Genre Bender Challenge: The Alien Bar

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  1. The point of a genre-bender is to take a well known, genre related trope or story starter and transplant it into another genre.

    The Alien Bar

    You've seen it before. The fresh, young adventurer finds their way into the dim lit bar, only to cause a scene and have to make a quick getaway. The only thing is, this bar is full of strange creatures, aliens, or fantasy races. It is a moment of culture shock that shows that the world is much bigger than a moisture farm or the family's bakery. Take this moment of culture shock and use it in another genre. Write a short scene that takes place in this alien bar. No science fiction or high fantasy. Adapt it as need be, and good luck!
  2. ok here is my plot a girl walks into the bar she was told to go by her friend, she had never been to a bar like this before but knew about this kind of thing. She looked around all the girls where drooling and she understood why the men on stage was hot as well as half naked. The guys on stage took their leave and she notices that the one of the guys comming onto the stage was the guy she fell in love with not two days prior. And now she must deal with the fact that her boyfriend is actually a stripper.

    sorry its not a short story but im not the best at writing stories that are not actually in roleplay form which means i kinda suck at scene writing.
  3. [I don't know why but this reminded me of a Star Wars Scene]
    [Time for horror!!! Wooohoo!!!]

    Elena opened her eyes slowly and found herself staring into complete darkness. Was it her imagination or was she hearing music? Her back was against a cold hard surface and she guessed she was laying in the floor. The back of her head throbbed and as she tried to sit up, pain shot through her head. A migraine was beginning to creep in and she moaned in frustration at not knowing what happened or where she was. The last thing she remembered was walking on the streets toward her apartment when someone jumped at her from a dark alley. "Where am I?" she whispered to herself, her throat was dry making her voice hoarse. I got to get out of here she thought. Slowly she began to stand up, using both of her hands for support. After being in the dark for a while her vision started making sense of her surroundings. Black shapes stood out in the darkness of the room against the walls. Walking forward she put her hands in front of her feeling for a door until she found the doorknob of one. Once, she touched it she opened it, bright light and music coming from the little hallway.

    "What in the world?" she said out loud but no one could hear her because of the noises coming from the bar ahead of her. I am going crazy, insane maybe. I should get out of here she thought as she looked around. Her mind was playing nasty tricks on her for the first time. Was that a half naked man on the stage? Is that person with multiple tentacles for legs? A person with an eye? All Elena could do was scream and suddenly everything got quiet. Every pair of eyes, alien eyes, looked at her. Suddenly they were standing up, slowly walking towards her. Their sardonic smiles full of mock as they approximated her in a semi circle.
    "Fresh meat!" someone yelled and all hell broke loose.
  4. raimy...that sounds like a mature story to me... half naked men and men with tentacle legs....and they all put her in the middle of a semi circle....i think i saw something like that before
  5. Its not suppose to be mature...X.x its horror...
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