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    The story:

    In the year 2024, life for the human race has changed exponentially. It all started when the sun had a super solar flare, this solar flare awoken a special type of gene for certain individuals. Giving them powers of supernatural strength. Not everyone was changed though, only a select few took on the characteristics, the vast majority of people were unaffected.

    Now at first things were calm, many of the gifted people were still learning how to use their newfound abilities. But as time grew, ten years later to be exact, some of the gifted decided to take advantage of their powers, and committed numerous crimes, and all it took was one bad apple, and suddenly the whole world’s eyes were now looking down on the gifted. Seeing them as monsters, freaks, powerful human beings who would end up destroying humanity. And then so came the propaganda where the gifted should be under constant watch. An attack on your personal privacy rights some saw it as, and soon most of your rights were stripped away.This went on for several years. Until, a certain individual came and rose to the top, a man that goes by the name of Gabriel, speaking of a revolution, and spoke of a underground utopia, someplace where the supernatural could use their abilities without scrutiny. A paradise…

    Unfortunately it was everything but a paradise, it was already too late before the gifted begin to realize what it really was.

    And this is where you come in, You took the first bus that came to pick you up, it dropped you off in front of a tall building, in which you were instructed by what seemed to be other gifted individuals to head on in. Once everyone was inside, you come to realize that it's just a rather large vacant room, the walls made of lead, and the door behind you, was now blocked by a large lead wall. And soon the room filled with gas, and the last thing you remember was the floor rushing to kiss your face.

    Welcome to paradise.


    Soon you wake up, you still feel dizzy while coming back to consciousness. The room is rather dark, and you can't see much except for a few inches away from your face. Soon lights begin to turn on, going on in section until the room was completely lit with bright white lights. the room was the size of a large hanger, capable of carrying at least 3 jumbo jets. In the middle of the room was a screen pointed in your position.

    This is where you look around and realize there are others, 11 others not including you. Each on of them wearing a ring around their necks, tight enough to not be able to slide off, but not too tight where it restricts your breathing. Each on had a red blinking light, that's when you note that your neck feels heavy, and come to the realization that you have one too. Before you can even speak, the large screen activates. And a familiar face comes to the screen.

    It's Gabriel...

    "Time to wake up you lazy bums, the early birds catches the worm as they say?" He laughs slightly. "now, you all have probably noticed the metal collar on your little necks, and that my kiddies, is my gift to you, But don't try and get rid of my little toy's, or they will get rid of you" Suddenly the screen changed, and now it was a recording of a man trying to rip the collar from his throat pleading for his life, and not much later was there a high pitch beep and the mans head exploded like a water balloon. The tv was now back on Gabriel's face. "ahhh wow, such a wonderful device. Now I'll give you twenty minutes to get acquainted with the people around you, but don't get too attached now... Tata" the screen shut off again. Leaving the large room quiet.

    Tom Myers

    Tom was on the ground during the whole speech just staring at the ceiling. He wasn't phased much, the whole thing just seemed over the top anyways. As soon as the presentation was over, Tom slowly rose up, as he seemed to still be in a daze from the gas used previously. "well... wasn't that something..." He spoke nonchalantly. Looks like someone went over the top. He thought poking at his collar, Man... i'm not much for introductions, wonder if we got any icebreakers

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  2. Ross looked around for Thane. "Thane? Thane?!" She looked for her twin, scared half to death. "Ross?!" He sees her. She weakly gets up and feels a tight hug around her. She breathed heavily and closed her eyes. They where both pretty weak from the gas still. "Are you okay?" He asked, looking down at her worried. He held her cheeks in his hands. "I'm fine Thane... Just a bit dizzy." She mumbled.

    "Do you need to sit? Water? Food?"

    "Thane, really, I'm okay? Are you?"

    "I'm okay, don't worry about me." He mumbled, pulling her back into a hug.

