the tallest tower of the old castle the lone woman stood by the intricately shaped rail of an empty balcony, her hands rested on the railing, seeing the latest prince try his luck at her rescue, her eyes were large blue black pools of fear and hope as she watched the prince jump off his steed when reaching the doors of the castle. From her high place she saw the armored prince enter the large wooden doors and while she waited for him to find his way to the large courtyard not too far beneath her tower the princess saw a dark shadow move by the trees, the shadow grew and molded until it towered over the doors, its eyes a smoldering red. As the wooden doors slowly opened the prince had barely any time getting out of the way before a large shadow spat fire at him, hitting the door. The princess looked on with horror on her face as the rince drew his sword to fend off the giant beast, it darted out of the shade with surprising speed, allowing the sun the reflect of black shiny scales and leathery wings, a dragon.

    The air sung as the prince swung his large sword at the dragon but every jab, cut and blow bounced off the hard scales never hurting the dragon, the princess noticed how her rescuer slowly tired and she rose a slender hand to her face as the dragon slapted the man hard sending him flying into a wall. A grunt of pain could be heard even up to the lone woman but yet the prince stood up determined to save the princess from the clutches of evil, using his sword as a crutch he heaved his armored body up to standing, glaring at the black beast he used his last powers to attack it, rushing forward with his sword held high.

    Turning back to the prince the dragon opened its jaws wide, showing its many sharp fangs, spraying scorching flames over the prince's metal armor melting the metal and burning the man inside and as the fearsome dragon gulped down the defeated rescuer the princess wiped off her tears, a malicious smirk rippling across her fair lips, another saviour failing at the hands, or paws of the mighty dragon living in the castle. How long ago had it been since it had come flying to her homeland, taken her from her own home because of her strong magical powers and brought her here? She didn't know, she'd long ago stopped counting.

    Raising a dark head the dragon met her gaze, spreading its wings it flew up to her balcony and as it paused in mid air, beating its powerful wings to keep up, it changed, the air rippled and hummed and then in a moments time a tall man with long dark hair and maroon eyes stood in the dragon's place. His pale features cold and unyielding, only his eyes seemed to be alive, catching the sun light and dancing between colours like an open fire. The princess stood still for a moment, as always admiring how the man changed between forms so easily.

    With a smile touched by a winter sun the princess glided into his strong arms, leaning her head against his chest, her long red curls flowing behind her as she moved. "I'm glad your safe," she said quietly. Every time a rescuer came she feared he would know powerful magic or strength that would kill her beloved, even if most were defeated as easily as this one she knew that word somehow spread about her location without no one living nearby and the fear was always present like a small shadow in her happiness.

    "They are of no threat to me," he calmly answered wrapping his arms around the slim woman, his voice deep and laced with mockery over the weaklings trying to kill him. Many more would come, going into their deaths trying to rescue the princess who didn't want rescuing, and as time had passed the man had also realized that he not only wanted her for her powers anymore. "Don't worry, it's not long now. The crystal has grown to the right size and our spells need only a little more work then we can have our life and land by the next equinox."

    Relief filled the princess at her lovers words, to finally be free of the persistent rescuers and to live until time's end with each other, it lay almost within their grasp now. She remembered how she'd loathed him at the start for taking her against her will, for holding her captive and for his intent on using her powers. She'd recieved the powers from her mother and a long line of priestesses, her holy powers were for good and unselfish deeds not the use of an evil man. But in time she'd fallen for him and realized his plan was not of evil intent and eventually she gained his love and he re worked his plan to fit them both, the spells need were now much stronger as her holy magic was used freely to mix with his dark powers.

    As the sun started setting the two walked inside to castle, heading for a room filled with old scrolls and leather bound books, in the center on a small pedistal a beautiful crystal rested, the candle lights reflecting over the sharp edges, casting alluring shapes over its surroundings. The stone that would give them their wish when filled with magic and held under the mystical rays of the equinox moon.
  3. A princess stood in front of the large doors in the tower, her green eyes widening at the sight. Her other half, her not-sibling twin, had been locked inside, and she knew that the other girl feared for her life. The full moon approached as quickly as it could, and the woman-knight slammed into the doors, watching excitedly as they opened without a sound.
    The green-clothed girl adjusted the chainmail underneath her loose dress and ran. Her horse had died weeks before, all in the hope that she would defeat the demon in the tower and save her dearest not-sibling. Her flat, wooden shoes barely made a sound against the stone floors.
    She got to the room without problem, sword pointed bravely at the doors. Eta cut open the locks and stared at her beloved servant lovingly.
    "E-Eta?” Epsilon stared fearfully at her princess and ruler. Eta laughed.
    ”Were you really so doubtful when I promised that I would save you, dearest and most loyal servant?" The princess kissed her servant's forehead sweetly. "Come, now. Let's get out of here."
  4. The princess has been captured, but she's not a bargaining chip, nor is anyone especially interested in marrying her or getting information from her. No, actually, this shy and slightly deranged kidnapper just wanted some company, and decided only she was up to the task.
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