EXERCISE Genre Bender Challenge: Slave Rebellion

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  1. The point of a genre-bender is to take a well known, genre related trope or story starter and transplant it into another genre.

    A Slave Rebellion

    Rumours had been going around; whispered in the dark shadows of the night. Trouble is brewing. Those meant to be kept down, kept subdued, those considered less than, suddenly break loose.

    In our times, it was the 1800s; whole races of people kept in subordination. We all know how things went down. But who would be considered a slave in other circumstances? What are they used for? Are they human? Alien? Animal? Mythos? How are they suppressed? How do they break free? Are they subdued again? What are the consequences?

    Tell us your story!
  2. "Just sign here, sir."

    Listening to my pen move, my intentions sprang up. I am doing it for my dear Sophia. She needs a new heart. One of her two has fallen off too many times. It cost money I didn't have, for now. Thankfully, this man gave an option. It was how it worked here. You wanted something, you had to give your body and soul in return. No. Not quite that dramatic. It was more of trading favors, but you did not have control over your life. That was the only real drawback. When you are under contra--

    The helmet hooked into the man's head. Geo-Khil stared into his new slave's eyes. He could see the electricity flowing through the eyelids. Everything was working fine. Stepping away, the man pulled up a book.

    "Korvac, activate."
  3. Many billion years ago, when the universe was still relatively young, there existed a species that once ruled a great empire, but after a grand war, they have fallen from the grace of fortune. Their solar systems were exterminated, their planets were cracked, and their cities were wiped off from the face of the map in the territory that they owned, save for a few, extraordinarily lucky stars that somehow managed to survive the cataclysm. Their once proud race was quite literally decimated, their god emperor was on the verge of dying, not to mention that their fleets were falling prey to decay. Nothing could be done for their case, but as a species blinded by their own pride, they refused to accept that, so they started looking for ways to regain their former glory. They have invested their resources into sending probes to the far reaches of the universe, and researching technologies that would raise them far above the other species that inhabited the stars just so they could re-build their empire once again.

    Unfortunately for the universe, their efforts were met with success. This species has managed to unlock many secrets of the universe that proved to be vital to discovering new types of effective weaponry, not to mention that they found the perfect species that could help them regain their former glory. They were a young, ever-expanding species that still had a religious mind despite the fact that they already formed a steadily growing, if fractured interstellar community, the size of which rivalled some of the bigger states in the known space. Seeing this as an opportunity, the god emperor of the prideful species presented himself as the chosen of the young species' most-respected deity, then using the deity's name, the god emperor conquered the young species, turning them into footsoldiers, slaves for his own kind.

    For a while, the young species endured the tyranny of the god emperor, believing him to be a punishment sent by the heavens, or a chosen one that would bring them great glory through hard work, but as years turned into decades and decades turned into centuries, a select few of the young species started to realise that they were only being used by the god emperor. Naturally, they have started to spread the word amongst their fellow people, but only a few believed them to be right as many still clung to the old beliefs that were even further reinforced by the god emperor's propaganda. However, the select few that realised that they were being exploited, did not give up. Instead, they have formed a shadow organisation and started infiltrating the ranks of the god emperor's soldiers, where they were welcomed with open arms.

    The god emperor has had a reign too long to fall for the traps set by this young race, so after a while, the progression of the shadow organisation stopped, not to mention that the assassins of the god emperor started targeting the members. Day by day, the would-be rebellion was becoming smaller and smaller, until nothing but a handful remained. These few have decided to hijack one of the ultimate weapons of the god emperor, namely, the battleship that recently arrived near their solar system. Determined, the few survivors hijacked the fighters of the god emperor, forced a landing on the battleship, then started eliminating the crew. Naturally, the crew of the battleship was taken off-guard, and before they knew what was happening, the bridge was already in the hands of the rebels, who, although they were even fewer than before, now had a true weapon of war in their hands.

    Delighted at their victory, the crew directed the battleship towards the nearest planet of the god emperor's species. There, in the orbit of the planet, was but one tiny fighter, not unlike the one they secured the battleship with, a fighter that had no chance because the element of surprise was already lost. Confident in the abilities of the battleship, the rebels opened fire at the fighter, but the shots were deflected by the lone fighter. Confusion and chaos erupted on the bridge, and by the time the rebels have regained control of the ship, the fighter was already in visual range and its weapons were already locked on the battleship... And that was when the rebels have realised their mistake, for the fighter was only composed of a golden, transparent frame made out of vertices, nothing more. It was merely a shadow that passed through the void of space, an entity that could not be harmed by physical weapons, an entity that would tear their battleship apart.

    Then, in the next second, the rebellion ended. With great disregard for the lives aboard the battleship, the shadow of a fighter flew into the body of the huge vessel, tearing it into millions of pieces.