    "I can't not worry about my twin..." She laughed. "God.. I was so scared we had gotten separated..." she mumbled. "It's okay... I'm not gonna leave you..." He mumbled softly, smoothing the back of her head with his hand. "God, we always make a scene..." She laughed. "Well it is your fault. You always scare me!" He smirked. She punched his shoulder playfully. "Whatever. Just because you're five seconds older doesn't mean you always have to worry about me." She laughed lightly, trying to lighten the mood.
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  3. [BCOLOR=transparent]If there was one thing he had not expected, it was his face hitting the ground in the warehouse. He wasn’t here to start wars or revolutions. He had come to understand his powers better. And instead in the darkness, as dramatic lights began to spring up, there was the voice of a psychopath and he knew he might have made a mistake in coming here. Milo struggled to pick himself up a bit better, his head still foggy from the gas. Also probably due to the fact that when Milo was unconscious and dreamed, his dreams always woke him up with migraines. He use to call them “dreams on fire”. A man spoke, with dark hair, and sharp eyes. Milo inspected the whole of eleven something bodies in this room. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Some of them were young. Very young. Who was the psychopath who decided that it be a good idea to harm young people. Milo groaned as he tried to regain himself some control of himself. Though there was stress on his joints and stress on his mind. Hitting the floor so hard, really fucked him over and it took a further second before he could register to say anything.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“But everyone is alright?” Milo asked in his short mannerisms.[/BCOLOR]
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  4. Lynbell

    Darkness... Darkness had enveloped her. The only thing visible to her was the light on her nose...

    Her heartbeat quickened, and her voice came out in short breaths. W-Where was she? What was going on!? Lynbell felt around her, but came in contact with what felt like a person before she, in a panicked huff, quickly crawled away from whoever this was causing a small scuffle of noise as her heels scraped the concrete in an effort to get away. Both hands pressed against her mouth and nose when she stopped moving, trying to silence herself in case that whatever was in the dark wouldn't hear her anymore. All she could hear were groans of others, or something... She didn't know.

    The lights flashed on, making her flinch and try to let her vision adjust to it. Around her was 11 others, and each one of them had something in common. The things around their necks... The things blinking red. Lynbell instinctively touched her own neck, and there she felt the cold metal of the collar. Not tight enough to cause discomfort, but there was no way she would be able to slip this off her head... But maybe... Maybe she could break it off?

    Before she could try, the screen flashed to the face of the man responsible. And there, he showed video footage of the consequences she would have faced if she had tried to break her collar... The poor man, who had been pleading for his life to the same psychopath that showed them the video, had his head popped... I-It popped! Like a balloon! Lynbell looked away quickly after it happened, but the mental image of the poor man was already scarred into her memory... The same thing could happen to one of them. They couldn't reason with this man... They couldn't dig out of there without this psychopath killing them before they even made a dent... There was nothing they could do.

    For once in her entire life, she felt helpless... The panic she felt in the darkness never left, as tears streamed down her cheeks. She was certain that the twin siblings having a reunion didn't realize the grave danger they were all in... And if that man had no trouble killing someone without so much an ounce of remorse, he would sleep easy if he killed all of them... Lynbell felt herself break down emotionally.

    "No..nonono..gonna die, gonna die, gonna die...W-We're all going to die... H-He's gonna kill us all..." Lynbell whimpered softly to herself, her eyes facing the ground as the tear droplets hit the floor one by one. Her pupils were dilated and her eyes seemed to be shaking in panic. Her body visibly shook as she had made the realization of just how screwed they all were. Lynbell's instincts were telling her to find a way out of the facility, but how? There was no way out...


    Khirel was visibly shaken by the contents the video that was displayed to them held. This man speaking to them... Whoever he was, was an absolute psychopath. He must have been the one to lure them all there, and they were hopeful enough to take the bait of a 'Gifted" utopia... He fooled all of them. And now, they were stuck in the premise of an early 2000's horror movie... Well, horror movie turned reality for himself and eleven other people.

    He could see that there were two siblings having a nice little reunion, and their interaction was a breath of fresh air to their situation. Khirel could also hear the whimpering of a girl standing next to him, and she was obviously distraught. He had tried to give her a reassuring pat on the back, but she looked to be panicking more, which made him stop.

    "Sorry... Thought you could use it." Khirel had told her, but she couldn't respond.

    Judging by the words she was whispering to herself, she seemed to have the right idea about their situation... But Khirel wanted to stay hopeful.

    "'m fine... Just a headache. She, not so much." He told the person who had asked them if all of them were okay, pointing over to Lynbell who was trying to cope with the situation at hand.

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  5. Jacquelyn woke up to the light in her face. She really didn't want to listen to Gabriel after she had learned that this was a trick, but she did anyways, noticing the collar of metal on her neck. She looked around at the other eleven people in the room, and noticed the similar-looking people reunite. She didn't get up; she didn't know anyone, and isn't a people person anyway. She just looked around and observed the rest of the group silently.
  6. Kuria rose to his feet, his trench coat jingled whilst he stood up as the metal reinforcements within it clashed against one another. He surveyed the area around him counting eleven people also in the strange room with him, there seemed to be a mixed reaction from the video, those who didn't care or weren't reacting, those who were crying pathetically, others who comforted the pathetic and those who hadn't even gained consciousness yet. He sighed as he thought about the video, this is why he didn't like people. He let his hands slowly go to the collar around his neck, just touching it made his blood boil as he thought of that bastard on the television "I WILL KILL YOU" he muttered furiously to himself as his hands clenched into fists "I WILL."

    He sighed once again as he took a deep breath and took control of the the adrenaline running through his body as he attempted to calm himself down. No one was going to talk so neither was he so he stood there silently staring into the distance.....his stomach growled, he was hungry.

    The sound of the screaming imbecile didn't make Tom feel any better about what the future held. "hey...stop your yelling, screaming ain't gonna get you anywhere" the man spoke, he stood up and pulled a carton of cigs out from his pocket, pulled one out and placed it between his lips, and pulled out a zippo before lighting the end. He put the carton and lighter back into his pocket and exhaled a cloud of smoke from his mouth as he pulled the stick out with his two fingers. "thank god I still have this...alright, is everyone okay, no missing limbs? No one is missing their heads? Alright good. He did say we have some time to get acquainted to each other, so let's not make him trigger happy and do what the man says, Because who the hell knows what's next" he explained taking another drag from his cancer stick. "my names Tomorrow, Tom Myers." Again he was good at introductions.
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  8. [BCOLOR=transparent]Milo watched the man who introduced himself as Tom, smoking a cigarette. Which meant then. Milo stuck his hands in his pocket and took out a big tic tac bottle, where he slid some painkillers into his hand. Closed the bottle and stuck it back in his pocket. He took them dry, which went down rough. Milo inspected the rest of the group. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Just young people scared out of their wits. Yet, it take a half n hour before the painkillers would take effect. Right introductions, but first things first.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Tomorrow is right, we need to remain calm,” Milo said in another short sentence, he took a second. There was a pause between his words, because sometimes he either lost his head and lost his spot on words. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Milo took another second. He closed his eyes slowly before reopening them.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“My name is Milo Schneiner,” he said, “It’s a sad thing we have to meet under these circumstances.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He hadn’t talk to people regularly in so long it sort of hurt to do so. Though he remained calm and still. If there was one thing he didn’t want the man on the camera to see was any of them riled up. To defeat him, one must remain vigilant, still and strong willed.[/BCOLOR]
  9. "Fukazaki," A snide voice responded from the corner. "Ren Fukuzaki, not that it's any of your business." The response had come from a young, white haired man with deep wine colored eyes who approached the rest of the group. He had woken up around the same time as everyone else, but had remained silent as he took in his surroundings. The collar around his neck hadn't been particularly comfortable, and he had thought about enlarging it until it fell off his neck until it occurred to him that he would just grow along with it, meaning the collar would still be just as tight. When the man who referred to himself as Gabriel had appeared on screen, his entire mini speech had only bored Ren. He'd seen a lot of psychopaths and crazy people, and this seemed like just another one of their crazy, hair brained schemes. Only this time, he was caught up in the middle of it. Him and a bunch of other weirdos. Paradise, my ass, he thought to himself.
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  10. Kuria turned and looked at the man talking to him. He stared at Tomorrow also known as Tom, blankly, he couldn't help it he'd stop the creation of adrenalin so he wasn't going to get mad or at least show it even if had attacked him. He sighed heavily, and watched as Tom smoked whilst he blabbered on and another man named Milo eat something vaguely similar to Tic Tacs "I wonder if they taste good" he thought to himself as another person spoke. He looked around as everyone began announcing there names to Tomorrow and the others. "Names Kuria, no surname" he said not addressing anyone specifically, just putting it out there.
  11. The twins looked at the other people around them. "I'm Thane, this is my twin sister Ross." He introduced. Ross nodded in reply, not sure what to say. She saw the one named Tom smoking and grimaced, hoping he wouldn't come near her with it. She looked around at the other people and slowly hid behind her twin. Thane pulled her out and held him in front of him. He smiled down at her softly before looking back up.
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  12. Tsuki was one of the last few to awaken and when she did, she all but had a panic attack at seeing the others around her. This was not the place that was said to be a paradise for people like her. She soon felt her hair start to spaz out of the simple bun that she had done up to keep it out of her face and when it was free, it started hitting at the ground in a whip like fashion. Figuring that it would be best to calm down and asses more of the situation, the young Japanese woman began to take deep gulps of air only to stop when she finally felt something around her neck. Tentatively reaching delicate fingers up to her neck, Tsuki felt the chokey-type of device on her and her mind went from trying to analyze the situation to all out panic mode. She didn't even hear the others talking and did the only thing a panic stricken mind could do... she screamed. After screaming for a few seconds, Tsuki began to hyperventilate as her hair kept whipping around in case anyone came too close to her when she was like this.
  13. Jacquelyn grimaced when the Japanese, she assumed, woman started screaming and flicking her hair. She then decided that she had better tell them her name also, since everyone else was. "My name is Jacquelyn Wolfe," she said in her naturally quiet voice. She didn't say anything else because what else was there to say?
  14. Octavia rose with a groan. She had barely understood a word that was said, in fact, she still seemed to be in gas-induced daze. Amber colored eyes blinked owlishly, a hand slowly rising to touch her neck, where it had felt strangely.. heavy. And that's when she finally seemed to notice the dire situation. The expression of exhaustion quickly turned to panic, eyes going wide as both her hands rose to her neck. "What the fuck is this?" She screeched, completely unaware, or just choosing to ignore, the others in the room. Whether she was in her own little world or just choose to act like it, it was hard to tell. She continued to try and tug at the neck ring, until she finally gave up, or remembered the death threat. Whichever clicked first in that oblivious little head of her's.
    Her gaze slowly rose from her collar, to the ten others in the room. "And who the fuck are you?" She cried again in the same panicked tone as earlier. The red-head had tried to rise to her feet as if she was about to make a run for it, but only managed to stumble back and fall down on her rear. She literally scooted back on her butt, trying to back away from the group, trying to replace the look of fear in her eyes with misplaced anger- but instead, she just looked like a cornered wild animal.

  15. Hisoka stood rather quickly after waking up, although after she put a hand to her head and stumbled back dizzily. She kept her head down, not even looking at Gabriel or anyone else in the room, and she definitely didn't watch the man's head explode. The young woman finally looked up as Gabriel said farewell, studying the others carefully. After listening to the others introduce themselves, she did the same. "My name is Hisoka Suzume. You may call me by either of those names, or simply 'sparrow'. It is the translation of 'Suzume' and what most call me." she bowed her head slightly, hands folded in front of her politely. Hisoka presented herself in quite a formal manner, and to some she may seem like an emotionless robot if it were just based on her voice and presentation.

    Hisoka glanced at everyone in the room, fixing her eyes on Ren Fukazaki the longest (which would be a mere ten seconds). A smile grazed her lips as she looked to the twins, then disappeared as she saw the rest. It wasn't that she wouldn't like them or thought they were odd, it was just that she realized she was only meeting these interesting strangers because of some shitty so-called paradise.
  16. "Oh great. Now we all know each other. Whoop-de-freakin-doo." Ren noticed Hisoka's stare and shot her an irritated glance. "You got a problem?" he questioned, clearly annoyed. Not even waiting for a response, he turned back towards the rest of the group. "So now that we're all buddy-buddy, are we going to do something about these little jerry-rigged dog collars we got on? I don't know about the rest of you freaks, but i'd prefer to keep living." His view switched to the crazy red head that had scooted into the corner. "Hey, chill out! All your freaking out is doing absolutely nothing." He hated when people couldn't keep their heads, but a small part of him understood where she was coming from. She'd just have to learn to deal with it herself.

    "So, what are we going to do about these?" Ren asked again, pointing to the little deathtrap surrounding his neck.

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  17. Hisoka simply blinked in response to Ren, realizing after all his chattering that he wouldn't want a real response. She didn't have a problem, though. "I don't believe there is anything to do about these, Ren." Hisoka looked to him again. The young woman held an icy gaze as she studied him, hands unfolded and instead at her sides. "Unless, of course, you would enjoy having your head pop like a zit and shower the room with blood." The description was quite appauling, but it was nothing the video hadn't already shown. She turned to the rest of the group, looking for anyone who would agree with her. So far, she had only seen disgusted glances in her general direction. Hisoka assumed that the others would be confused by her calm tone in this situation, which was understandable.

    She looked over to the man who was smoking with a frown. While he was handsome, the cigarette made him much less appealing. She gave a small wave anyways, to be polite after her staring. Hisoka scratched at her neck for a moment, forgetting about the collar. After touching it, she quickly withdrew her hand and brought it back to her side. The young lady sighed. What if I shifted into a mouse? Would the collar shrink or fall off?

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  18. Octavia puffed her cheeks out, her hands abandoning the collar on her neck, arms moving to cross. "Fuck off, I have plenty reason to freak out, the dude's damn head just exploded and you want to tell me to calm down!" She yelled, her voice jumping pitch in a state of panic. Octavia was never good at keeping her cool, like, ever. She was one to jump straight into a state of panic, but as of now, her panic was flaring into anger, and unnecessary as it may be, she would still sit there and scream her head off until things were clear to her. Which for the record, would take a long time. Maybe a good smack to the face for good measure? Or if worse comes to worse, that collar could be ripped off her neck. That would certainly calm her.

    But her glare shifted from the Ren, to the girl who seemed just as panicked as her.. with whipping hair. She let out a strangled gasp, quickly jumping to her feet as her eyes widened upon seeing poor, panicked Tsuki. "Oh no, no no no," she started, backing up against the wall as if everyone else in the room were rabid animals, and she was a piece of meat. Octavia started to claw at the collar again, as if that would do anything other than scratch the surface. "I am not a freak, I don't belong here!" She cried, fingers still desperately grasping at the surface of the collar. No, no no no no she wasn't one of them. She didn't belong here. She couldn't belong here.


  19. Tsuki was still in a panic when she heard another voice, one just as panicked as hers speak up. Taking a few shaky breaths, Tsuki looked up to see a girl with firey red hair yelling something about not being a freak and reaching up to try and scratch at the collar. "D-don't touch that!" She yelled, reaching her hand out and her hair grows out, shooting towards the girl's hands and wrapping around her wrists. "Don't do that otherwise you will get hurt!" She said, having her hair pry the girl's hands from her neck.

  20. Thane decided to try and help. He ran over, his sister following close behind. "Please, it'll only make things worse." He said, pulling her hands down and holding them in his own. "We just need to relax, I know it'll be hard. I know you and I both saw what happened when he tried to take off the collar. If you don't want that to happen, then just relax. Look into my eyes, and relax..." He said softly, his voice soft and gentle. Ross just rolled her eyes and turned her back to them. She hated how kind he was sometimes.

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